ISL 2014: Delhi Dynamos and FC Pune city ended goalless

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14.10.2014: DELHI DYNAMOS ( 0-0 ) FC PUNE CITY - FT..
PFC : Belardi, K.Park, Dharmaraj, Cirillo, Magliocchetti, Israil, Manish, Asutosh, Lenny, Trezeguet, Kastrounis.
DEL : Hout, Souvik, Anwar, Thockhom, Raymakers, Mulder, Francis, Tulunga, Herrero, Junker, Skuobo.
Referee: Pranjol Banerjee
Hero of the Match: Del Piero.
Swift Moment of the Match: Manuel Belardi
Amul Fittest Player of the Match: Tulunga
Emerging Player of the Match: Francis Fernandez
FULL TIME. FC Pune City hold Delhi Dynamos in Delhi
90'+3':Foul committed by Dos Santos to Mady, free kick to Pune
90'+2':Another cross from left, Dos Santos's header but easy for Belardi to save it
90'+1':Dos Santos's superb shot, beat Belardi first time but deflected by post
90':3 minute added time.
89':Robert's cross, directly in Belardi's hand
88':Hero of the Match: Del Piero.
87':Francis's cross, Belardi saved the ball.
86':Forward pass to Dudu, but he is in offside position
84':Del Piero's free kick, Mulder's header went over the bar.
83':Another foul against Del Piero. Dharmaraj Ravanan committed the foul.
82':Players Change in Delhi: Dos Santos in place of Mads Junker
81':Manish's corner, Junker cleared the ball. Delhi tried for counter attack but Francis's square pass to find Del Piero cleared
80':Mulder's chipped the ball to find Del Piero, but again he is in offside. But looks like another bad decision by linesman.
78':Dudu's brilliant pass to Trezeguet, but not a good touch from him. Hout cleared the ball
77':Ball cleared from corner.
76':Another corner to Delhi. Del Piero will take it.
75':Trezeguet's header, weak header easily saved by Hout
75':Forward pass to find Junker, but is in offside position. But replay showed it is not offside.
74':Score remains still goalless
73':Players Change in Delhi: Robert in place of Tulunga
72':Mehraj's free kick, Cirillo's grounder well wide
71':Tackle to Dudu, free kick to Pune FC
70':Long forward pass to find Trezeguet, but he is in offside position
68':Players Change in Pune: Mady in place of injured Park Kwang-Li
67':Another brilliant shot of Del Piero, close enough but still off target.
67':Park Kwang-Li looks injured. Match stopped
65':Good cross of Lenny to Dudu, he nearly finds the touch to beat Hout. Hout saved the ball well
64':Away free kick of Del Piero, Mehraj cleared the ball
63':Mehraj's tackle from behind to Del Piero. Free kick to Delhi.
63':Forward pass to find Dudu, he committed a foul
61':Mehraj staright into the action. His long ranger, went wide
60':Players Change in Pune: Dudu in place of Israil.
59':Players Change in Pune: Katsouranis coming off for Mehrajuddin Wadoo
58':Del Piero committed a foul in the short corner.
57':What a chance!!Brilliant chance to Junker from Francis's pass. Belardi again cleared and a corner.
55':Another free kick of Del Piero, cleared in defence
54':Del Piero's corner, cleared in defence. Poor corner
53':Del Piero's free kick deflected by human wall.
52':Foul to Del Piero, free kick to Delhi in a good position
49':Del Piero's corner, Mulder's header went wide
49':Good run of Francis through right, his centre to find Junker, Cirillo cleared and a corner to Delhi
48':Manish's corner, cleared in defence
47':Pune's move, Shouvik cleared the ball. Corner to Pune
46':Second half is underway
HALF TIME. Score remains still goalless.
45':2 minute added time
44':Nearly a chance to Del Piero from a good pass, but Belardi saved it
43':Lenny's long ranger, went wide. Very close.
42':Mulder's long ranger from 2 yards from a good pass of Del Piero, close to the near post.
40':Brilliant pass of Del Piero to Junker, ball cleared. Big appeal for penalty, but referee denied it
39':Lenny's wasted cross, went wide
37':Van Hout need some treatment. Match stopped
37':Players Change in Delhi: Del Piero in place of Skoubo
36':Nearly a chance to Trezeguet, his touch cleared in defence
32':Fantastic ball to Trezeguet, but he is again in offside position
30':Lenny committed a foul, free kick to Delhi
27':Score remains still goalless but home side looked more aggressive .
25':Poor clearance in box nearly creates a chance to Junker. His header went over the bar.
23':Another shot of Junker, ball went over the bar.
22':Ball cleared from corner
21':Brilliant save of Belardi once again from a long ranger. Another corner to Pune
21':Francis's shot after Manish failed to clear the ball properly. Shot deflected and a corner
19':Naoba's long ranger after ball went to him from corner, went wide
18':Good shot and a good save. Junker's right footed shot outside the box and a flying clerance of Belardi. Corner to Pune
16':Israil's long ranger after ball cleared from corner went to him, went over the bar.
15':Park's throw-in, Shouvik headed it wide. Corner to Delhi.
14':Another move through Junker, ball goes to Francis but a well time tackle again denies the attack
13':Chance to Trezeguet, his shot finds the net but whistle is already blown for handball against him.
12':Good solo run of Junker and a brilliant pass, but Dhrmaraj cleared the ball
11':Junker's cleaver pass to find Francis, keeper saved it easily
10':Mads Junker's shot, Belardi looks alert and saved the ball
9':Counter attack of Delhi, nearly a chance to Francis, he failed to touch the ball
8':Brilliant chance to Treseguet, his left footed weal shot directly in Hout's hand
7':Brilliant move of Delhi, centre from right, good clearance in defence
5':Home team try to pressure in the very beginning of the game.
0':Kick off
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Scorer: David Trezeguet

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