ISL 2014: Chennaiyin FC hold Atletio De kolkata 1-1 at home.

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04.11.2014 : CHENNAIYIN FC ------- 1-1 ----- ATLETICO DE KOLKATA (FT...)
CHE : Elano - pen 90+2'
ATL : Luis Garcia 35' pen
CHN : 22-Shilton Pal, 19-Gouramangi Singh, 27-Silvestre, 5-Mendy, 25-Dhanachandra, 18-Harmanjot Khabra, 23-Materazzi, 13-Denson Devdas, 7-Elano, 29-Maurice, 14-Valencia.
ATL : 25-Edel, 4-Kingshuk Debnath, 5-Arnab Mondol, 17-Josemi, 2-Biswajit Saha, 23-Nato, 8-Borja, 6-Baljit Sahni, 10-Garcia, 11-Jofre, 14-Md. Rafi

Marco Materazzi
(On red cards) : I won't comment about the refereeing. All I know is that we showed great character and team spirit to come back in the end. The fans helped us to get back into the game. I hope there is a similar turnout for our next game against NorthEast United on November 8.

On whether it was a point gained or two dropped At the start of the game we wanted maximum points so in that respect it is two dropped but since we scored so late I think it was a point gained for us overall.

(On changing strategy after going down to ten) : Yes it is never easy when you are down to ten but we adapted well. I felt Mendoza had the energy and pace to last the whole game so I kept him on and replaced Maurice who only recently joined the team.

Harmanjot Khabra
(On if this was the toughest game) : It was a great challenge to play against world class midfielders like Borja and Garcia. But when you have someone like Marco alongside you are more confident. We played as a team and got a point in the end.

(On fighting back) : The crowd kept cheering for us throughout and inspired us to come from behind and earn a point. We are expecting a great atmosphere against NorthEast also on Tuesday.

"Atletico de Kolkata team management have appealed for a review for the second yellow card shown to Jofre Mateu Gonzalez during today's match between Chennaiyin FC and Atletico de Kolkata which also accounts for a red card. Tomorrow the team management will submit the video footage of the incident as well to Match Commissioner.

Said "Our request is that he looks into the matter and reviews the incident and if it is found that the decision of showing the second yellow card was wrong then our request is that Jofre should be allowed to play next match."

