ISL 2014: Chennaiyin FC beat FC Pune city to reach top of the table.

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19.11.2014 : CHENNAIYIN FC --- 3-1 --- FC PUNE CITY (FT...)
CFC : Mendoza 61', Pelissari 70', Jeje 90+2' FCP : Davide 69' CHN : 1-Bracigliano, 18-Khabra, 5-Mendy, 19-Gouramangi, 25-Dhana, 10-Djordjic, 99-Djemba-Djemba, 13-Denson, 7-Elano, 14-Mendoza , 12-Jeje.
FCP : 27-Arindam, 12-Anupam Sarkar, 5-Cirillo, 4-Magliocchetti, 13-Ravanan, 19-Pritam, 14-Gurung, 21-Katsouranis, 9-Davide, 32-Pennant, 17-Trezeguet.
Post-match press conference of Chennaiyin FC player-manager Marco Materazzi and midfielder Bruno Pelissari.

(On getting a win after four draws) : I believe we deserved more than a draw in the last three games. So today it was good to get back to winning ways. We may or may not reach the semi-final and final but I am proud of my players because they always stick together as a team.

(On the injuries) : The injuries (Elano-calf, Mendoza-hamstring, Gouramangi-groin) are bad news for us. We will only know the extent of them after the scans tomorrow. But the good thing is we have players to step up from the bench like Bruno today. I must congratulate him for his outstanding performance today.

(On the reason for so many injuries) : I think maybe because we started pre-season late, we are having these injuries because it's not easy to play and recover within a short period. But fortunately we have a big squad with the ones, who are not playing, hungry to prove a point and help the team.

(On not keeping clean sheets) : I prefer winning to clean sheets. I would take today's score in every game, maybe even 3-2. The most important thing is three points.

Bruno Pelissari

(On the pressure of replacing Elano) : I never felt any pressure. Every game when I am on the bench, I just wait for my chance. Today the coach gave me an opportunity and I tried to give my best. Thankfully I made a significant contribution.

(On what went through his mind at 1-1) : I just asked Gennaro to get the ball from the back of the net quickly and then asked Mendoza to pass to me. After that it all happened quickly, I don't know how I made it possible but it was a happy ending for us.

We are pleased to inform that Mr. Alex Petroman Da Silveira a Professional Football Player from Brazil and Mr. Aayushmaan Chaturvedi will apply for their registration today 19th November 2014 at 4:00 pm at IFA office.

Mr. Alex is being taken on loan from Bhawanipore Club and Mr. Aayushman Chaturvedi a young prodigy is coming from a Delhi Club.

