ISL 2014: Delhi Dynamos lost 1-4 to FC Goa.

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13.11.2014 : DELHI DYNAMOS --- 1-4 --- FC GOA (FT..)
DEL : Dos Santos 72-pen
FCG : Bengelloun 17', 48', Pires 53', Tolgey 59'

DEL :1-Hout, 22-Naoba, 5-Anwar, 4-Raymaekers, 26-Shouvik, 23-Steven, 15-Herrero, 6-Mulder, 19-Robert, 16-Santos,7-Skoubo
FCG : 1-Seda, 2-Debabrata, 15-Gregory, 5-Bengelloun, 3-Narayan, 6-Peter, 12-Bikramjit, 7-Pires, 27-Santos, 17-Mandar, 26- Tolgey Ozbey

FULL TIME FC Goa beat Delhi Dynamos 4-1
90'+2':Junker's cross, Debabrata cleared. Chance to Souvik but his shot went wide
90'+1':Delhi's move, but Steven Dias is in OFFSIDE
90':3 minutes added time
89':Goa's move but Santos is in OFFSIDE
88':Dos Santos's cross, Gregory cleared the ball
86':Chance to Mulder, his long ranger, went wide
85':Gabriel's cross from left flank, directly in Hout's hand
84':Narayan tried a long ranger, ball directly in Hout's hand
83':Ball cleared from corner
83':Bruno's shot, deflected and went wide. Corner to Goa
83':Score line remained same. Goa leading 4-1
81':Ball cleared from corner
80':Naoba tried for a cross, good block by Bikramjeet, corner to Delhi
79':Bad tackle of Bikrajeet to Dos Santos, free kick to Delhi
78':Players Change in Delhi: Mads Junker in place to Skuobo
77':Chance to Mulder, his header went wide
76':Brilliant move through Dos Santos, his shot but another brilliant block by Debabrata
75': Score line now Delhi Dynamos 1-4 FC Goa
72':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Dos Santos scored from spot kick
71':PENALTY to Delhi after Debabrata handed the ball
70':Dos santos got another chance in box from corner, his shot went wide
69':Good chance to Dos Santos, Gregory cleared the ball, corner to Delhi
68':excellent chance in opposite end also, Souvik's shot,too early to take a shot, directly in Seda's hand
67':Brillant chance to Gabriel, this time Hout cleared the ball
66':Players Change in Delhi: Souvik Chakraborty in place of Bruno Herrero Arias
65':Herrero's free kick, Seda fisted it wide. Finally defence cleared the ball
64':Bikrajeet committed a foul, free kick to Delhi in a very good position
63':Players Change in Goa: Bruno in place of Pires
63':Arias Herrero's cross, Bengelloun cleared the ball
62':Back to back two corner, Raymaekers's long ranger, went wide
61':Herrero's shot, blocked, corner to Delhi
59':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLL Good run of Tolgey and a brilliant goal by Tolgey
57':Score remained still same. FC Goa leading 3-0 against Delhi Dynamos
55':Back to back two chances of Delhi, Dos Santos's long ranger directly in Seda's hand, another chance to Skoubo, ball went up and easy take for keeper Seda
54':Great ball to Steven but a wasted cross by him, directly in Seda's hand
53':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Pires scored from spot kick
52':PENALTY to Goa and a YELLOW CARD to Hout for his tackle to Tolgey. One to one situation to Tolgey
51':Delhi's move but Skoubo committed a foul against Bengalloun
50':Long forward pass to find Tolgey, Anwar cleared the ball
49':Players change in Delhi: Francis in place of injure Robert
48':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL Brilliant free kick by Santos, and a brilliant header of Bengelloun's header finds the net
47':Tackle against Pires by Mulder. free kick to Goa
46':Corner taken quickly, low corner, cleared in box
46':Good move of Skoubo, but Bikrajeet's good tackle to clear the ball. Corner to Delhi
46':Second half resumed
HALF TIME FC Goa leading 1-0 against Delhi Dynamos after the end of first half
45'+1':YELLOW CARD to Raymaekers for his bad tackle to Pires
45':2 minutes added time
44':Ball went wide from free kick
44':YELLOW CARD to Bikramjit for his bad tackle
43':Excellent chance to Tolgey, Mulder's tackle. Big appeal for penalty but referee denies it. But replay showed a cleared foul.
42':Nearly another chance to Goa through Tolgey, Santos, but wrong final pass cleared the move
41':hance to Delhi from free kick, Skoubo's header saved by Seda
39':Narayan's cross from left flank, Naoba blocked the shot
36':Players Change in Goa: Gabriel in place of injured Peter
35':Andre Santos's shot blocked
34':Peter looks injured, stretched out of the field. Looks like a hamstring injury
33':Skoubo tries a long ranger below half line, Seda save the ball
32':Back to back two cross of Delhi from two end, both got cleared
31':Mandar looks injured, treatment is going on
30':Naoba's cross from left flank, directly in Seda's hand
29':Ball cleared from corner
28':Shouvik's cross, Debabrata blocked. Corner to Delhi
27':Another brilliant cross from right flank, Dos Santos tried the tipped the ball, but very easy to Seda
26':Mulder tried a long ranger, went wide
25':OFFSIDE. Goa's move but Narayan Das is in OFFSIDE position
24':Brilliant run of Raymaekers through right flank, nice cross and a shot of Robert inside box went wide
23':Good dribblng by Tolgey outside beat 2 defender but finally got caught by another defender and ball cleared
22':Goa's move through Mandar, but good block by Anwar to deny the move
19':Delhi's attack, cross to find Dos Santos, Narayan cleared the ball
17':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Santos's corner, wide corner went to Pires, his forward pass to Debabrata, brilliant cross of Debabrata and a fine save by Hout from header but rebound went to Bengelloun, he made no mistake
16':Brilliant chance to Tolgey, Hout clear the ball. Corner to Goa
15':Tackle against Pires, free kick to Goa
14':Good cross from left flank, Andre Santos's header, but Hout save the ball in second try
13':Nearly a chance to Robert, good clearance in defence
12':Gregory's foul to Skoubo, free kick to Delhi
10':Delhi's move through Dos Santos, Debabrata cleared the ball
9':Tolgey's square pass, Hout clear it and finally defence cleared the ball
8':Ball cleared from corner
7':Good cross of Mandar to Pires from left flank, Pires's shot blocked. Corner to Goa
6':Counter attack of Goa, Pires's shot blocked in defence
5':Cross to find Dos Santos, went wide
4':Goa's move, good block in defence
3':Chance to Skoubo from free kick, his shot sails over the bar
2':Foul against Skoubo, free kick to Delhi
0':Kick off
0': Match is going to start from 7 pm.

