ISL 2014: Chennaiyin FC win 2-1 against Kerala Blasters.

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(On penalty):I was quite far away from the incident but it looked like a penalty to me.
(On Abhishek Das' injury) : It wasn't easy for us as we had to change the tactics and system but my players did a great job and we got three points
(On the Chennai crowd) : I think their support helped us a lot and we also gave them reason to cheer
(On Mendy's wonder goal) : It was one of the best goals I have seen not only in the ISL but overall as well
(On having to change positions during the game) : I have to do a job for my team no matter where I play. It is important to help out the team at every opportunity.
(On the physical nature of the game) : Yes it was quite physical but I am used to it and thanks to God I have the skills and experience to deal with it.

21.10.2014 : CHENNAIYIN FC ( 2-1 ) KERALA BLASTERS (FT.)
CHE : Elano 13', Bernard Mendy 65'
KER : Hume 51'

CHN: 1-Bracigliano, 15-Abhishek, 19-Gouramangi, 27-Silvestre, 5-Mendy, 13-Denson, 7-Elano, 18-Khabra, 10-Djordjic, 17-Balwant, 14-Valencia
KER: 70-James, 5-Nirmal, 16-Gurwinder, 15-Jhingan, 2-Hengbart, 23-Avinabo, 14-Mehtab, 18-Orji, 10-Hume, 85-Forcada, 12-Sabeeth

FT : FULL TIME : Chennaiyin FC win the match 2-1.
90'+1:Yellow Card to Nirmal chhetri of Kerala Blasters.
60': 5 minute added time.
90': SCORE - Chennaiyin FC 2-1 Kerala Blasters.
85': PLAYER CHENAGE - Chennai FC : Valencia out and Cristian in.
84': Chhetri blocked the effort of a cross of Balwant.
82': YELLOW CARD TO ELANO for throwing the ball on Michael chopra.
80': SCORE - Chennaiyin FC 2-1 Kerala Blasters.
78': Shot of Borisic went out.
73': PLAYER CHANGE - CHENNAIYIN FC : Bojan Djordjic out Bruno Pelissari in.
72': PLAYER CHANGE - KERALA BLASTERS : Avinabo Bag out and Andrew Barisic in.
65': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 2-1. Chennaiyin FC scored again. Bicycle kick from Bernard Mendy beat Davin James for 2nd time.
55': PLAYER CHANGE - KERALA BLASTERS : Penn Orji out and Michael Chopra in.
55': SCORE - Chennaiyin FC 1-1 Kerala Blasters.
PLAYER CHANGE - KERALA BLASTERS : Pulga out and Stephen Pearson in.
52': Iain Hume scores from Victor Herrero Forcada's corner kick.
51': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 1-1. Hume equalized for Kerala Blasters.
50': Corner to Kerala blasters.
HT : Its now half time. Chennaiyin FC is leading 1-0.
45': 3 minute added time.
45': SCORE - Chennaiyin FC 1-0 Kerala Blasters.
44': Yellow Card to Mehtab Hossain.
37': Yellow Card to Valencia of Chennaiyin FC.
36': PLAYER CHANGE - CHENNAIYIN FC : Abhishek out and Dhanachandra Singh in.
35': SCORE - Chennaiyin FC 1-0 Kerala Blasters.
31': Attack of Chennai as Abhishek moved from right but Michael blocked his effort.
30': SCORE - Chennaiyin FC 1-0 Kerala Blasters.
20': Another chance missed by Elano.
13': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 1-0 to Chennaiyin FC. ELANO scored from Penalty
14': Penalty to Chennaiyin FC. David James fouled Elano.
. 10': SCORE - Chennaiyin FC 0-0 Kerala Blasters.
10': Effort of Avonabo Baf of Kerala Blaster but his long ranger went wide.
7': Yellow Card to Gurwinder Singh of Kerala Blasters who fouled Djordjic.
5': Still No score in the Match.
3': Attack of Chennaiyin, Abhishek crossed from left for Balwant but his header missed the target. No score.
2': Match starts.
0': Chennaiyin FC to kick off of the match.
0': Chennaiyin FC will face Kerala Blasters today.
Marco Materazzi ( On the foreign-Indian balance) :: For me the passport is not important. Only thing that counts is performance. We have a squad of professionals and I am very happy with their attitude. If needed we will play more than five Indians, if they perform well.

On first home game (We are all looking forward to the first home game. The players are very excited.

PRE MATCH PRESS CONFERENCE : On Abhishek Das : I like his spirit and hard work. On whether he will play. If needed yes but I am not sure. On if new signings Djemba Djemba and Maurice will find a place in the eleven When they arrive, we will see. Remember I can only play six foreigners.

Bojan Djordjic

(On Denson Devadas' performance against FC Goa) : He put in a shift for us but every player in our team is important starting from the Indians to the foreigners and the ones who start to the reserves. We try to help each other out both on and off the field. We are gelling very well as a unit.

On Kerala Blasters : They are a good side but we always try to do our best. Hopefully the rain gods will be with us and we will have a good game tomorrow.

On team spirit

We have a great squad here and I am not just saying that for the sake of it. You saw how we played as a team in the first game. Even during the presentation of two of our players we were all together enjoying the moment. We will lose some games on the way but mentally we will always remain strong and remain as a unit.