FULL TIME Chennaiyin FC hold Atletico de Kolkata in the injury time goal from penalty by Elano
90'+2':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Elano scored from spot kick. 6th goal of Elano and 51st goal of the tournament
90'+1':Tackle against Mandoza. Penalty to Chennai. Yellow Card to Kingshuk for his bad tackle
90':4 minutes added time
88':Substitution of Atletico de Kolkata: Rakesh Masih in place of Baljit Sahni
87':Short corner but Elano is in offside position
86':Gouramangi's shot, deflects and goes wide. Corner to Chennai
85':Brilliant solo effort of Mendy but a wonderful tackle of Biswajit Saha to clear the ball.
84':Immediate action of Balwant from Jeje's pass. Balwant's shot deflects from post
83':Substitution of Chennaiyin FC: Balwant Singh in place of Denson
82':Gouramangi Singh commits foul against Borja in Kolkata box
81':Atletico's attack, Silvestre clears the ball
80': 1st Goal - Fikru (ATL Kol).......25th Goal - Motanga (North East)...50th Goal - Garcia(ATL Kol)
79':Substitution of Atletico de Kolkata: Arnal Llibert in place of Luis Garcia
78':Mendoza's pass, goes wide
78':Score remains still same. Atletico de Kolkata leading 1-0
76':Substitution of Chennaiyin FC: Jeje in place of Materazzi
76':Elano's free kick, goes over the bar
75':Borja commits a foul against Elano. Free kick to Chennai
74': upto 20 matches scored 49., Elano of Chennayin FC's Brazilian Elano scored 5 goals from 4 matches
72':Mendy's weak shot, easy for Edel to save
71':Ball clears from free kick
70':Foul against Borja, free kick to Kolkata
69':Borja's long short from half way mark, good save by upcoming keeper Bracigliano
69':Substitution of Atletico de Kolkata: Sanju Pradhan in place of Md. Rafi
68':Nato's brilliant pass to Baljit, Mendy again clears the ball. Brilliant tackle
66':Khabra's long ranger goes well over the bar
65':Nato blocks Elano's shot.
64':Rafi's header, clears in defence
62':Brilliant pass of Garcia to find Md Rafi, Mendy again anticipates it and clear the ball
61':Chance to Luis Garcia, but 3 defenders to block him, Borja's waste pass goes wide
60': upto 20 matches goal scored 49., As a keeper Subrata Pal of Mumbai City conceded 10 goals.
58':Borja's free kic, Baljit's header goes wide
57':Dhanachandra's tackle against Garcia. Garcia is taking treatment
56':Mandy tries his luck, shot blocks and finally Mendoza is in offside position
55':It's running cards here. Another Card. Yellow Card to Nato for his bad tackle against Mendoza
54':Garcia tries his luck again, but a aimless finish
53':Elano's long free kick, but ball directly goes to Edel's hand.
52':Yellow Card Bad tackle of Josemi to Medi. Referee shows yellow ard to Josemi
51':Garcia taking his chances outside box, ball goes wide
50':Chennai's move, Kingshuk clears the ball
48':Red Card Jofre's second yellow card for play acting. Both team now down to 10-man
47':Mendoza's shot blocked and Edel save it
46':Second half resumes
HALF TIME. Atletico de Kolkata leading 1-0 against 10-man Chennaiyin FC after the end of first half
45'+1':Brilliant solo display by Mendy, his left footed shot goes over the bar
45'+1':Long forward pass, directly in Edel's hand
45':2 minute added time
45':Valencia's brilliant minus, but Edel save it brilliantly
44':Jofre's shot, easy to substitute keeper Bracigliano
44':Elano's free kick, just missed the post. Another brilliant shot
43':Another booking. Yellow Card to Arnab Mondal for his tackle against Elano.
42':Elano's free kick, clears in defence
41':Bad tackle of Baljit to Elano, free kick to Chennaiyin FC
40':Good long run of Mendi through right flank, is cross goes wide
39':Edel save the ball from free kick.
38':Tackle against Mendy, free kick to Chennai
38':Garcia scored 50th goal of the tournament and 4th goal from penalty.
37': upto 20 matches scored 49., 3 goals scored from Penalty. Jofre (ATL), Koke(North East), Elano (Chennaiyin)
36':Atletico de Kolkata is leading against 10-man Chennaiyin FC
35':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Garcia scored from spot kick
34':Substitution of Chennai: Bracigliano in place of Maurice
33': upto 20 matches , Referee shown Red Cards for 3 times. 2 of Atletico De kolkata ( Rakesh and Borja)
32':RED CARD Red Card to Shilton Paul for his tackle against Md Rafi. 4th Red ard of the tournament. Penalty to Kolkata.
30':After half and hour of play Chennai looks more aggressive against league leader Kolkata.
29':Mendoza's left footed shot from a counter attack touches Anab's hand and a header of Maurice goes wide. Mendoza looks furious for referee decision for not giving handball.
27':Elano's beautiful free kick, went over the right corner of the post.
26':Jofre's bad tackle against Elano, free kick to Chennai in a very good position. Referee shows Yellow Card to Jofre
25':Elano's long free kick, goes wide
24':Tackle against Materazzi, free kick to Chennai
22':Another well time header in opposite side by Michael Silvestre to deny Md Rafi
21':Khabra again tries another long forward pass t find Maurice in centre, but well time header clears the ball
20':Another good defensive display in opposite end to block Garcia
19':Another good move of Chennaiyin FC through Elano, Maurice, but defnce clears the ball. Good tackle of Kingshuk to clear the ball from Elano
18':Denson tries to tipped the ball, but it just goes over the bar
17': ATLETICO DE KOLKATA still unbeaten in ISL.
16':Good run of Md. Rafi, but well time tackle of Silvestre to deny it
14':Kolkata's move, but Baljit is in offside position
13':Khabra tries a long ranger, ball goes well over the bar
12':Khabra's cross, Edel fists it wide
11':Maurice's brilliant header from a cross from right flank, goes over the bar
9':Elano's corner, but a misunderstanding clears the move
8':Chennai's attack, Biswajit clears the ball. Corner to Chennai
6':Kolkata's corner, wasted cross and finally a shot blocked by own player and linesman tells it is a offside.
5':Garcia's long ranger, Shilton fists it wide. Corner to Kolkata
4': Upto 20 matches 49 goal scored. who will score the 50th?
2':Garcia's brilliant pass, Jofre follows it, his minus but no one to follow. A clear goal scoring chance to Kolkata
1':Biswajit's cross from left, cleared in defence
0':Kick off

CFC PRESS RELEASE : Pre Match Press Meet

Marco Materazzi
On Atletico de Kolkata : They are a very good side with or without Fikru. We have to show the same team spirit and attitude to win tomorrow. It is a good opportunity for us to overtake them but we first have to focus on a good performance

On if he will start again : I don't know. I will decide tomorrow about the team.

On their style of play : People might think we only play on counter attacks but we have scored many goals so it is not only counter attacks. We have showed quality going forward against Mumbai and will try to repeat that tomorrow.

Jeje Lalpekhlua
On the match : It is going to be a close game. Atletico are a good side so we have to be at our best on all departments. We are all expecting a good turnout.

On bouncing back against Mumbai : It was important to respond immediately after the defeat to Delhi. It was a convincing win for us but more than that, our performance was exceptional so it will give us a lot of confidence for the next game.

On playing with quality foreigners : Some of us still can't believe that Elano and Marco Materazzi are our teammates. When you have such players around it becomes easy to perform. There is a great understanding between the Indians and foreigners.