Are you a fan of manchester united? live in kolkata? then this is your right place to cheer for the team..come on

28TH sept: by Soumya Dasgupta : President, MUFC-Kolkata :: Manchester United Fans Club - Kolkata was mainly formed to "unite" all the passionate Manchester United fans in Kolkata. A FACEBOOK group was created back in July 2011, mainly to gather the fans of Kolkata, but MUFC-Kolkata is not like any other football group or fan club, here the motive was to hold screening of the popular Manchester United games in local cafeterias so that all the fans could share the common feelings together, a culture which is very much popular in most part of Europe.

So with this in mind and with immense hope, unflinching faith, steadfast conviction and one binding force, the undying dedication for Kolkata, appetite for Football and above all love for their club Manchester United about 5-6 young college goers from the city of Kolkata met to organize the first ever such an event in the City.

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The first match that MUFC-Kolkata screened was the famous 8-2 victory at Old Trafford against Arsenal. Around 30 members from different parts of the city wearing the famous red Manchester United tee gathered at Blue Banana near Gariahat in South Kolkata. After the success of the first screening the members again met for the second screening, again held at the same location.

The epic Fernando Torres open goal miss in the 3-1 victory at Old Trafford, this time the turn up was larger along with media like "24 ghanta" came in to cover the screening. This was only the stepping stone to what was going to become a second home for hundreds of enthusiastic football fanatics all under the same roof, watching, cheering, and shouting their hearts out for the love of their favorite club.

Over the next two years, these fans have watched United defeating the arch rivals like Liverpool or City, and also witnessed some of the low point of the seasons. They cheered together, jumped together, cried together, they aren't just MUFC-Kolkata members anymore,and they are a family. The passions of these members are nothing less than that of Stretford End. The ambience has best described as a "mini Old Trafford" within the city.

Manchester United fans club also had lots of media attraction both locally and globally. Coverage of the screenings has been circulated via The Telegraph T2, which is the largest newspaper in the eastern region of the country. BBC World radio interviewed members of MUFC-Kolkata on numerous occasions which were live covered to all the BBC radio stations.

The MUFC-K has also effectively coordinated a Football Fest where 8 teams conglomerated at Maddox Grounds to host a football fiesta at February 2013. This was an enterprise to provide a belvedere for active footballers to get down on the pitch and showcase their talents. MUFC-K had drawn together a horde of hundreds of United fans at the South City Mall in Kolkata for a signature campaign to wish the Red Devils the very best for their upcoming Euro Cup in 2012 during the pre-tournament trophy tour organized by Carlsberg.

After two years of initial success the club's dream came true with the formation of MUFC-K which is now a registered organization recognized under the West Bengal Society Registration Act, 1961. It is the only registered fans club in the city. Along with this MUFC-K started its own annual membership, where people can become an official part of the club by being its prestigious annual members. The forms are available in both online and offline mode.

The annual charge is 500 Rs. A RED ALLIANCE member will be the red-letter owner of assorted Club merchandise. Among the many other facilities a member is also accredited to receive a MUFC-K T-Shirt which he/she can flaunt amongst their fellow Red peers. Members of the club may help in will initiating and fostering a sense of amoral brotherhood among the Man Utd fans based in Kolkata.

A special discount on screenings organized by the club (10% discount on each screening at maximum of two screenings) will also be provided to the official members, there are also lots of other MUFC-K goodies like key-chain, writing pads, etc.

MUFC-K has collaborated with a merchandize shop named "Pain4Sale". It's a tattoo shop where members can get themselves a tattoo at a discounted price; also get hold oftonsof Manchester United goodies, with huge discounts available for the official members. The shop is also called MUFC-K Brand Shoppe. We are also extremely pleased to announce that MUFC-K is also tied up with EeTee Clothing, and there is a 100INR discount on any Manchester United merchandize that any of our official member wishes to buy.

The latest addition to our family was when Manchester United Fans Club Kolkata launched its website www.mufckolkata.com. From the website you can get information about all our events, such as the next screening, the football tournaments that we are going to participate in, our next MUFC-K social gatherings, football fiestas and every other bit of information. The website also provides an inside information to the happenings around Manchester United, it also has the contact information of the management committee of the club.

Manchester United Fans Club Kolkata took a silent vow to stand out tall for the passion for Manchester United, showing that we may stay thousands of miles away from Old Trafford but we are not anything less when it comes to loving our club. "We loved you then. We Love you now. The Red Flag will always fly. For Man United will never die."