ISL 2014: Delhi Dynamos drew goalless with North East United.

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DEL : 1-Van Hout, 8-Adil, 5-Anwar, 4-Raymaekers, 26-Shouvik, 23-Steven, 6-Mulder, 15- Herrero, 9-Junker, 10-Del Piero, 28-Tulunga.
NEU : 13-Rehnesh T.P, 2-Aibor Khongjee, 5-M.Sambou, 3-T.Josl, 16-Robin Gurung, 15-Miguel Garcia, 4-Mtonga, 17-Zodingliana, 25-Durga Boro, 19-Felipe, 9-Keene.
Swift moment of the match - Junker (DELHI)
Fittest player of the match - James Keene. (NORTH EAST)
ISL emerging player - Rehenesh. (NORTH EAST)
Hero of the match - Mulder ( DELHI)

FT : Match End. Delhi Dynamos and North East United shares the point.
90': 3 minutes added time. 0-0 still.
89': FOUL - Garcia of North East fouled by Dos Santos .
85': STILL NO SCORE IN THE MATCH. 0-0 REMAINING. 5 minutes to end of schedule time.
82': PLAYER CHANGE- DELHI DYNAMOS: Skoubo in and Junker out. 81': FOUL - North East Robin fouled Herrero of Delhi.
80': SCORE LINE 0-0
80': Dos Santosh shot went for Goal Kick of North East.
78': PLAYER CHANGE - NORTH EAST : Padilla in and Keene out.
75': Foul - Felipe fouled by Steven Dias.
74': PLAYER CHANGE - DELHI : Adil Khan out and Thockchom Singh in.
70': PLAYER CHANGE - NORTH EAST : Durga Boro out and Seminlen Doungel in.
70': STILL NO SCORE IN THE MATCH 0-0 is the result.
67': YELLOW CARD - Felipe of North East.
66': FOUL - Dos Santos was fouled by Felipe of North East.
65': SCORE LINE 0-0
64': Yellow Card - Garcia of North East.
64': FOUL - Junker fouled by Garcia of North East.
62': PLAYER CHANGE - North East United: Leo Bertos in and Josl out.
60': 55% ball possession to North East United.
56': PLAYER CHANGE - DELHI :Gustavo Marmentini in and Del Piero out.
55': SCORE LINE 0-0
54': durga Boro's effort but his shot went wide.
52': FOUL - North East's Keene was fouled by Raymaekers.
50': Still scoreline is 0-0 .
49': Aibor of North East crossed from right but Raymaekers cleared it before reaching Keene.
. 47': In first half of the match Ball Possession was 45% for Delhi and 55% of North East.
46': 2nd half match starts.
45': 1 minutes added time.
42': Yellow Card to Josl of North East. First yellow card of the game for Josl's rough tackle.
40': SCORE LINE 0-0
38': Del Piero's free kick shot collected well by keeper Rennesh.
37': Durga boro fouled and Free kick to Delhi.
35': SCORE LINE 0-0
33': Del Piero pased for Mulder from out side of the box but N.E Keeper Rehenesh cleared the ball well advance.
30': SCORE LINE 0-0
29: Wim Raymaekers of Delhi fouled Keene of Nort East.
26': counter attack of North East, Durga Boro cleared a ball from their half passed to Keene but he was fouled .
23: Durga Boro to James Keene inside the box. Kristof Van Hout saved well.
21': FOUL - Adil Khan of Delhi was fouled by Josl of North East.
18': Chance to Delhi, Del Piero's right footed shot went out.
16': FOUL - Mulder fouled Felipe
14': Chance Del Piero's shot missed the target
12': Steven Dias shot went wide.
10': SCORE LINE 0-0
10': FOUL - Mulder of Delhi fouled North East Mulder.
8': FOUL - Durga Boro of North East fouled Herrero of Delhi.
7': Attack of Delhi, Tulunga left sided cross for Hans Mulder but Rennesh cleared it.
3': FOUL - Philipe of North East fouled Mudlar of Delhi.
1': North East United FC kicked off the match, playing from right to left.
0m: Delhi Dynamos vs North East United today.