ISL 2014: 3rd win of Atletico De Kolkata beat fc goa.

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FCG : J. Seda, 15 G. Arnolin, 3 Narayan Das, 2 Debabrata Roy, 5 Y. Bengelloun, 27 Andre Santos, 14 Gabriel Fernandes, 24 Clifford Miranda, 7 Robert Pires, 6 Peter Carvalho, 25 Ranty Martins
ADK :25 Edel,2 Biswajit,5 Arnab,17 Josemi,12 Denzil,23 Nato,7lobo,11 Jofre,6 Baljit, 8 Fernandez,9 Fikru


FC Goa were leading at the first session by a solitary goal of Santos, But Atletico de kolkata came back strongly in the second session. Thanks to Cavin Lobo for his brace which puts Atletico on top of the table with 10 points from 4 matches, Experts feels Fikru should have been shown the Red Card as he hurts Grogery with his head at the initial stages of the match.
90+2: FC Goa is pressing hard , Narayan's head straight to Edel
90+1: 'Biswajit is injured, play stopped temporarily
90': 5 mins added time
89': Fikru replaced by Sylvalin
85': FC Goa are trying hard now to rstore parity, but the Atletico defense are in control
83': Andre replaced by Pires
81': Another brillant goal by Lobo,collected a ball from Nato and his left footer from top of the box beat Seda
81': GOOOOOALLLLLLL..........Lobo again, Atletico leading
78': Scores are 1-1
76': Santos missed once again, missed by a whisker from a free kick
75': Holicharan Narzary replaced by Cliffird
74': Santos's shot went wide
71': A brillant effort by Lobo, controlled by Lobo from outside the 18 yards went inside between the two defenders and beat seda
71': GOOOOOOOOOALLLLLL......... a brilliant goal by Lobo, Atletico equalized
69': YELLOW CARD to Ranty for play acting inside the Atletico's 18 yards

FC Goa post-match press conference. Press conference was addressed by Coach Zico
Q. Goa started really well. But in the end it went out of hand. Is the result disappointing for everyone?
A. There is no fair result. The opportunities that we had to score the goal, we missed those and wasted it. We had many clear opportunities. The opposing team is very good and they took advantage of all the opportunities and they scored. Football is like that. When we have the chance, we must take it. Sometime we are the best in the game and other times we are not. The goals that were scored by them were really good.

The other thing that happened which is more serious is that one of our players said that he was beaten by the coach of the other team. Pires said he was punched on the face by the Atletico coach and it is very shameful. I am telling you what my players told me and I didnít see that myself but I donít think that Pires will lie and say something that didnít happen. And when the team entered the field in the second half, they were very nervous and during the half time we were only trying to control their nerves and calm them down.

Q. Did you have any idea that the match will become so difficult? The way Gregory and Fikru were behaving on the pitch looked like they were in an American football.
A. Well FC Goa came to play football. In the last three games, no players got expelled we had got only two yellow cards. So my team goes to play football on the field. Maybe the other teams come on the field to play American football. But what happened today was very regretful.

Q. Do you think that Atletico coach Habas deserved a marching order from referee?
A. I donít know if the referee saw it but it will be reported. We will be submitting a written complaint.

Q. Cavin Lobo scored a brilliant goal. What do you have to say about his last goal?
A. It was our mistake in marking and it was a rebound. We knew that it would happen and we had to pay attention at that moment.
68': Atletico survived again, wrong throw from Edel, but Goa unable to capitalize the siyuation
67': A corner from Clifford collected by Edel
64': It's an entertaining second session both the teams are in search of a goal
61': Gregory's shot hit the post from a move Atletico survived
59': Atletico trying hard to equalize,but the FC Goa defense are rock solid
58': Fernandez shot from top of the box went wide
56': Sanju's solo run but a wrong pass in the end
55': santos head went wide from Grogery's free kick
54': Clifford missed a chance as he kicks wide from close range from a pas of Santos
52': Fikru shots wide from Lobo's center
51': YELLOW CARD to Lobo and Santos for rough play
51': A LONG RANGER OF Jofre , but stright to Seda
49': Grabiel tackled by Arnab
47': YELLOW CARD to Grabiel for play acting
46': Second Half started
45+2: AT HALF TIME FC Goa leading by a goal
45': 2m added time
44': Firku hits Grabiel on his face Referee over looked
43': Grabiel on the run through the right channel but tackled by Biswajit 38': A corner from Sanju , Nato's head cleared by FC Goa defense
36': A run by Sanju , but tackled by Grogery in time
33': A long ranger of Lobo went wide
30': Long ranger from Nato but straight to Seda
29': Sanju trying to pass to Fikru, but well tackeled by Narayan
27': Atletico in a counter atack, Baltit's shot went wide
26': Goa once again Pires and Grabiel combining well but ultimately the ball was cleared 24': Lobo's corner cleared by Goa defense
21': Clifford long ranger saved by Edel
21': Sanju replaced by Denzil
20': A left footed shot from Santos from top of the box finds the target, he was assisted by Clifford
17': Clifford tackled by Denzil danger avoided
14': Goa attacking utilizing both the wings, while Atletico are in defense
13': Edel gathered a center from Santosh
10:: YELLOW CARD to Fernandez, Pushed Pires from behind
9: Goa are attacking continuously
7: Ranty and Debobrata in attack, tackled by Arnab
6: Lobo's shot from top of the box went wide
5: Goa attacking leading by Santosh and Pires
3: Fernandez shots wide, Goa survived
2: Fikru tackled in time by Arnolin
0': Match started
0': FC Goa are playing n 4-1-4-1 formation ,while Atletico in 4-3-2-1 formation
0': FC Goa are playing their second home match, while Atletico are playing their second away match
0': FC Goa had played 2 matches, lost 1 and drew 1 match are on 1 point
0': Atletico de Kolkata had played 3 matches, won 2, drew 1 are on 7 points leading the table
0m: Today FC Goa will face Atletico De kolkata.