12.11.2014: FC GOA PRESS RELEASE --- FC Goa pre-match press conference: Press conference was addressed by Coach Zico and player Zohaib Islam Haroon Fakhruddin Amiri

Zico - Opening remarks: Good evening everyone. Tomorrow's match is a very important match for us and I sincerely hope that we win tomorrow.

Q. In the last game you won against Delhi. Do you think there is an advantage and what do you think of Delhi as an opposition?
A. Zico - No there is no advantage for us. It is a much leveled game. I think Delhi is in the same situation as us. They also havenít gotten good results, so it is the same and I hope to have a good game tomorrow.

Q. What went wrong tactically with FC Goa?
A. Zico - There are a number of reasons. We had many opportunities, but we were unable to score goals. We made some mistakes during some crucial moments in some games and we faced losses. Even at the beginning of the league, some players were unable to play due to injuries and other reasons. At the start of the league, the players also needed to get to know each other well and their styles of playing. However, in general we have been playing a good game. We had had superiority in most of the matches. But we should just carry on and play our game and continue playing well.

Q. Do you think you have been unlucky in this tournament considering that Pires was suspended and then Santos was injured?
A. Zico - Even from the start I have never put excessive pressure on any player on what they need to do. We are a team and every player knows what they need to contribute to the team. We can't depend too much on a player or some players. We have to be a team that is good all the time. When we are in good situation, we see that all the players make a positive contribution. And by the way, in the match against Delhi which we won, neither Pires nor Santos played, so I donít think we are unlucky in that sense.

Q. Coach, you were closely involved in the heralding of J-league in Japan and same thing we are trying to do here in India with ISL. How do you compare the two?
A. Zico - When J-league began in Japan, the confederation gave all the clubs to J-League and the confederation just stayed with the national team. Also they chose the best players from Japan and the best foreign players. In India too we need to choose the best players from all the teams and form the team.

Q. Amiri, what are your thoughts on tomorrow's match. Will it be a revenge match for Delhi?
Amiri: No. Its not a revenge game. It's a football game. We will play and fight till the end. We are going to be playing our best.

Q. Delhi team will be playing without their coach tomorrow. Will that act as an advantage too the team?
A. Zico - No, because the coach doesnít play. The coach of Pune team was not on the match and they defeated Kolkata team. So there is no advantage there.

Q. Coach you said that not many Indian players playing. Do you think this jeopardizes the leagues future?
A. Zico- I do hope the number of Indian players increases next year. But I do think the ISL is a big success among all the football lovers with all the support it has received and I hope it will be better for the development of Indian football.

Q. When J-League started, all the companies invested in building stadiums. But in ISL, all the companies are more in to selling their own brands. Do you that is the kind of corporate backing that ISL should have?
A. Zico- When J-League in Japan, there was no professional league prevalent there. There was no football there. Even the investments made by the companies there to build stadiums were not big stadiums. They were stadiums with capacity of 10000. In India, football is already present and even stadiums are already built. Good infrastructure. ISL has made a good step in this direction. I don't think this will spoil the future of ISL.