FULL TIME Chennai beat Pune 3-1 and reach top of the table first time with better goal difference than Kolkata
90'+2':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLL Brilliant pass of Balwant and Jeje scored for Chennai
90'+1':Brilliant move through Pelissari, but a bad final pass to find Maurice, but ball cleared. He could took the shot from his position itself. Brilliant opportunity wasted
90':3 minutes added time
89':Bad tackle against Pritam, free kick to Pune
89':Dhanachandra's long throw-in, cleared in defence. Dudu's misspass denied counter attack
88':Pelissari's brilliant free kick, just over the bar
87':Yellow Card to Ravanan after he committed a foul against Pelissari. Free kick to Chennai
86':Good move through Pennant, good block in defence
85':Denson's shot, easy to Arindam
83':Chennai's corner, cleared in defence. Mistake from Mandy nearly create a chance of counter attack of Pune but Mandy again made a good clearance
81':Brilliant cross of Pelissari and Jeje's header just missed the post. Brilliant opportunity
80':Dhanachandra's header from Pelissari's free kick, went over the bar
79':Yellow Card to Anupam after he pulling the shirt of Balwant outside box. free kick to Chennai
78':Players Change in Chennai: Maurice in place of Mendoza
75':Another injury problem from a counter attack of Chennai. Steve Mendoza out with hamstring injury after Elano. Big blow of Chennai
74':Players Change in Pune: Bolado in place of Davide
73':Yellow Card to Djemba Djemba
72':Brilliant move, Pennant's cross from short free kick, brilliant save by Bracigliano
71':Yellow Card to Mendy for arguing with referee after he committed a foul against Pennant. Free kick to Pune
70':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Pelissari's left footed shot, deflected from Cirillo and finds the net
69':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Davide's cross to find Dudu in box but Djemba-Djemba's clearance finds the net
68':Good move through Pelissari and Mendoza, finally Pelissari's shot but Arindam save the ball brilliantly
67':Forward pass to Dudu, but he committed foul against Mandy
66':Pennant's corner,ball cleared. Brilliant chance to Chennai from counter attack but ball no more danger in Pune box
65':Pune's move, Dhanachandra cleared the ball. corner to Pune
63':Davide's free kick, Kastouranis's brilliant header but keeper Braigliano save the ball
62':Another tackle to Pennant, free kick to Pune
61':GOALLLLLLLLLLL Mendoza scored for Chennai. Lovely play by Jeje and Balwant and a brilliant finish
60':Chance to Jeje, weak shot, easy to Arindam
59':Dudu's bad tackle to Djemba-Djemba, free kick to Chennai
58':Tackle against Pelissari by Gonzalez, free kick to Chennai
57':Yellow Card to Pelissari for his bad tackle to Pennant
56':Bad tackle of Davide Colomba to Denson. free kick to Chennai
55':Players Change in Pune: Dudu in place of Trezeguet
54':Chennai's move, poor cross of Khabra, easily cleared in Pune defence
53':Djordjic's shot from Dhanachandra's long throw-in, big appeal for handball outside box. Referee denies it. Mendoza's tipped the ball but it touhed upper net
52':Another good move through Mendoza, his left footed shot went wide
51':Chance to Trezeguet, but keeper Bracigliano save the ball
50':Ball cleared from corner
49':Jeje's pass, Anupam cleared. Corner to Chennai
48':Brilliant shot of Mendoza outside box, Arindam save the ball
47':Good move through Mendoza,Katsournis cleared the ball
46':Second half resumes
HALF TIME Score remains goalless after the end of first half
45'+3':Brilliant free kick of Davide, close to Gonzalez. Ball went wide
45'+2':Mendy's tackle to Trezeguet, free kick to Pune
45'+1':Bad tackle of Khabra to Pennant, he looked injure. Treatment is going on
45':2 minutes of added time
44':Ball cleared from corner and a counter attack of Chennai, Djemba Djemba's cross, well defended by Cirillo, Pelissari tried a long ranger, sailed over the bar
42':Pune's move, Khabra Cleared the ball, Corner to Pune
41':Counter attack of Pune after corner cleared, Djordjic's tackle to Pennant
40':Chennai's move, Pennant cleared the ball,corner to Chennai
39':Arindam cleared one ball, Pelissari's tackle, Arindam looks injure
37':Another move of Chennai through Pelissari, good block in defence
35':Back to back two corner of Chennai. Chance to Khabra in first corner and another positive chance to Chennai in second corner. But Arindam save the ball
34':Pelissari's brilliant shot, Arindam fisted it wide
33':Good move through Mendy, forward through to Khabra but his cross cleared
32':Players Change in Chennai: Balwant Singh in place of Gouramangi
30':Gouramangi looks injure, match stopped
23':Forward pass to Dhanachandra, but he handed the ball
18': FOUL : Davide fouled by Pelissari of Chennai.
16': PLAYER CHANGE - CHENNAI : Pelissari in and Elano out. 15': No score yet in the match. 0-0 is the score line.
12': Jeje fouled Pune's Anupam Sarkar.
10': corner kick to Chennai. No impact.
8': Trezeguet of Pune offside.
7': Attack of Chennai - Jeje's shot missed the target.
4': Foul - Bojan Djordjic fouled Jermaine Pennant from behind
3: Valencia shot went wide over the crossbar.
FC Pune City kick start the proceedings, attacking the goal on the left. 1': Match starats by FC Pune City

18.11.2014: CFC Press Release : Pre-match press conference of Chennaiyin FC player-manager Marco Materazzi. Chennaiyin FC takes on FC Pune City on Wednesday at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Chennai.

(On four straight draws) :: It's not ideal but this happens in football. In a couple of those games we should have won three points but there was one game also where we scored late to earn a point. There is no point looking back now. We have six more finals in the league stage starting tomorrow.

(On the pressure to win home games) :: Pressure is part of life. So we are not bothered by it. We will try to play our best and get maximum points.

( On missed chances against Pune in away game) :: Yes we missed a lot of chances but the good thing was, we created plenty. Hopefully our conversion rate will be better in this match.

( On Elano getting marked by other teams)
I think that's very normal. Elano has already played eight games and despite the tactics and strategies of other teams, he has still managed to score. I am not worried about it.