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ADK : Jofre mateu (pen 49)
DEL : Pavel Elias 73'

ADK: Subhasish, Biswajit, Arnab, Josemi, Denzil, Nato, Podany, Mateu, Baljit, Garcia, Fikru
DD: Van Hout, Raymaekers, Anwar, Elias, Shouvik Ghosh, Mulder, Francis, Mama, Souvik Chakraborty, Bruno Herrero, Del Peiro
Referee: Santosh Kumar.

FULL TIME : Atletico De Kolkata 1-1 Delhi Dynamos.
90+2': PLAYER CHANGE - KOLKATA : Baljit out and Sanju in.
90': 4 minute added time.
89': RED CARD - RAKESH MASIH of ATLETICO for double yellow.
83':Heated conversation between Del Piero and Denzil after Del Piero commits a foul against him
82':Yellow Card to Rakesh Masih
81':Jofre's cross, directly in Van Hout's hand
80':Del Piero tries another long ranger, goes wide.
77':Brilliant chance to Kolkata, but no one to shot
75':Del Piero's cross from right, goes wide
74':Score line now Atletico de Kolkata 1 - 1 Delhi Dynamos
73':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL Brilliant long ranger of Pavel Elias after defence clears the cross goes to him.
72':Cross of Elias from right, but Denzil clears the ball
69':Players Change in Atletico de Kolkata: Arnal Libery in place of Jakub Podany
67':Rakesh Masih's long ranger after ball clears from corner, goes wide
66':Lovely little through of Jofre, but again Van Hout denies it. Corner to Atletico de Kolkata
65': Denzil Franco cleared the ball from corner kick. Nearly a opportunity to Kolkata after defence fails to clear the ball initially. Van Hout cleares it finally
64':Del Piero's corner cleared but Fikru committed a foul against Del Piero near right corner flag. Free kick to Delhi Dynamos
63':Del Piero's cross from right, Tulunga's tries to shot blocked and another corner to Delhi Dynamos.
62':Long keeper Van Hout save the ball from corner.
61':Jofre's shot, Van Hout fails to save it and Baljit tried another. Van Hout blocks his effort and another corner.
60':Podany's cross from left, no one to follow.
59':Shouvik's cross from left flank, defence clears the ball. Another cross of Del Piero from left to find Bruno, but Subhasish shows his brilliance to save it.
58':Players Change in Delhi Dynamos: Steven Dias in place of Francis Fernandez
57':Jofre's pass to find Fikru in middle, but Van Hout save the ball
54':Tulunga's corner goes wide
53':What a chance to Mulder!! his shot and Subhasish fists it wide
52':Cross to find Fikru, but ball goes wide to Fikru and finally it is clears by the defence
49':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Jofre mateu scored from spot kick.
47':Penalty to Atletico de Kolkata Yellow Card to Raymarkers for pulling Fikru's shirt in penalty box
Players Change in Atletico de Kolkata: Rakesh Masih in place of Luis Garcia
46':Second half in underway.
HALF TIME Score remains goalless after the end of first half
45':1 minute added time
41':Good forward pass to find Fikru, big appeal for penalty for Shouvik's tackle. Referee denies it
40':Forward to Fikru clears and goes to Garcia, his pass goes wide.
36':Opportunity to Garcia from a cross from right, but his touch clears in defence
35':Delhi Dynamos's move but defence bloks it.
33':Score remains still goalless
32':Three player against Luis Garcia to block, free kick to Atletico de Kolkata.
31':Del Piero's brilliant pass and Tulunga's shot, touch the bar and goes wide.
29':Baljit's corner, unmarked Fikru's header goes over the bar
28':Counter attack of Atletico de Kolkata, Mateu's shot blocked and a corner to Kolkata.
27':Another move through Del Piero, good block by Biswajit Saha to clear the ball
27':Elias's long ranger from corner, goes well wide
26':Arnab denies another move of Delhi and a corner to Delhi Dynamos.
25':Chance to Tulunga from Denzil's bad clearance but again but goes high and Denzil clears the ball.
21':Tackle against Mulder, he seems to be good.
20':Another forward pass to find Fikru, Anwar Ali blocked him very well this time
19':Short corner and Podany committed a foul against Tulunga
19':One to one chance to Fikru from a horrible backpass of Mulder, but he missed the chance this time. a good keepeing of Hout. Coach Habas cannot believe it. Corner to Atletico de Kolkata.
18':Score remains still goalless
16':Jakub Podany's long run from left flank and a left footed shot touches side net.
15':Raymaekers's header from Del Piero's free kick, goes wide
14':Baljit's tackle against Del Piero, free kick to Delhi Dynamos
13':Another long ball to of Baljit to find Garcia, Hout save it and it is again a offside
9':Counter attack of Atletico de Kolkata, chance to Fikru after Hout fails to collect the ball . But defence is in alert to clear the ball
8':Delhi Pressing in Atletico Defence, but no positive scoring opportunity.
7':Another move of Delhi Dynamos from a free kick. 6':Yellow Card. Yellow card to del Piero for diving in penalty box. Huge shout for Penalty by Delhi Dynamos
5':Ball cleared from Podany's corner
4':Good tackle of Raymaekers to clear the ball from Podany, corner to Atletico de Kolkata
3':Tackle against Fikru, free kick to Atletico de Kolkata. Ball cleared form free kick
2':Forward pass to Fikru, Van Hout saved the ball. Anyway Fikru is in offside position
0':Kick off
0':Nearly more than 50000 attendance here in the Yubabharati Kriranngan
0':It's time for Indian National Anthem.
0':Players is on the pitch. Match is about to start