ISL 2014: Chennaiyin FC lost FC Goa 1-3.

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05.12.2014 : CHENNAIYIN FC (1-3) FC GOA (FT..)
GOA : Romeo 23', Santos 41', Slepicka 52'
CHN : Maurice
CHN : 22-Shilton, 18-Khabra, 5-Mendy, 27-Silvestre, 2-Suarez, 99-Djemba-Djemba, 8-Cristian, 20-Pelissari, 13-Denson, 16-Jayesh, 12-Jeje.
GOA : 1-Seda, 2-Debabrata, 15-Gregory, 16-Pinheiro, 3-Narayan, 12-Bikramjit, 18-Amiri, 19-Romeo, 27-Santos, 17-Mandar, 20-Slepicka.

CFC PRESS RELEASE : Post Match Press Meet of Chennaiyin FC assistant coach Vivek Nagul

(On if team was complacent) : Maybe but there were other factors also like we were missing a lot of important players due to injuries. I thought we played some good football but didn't always have the luck on our side and FC Goa took their chances well.

(On the morale after this loss0 : It's not ideal but we have bounced back in the past from losses and I expect my players to respond in the next game. We will be playing at home again so we will have to produce a performance in front of our fans and hopefully end the league stage on a winning note.

(On getting players back from injury)

Yes hopefully we will get some players back for the next game and some big names like Materazzi, Elano and of course Nesta could be available as well. It will be a big boost for us.

ISL MATCH 49 CAUTION: Kerala Blasters FC Vs NorthEast United FC : James Keene of North East United FC has been suspended for next two matches for the breach of All India Football Federation Disciplinary Code for Violent Conduct and Fair Play. Guilherme Felipe de Castro of North East United FC has been suspended for next match for receiving 4th caution (Yellow Card) for unsporting behaviour.
90+1': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLL 3-1. Maurice scored for Chennai which was Aassisted by Djordjic.
90: Scoreline is 3-0 for FC GOA.
86': CHANGE - GOA : Bengelloun in and Slepicka out.
79': CHANGE- GOA : Romeo out and Jewel Raja in.
62': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 3-0 to GOA Slepicka scored as Narayan's shot deflected from Shilton and he scored.
58': CHANGE - CHENNAI : Maurice in and Pelissari out.
49': CHANGE - CHENNAI : Djordjic in and Djemba-Djemba out.
46': CHANGE-CHENNAI : Balwant in and Jayesh Rane out.
46': 2nd half starts.
41': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 2-0 to Goa as Andre Santos scored. Amiri's header went to Miroslav Slepicka who passed to Santos and his left footer beat Shilton for 2nd time.
40': Still GOA is leading 1-0 through Romeo.
39': Khabra fouled Romeo.
38': Scorer of Goa Romeo injured and now fit.
37': out of last 12 matches, Chennai won 6 while Goa won 5.
35': GOA is leading 1-0 but Ball Possession is 39% to Them while Chennai is 61%.
34': League Table Goal difference Chennai with +6 and Goa with +7 .
32': In league table Chennai in 1st place with 22 points while Goa in 2nd place with 19 points.
30': Yellow Card to Bikramjit who fouled Pelissari of chennai.
23': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 1-0 to FC Goa through Romeo assisted by Slepicka.Amiri's shot deflected the bar and went to Slepicka who passed to unmarked Romeo and he finished well..
18': Yellow Card to Goa's Amiri for handling the ball.
18': Jeje of Chennai fouled Narayan of Goa.
16': YELLOW CARD - Cristian of Chennai.
14': YELLOW CARD - Mendy of Chennai who fouled Santos.
11': FOUL - Slepicka fouled Djemba-Djemba of Chennai.
6': Well saved of Seda off Christian's right footed shot.
3': Attack of Chennai - 18 yards shot of Pelissari saved by Seda.
1': Chennaiyin FC kicked off the match.

CFC PRESS RELEASE : Pre-match press conference of Chennaiyin FC assistant coach Vivek Nagul and defender Bernard Mendy.
Vivek Nagul
(On already qualifying) : Yes we have achieved our target of reaching the semis but we are still taking one game at a time and are determined to win our final two league games in front of our home crowd.

(On rotating the squad) : We might rest a few players and give opportunities to those who haven't played much but the team will be decided tomorrow.

(On FC Goa) : FC Goa are in good form, we will respect them but we will have our own gameplan as well and we have the quality to take all three points again.

Bernard Mendy
(On what Nesta will add to the team) : He is a quality player with plenty of experience so his addition will be great for us. We are all looking forward to play with him when he joins the team.

(On Goa's attack): Yes they are in great form but we will try to be at our best and give a strong team performance.

(On facing Pires) : Before and after the games we are talking a lot and having fun because we know each other for a long time. But friendship will go away once the game starts.

FCG PRESS RELEASE : FC Goa pre match press conference was addressed by Coach Zico and player Bruno Pinheiro

Q. The last three games have been clean sheet. How much has the change worked for Goa?
A. BRUNO : I think in the last few matches we have worked really very hard. It is very important thing for us and we all are working towards our target.

Q. How difficult was it for you to make the shift from midfield to defence?
A. BRUNO : I spoke to the coach and he needed that I play in that position. I play with Gregory who is a very experienced player and he makes things much easier for me. Fortunately it has been helping the team and I hope it continues the same way.

Q. What brought about a change in the performance?
A. BRUNO : We have been training everyday and this is something that we have been doing since the beginning of the season. Unfortunately we didnít have that kind of luck that we need to score at that point of time. In all the games that I remember we were better than the opposite team, but goals were not scored. Fortunately now that now has changed for the better. Andre, Miroslav are amazing player and we are playing with same disposition.

Q. How has the journey been from the bottom of the table to second spot?
A. ZICO : It is the fruit of our continued hardwork, dedication and belief in our work.

Q. What is the update on Robert Pires. He hasnít been seen in last few matches. Will he be playing tomorrow?
A. ZICO : I will not give my line up. We have 23 players who are ready to play.

Q. Your strikers have been in very good form in the last few games. In the beginning was it the luck that didnít favour you or you changed something so that they could score?
A. ZICO : I think the strikers always have to be well positioned and they always have to try and score when the opportunities come. They never stopped believing in themselves and they continued trying and now all the goals are coming in.

Q. Last time Goa lost to Chennai. Was there any specific reason for that and has that been addressed?
A. ZICO : The team has changed a lot. It was the first game and I didnít know the team that well. Now I know the team and how they play. The same is with Chennnai, they have changed a lot from first game to now. We will have to see what to expect from tomorrowís game.

Q. Did it help to play Andre Santos in midfield?
A. ZICO : We practice everyday and there the players understand position that Andre Santos is playing. I think every player has to play best in the position that I have put them in. Football is the result of hardwork and training that has been put in.

Q. The team has been amazing in the last six games and your last two games are away games against Chennai and Kolkata. How do you see your chances?
A. ZICO : We didn't have easy with any other teams. Whether it is home or away, the games have been difficult. We have a game against Chennai tomorrow and a game against Kolkata and we are expecting to win both the matches.