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FCG PRESS RELEASE : FC Goa post match press conference addressed by Coach Zico

Q. As player on the Brazilian World Cup squad, you have also faced penalty kicks. What is the feeling that you go through there?
A. ZICO : We feel that FC Goa did a good job throughout the competition. Every game that we played was to win that game. But unfortunately we were unable to gift our fans the joy of bring in the finals. Penalty is part of the game and we had practiced for it during our practice sessions. During practice sessions, Amiri had a very good score, but unfortunately today he was unable to score. We had many chances during the game like the penalty that was not called by the referee. I didnít understand why this referee was called, since he was the referee who gave a penalty to Atletico de Kolkata in their match against Kerala. Such mistakes cannot be made in games like these. In the last match, Bruno was given a red card and today we were not given a penalty.

Q. What do you think is the main reason that you were not able to score in 120 minutes?
A. ZICO : The Kolkata team had marked us very well and they tried to neutralize our game and our goalkeeper didn't manage to defend even one goal. In this kind of games, we get very few chances, which we lost. In the beginning of the game, we had close to 10 opportunities and they had two. The Kolkata team lost a lot of their power without Fikru so they changed their strategy and took the game to the penalty, and they won.

Q. Have you decided to come back for the next season and what are the memories that you will take back to Brazil from India?
A. ZICO : Of course I want to come back and I have spoken to the team officials and management. They want me to coach the team for the next two years. But now I need some time to think about the past and the future. I have been away from my family for a long time and I need to take a break. After my break I will decide and give my answer to the club. They want me to stay and even I want to come back to Goa. I would like to say that these four months have been amazing and I have spent some really good moments here. I received so much love from all the people in Goa and from India. All the players worked very hard and were very professional. I had a wish to give the people of Goa the gift of a place at the finals of the ISL, but this is how football is. Things happen but Life has to go on.

Q. It's been an honour to have you here in India. After losing today's match, do you think football is a beautiful game or a cruel game?
A. ZICO : It is a beautiful, emotional game that touches our heart. Even the Kolkata coach I hear had some health problems, and I hope he is fine and his health recovers. Everything that we work with which involves emotions is beautiful. Sometimes we get bad results and we get upset, not necessarily because of the results, but because of how the results have come.

Q. What did you say to the boys at the end of the penalty shootout and how would the celebrations be since one of the players is celebrating his birthday today?
A. ZICO : It is always sad after we face a defeat, but we have to put on a strong face and keep our heads held high, because we have worked very hard. After the penalty, I thanked them for all the time we spent together, for their professionalism and for the hard work that they showed in the games. I wish them a bright future ahead. A big hug to all and thank you.


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17.12.2014 (4th SF): FC GOA -- ( 0-0, 2-4 (Pen) )-- ATLETICO DE KOLKATA (FT)
GOA : 1-Seda, 2-Debabrata, 15-Gregory, 16-Pinheiro, 18-Amiri, 12-Bikramjit, 6-Peter, 19-Romeo, 27-Santos, 17-Mandar, 20-Slepicka.
KOL : 25-Edel, 5-Arnab, 23-Nato, 17-Josemi, 22-Lester, 6-Baljit, 15-Sanju, 8-Borja, 21-Pody, 10-GarcŪa, 14-Rafi.

GOAL : Fernandez scored 2-4
GOAL : Clifford scored 2-3
GOAL : Zofre scored 1-3
MISSED : Amiri missed 1-2
GOAL : Rafi scored 1-2
GOAL : Tolgey scored 1-1
GOAL : Podany scored 0-1
TIE BREAKER: MISSED : Santos Missed 0-0
119: Santos long ranger went over
118: Podany's shot defected of FC Goa defense
116: Santos free kick waisted as it went over
112: Nato's head from Zofre's free kick went over the bar
111: Counter attack by FC Goa cleared by Rafiq
110: Podany tackled by Gregory
107: Zofra's corner collected by Seda>
106: CHANGE - GOA : Clifford came in place of Mander
106: CHANGE - KOLKATA : Lobo came in place of Sanju
106: 2nd half of the extra time started
105: 1st half of extra time ended, it's still goalless
103: Nato's long ranger sailed over the bar
102: Mandar's left footer from a Romeo pass straight to Beto
98': Podany's corner cleared by Gregory
96': It's a mid field battle till now
94': Nato tackled Santos in time danger avoided
93': Both the team are playing open game now
92': Seda collected a cross from Podany
91': Tolgey came in place of Splecka
91': Extra time started
90': End of schedule time. extra time will start shortly.
90': First leg ended goalless at kolkata. Now waiting for a result.
83': Yellow card Borja who fouled Slepicka of GOA.

FC GOA last 9 Match unbeaten

14/12 	Atletico de Kolkata	0-0 	Goa			D
10/12 	Atletico de Kolkata	1-1 	Goa	 		D
05/12 	Chennaiyin		1-3 	Goa 			W
01/12 	Goa			3-0 	North East United 	W
26/11 	Goa			3-0 	Kerala Blasters 	W
22/11 	Goa			2-0 	Pune City 		W
17/11 	Mumbai City		0-0 	Goa 			D
13/11 	Delhi Dynamos		1-4 	Goa 			W
09/11 	Goa			0-0 	Mumbai City 		D
80': 10 minutes left...Zico vs Morgan or Habas vs Morgan?
78': Still 0-0. Who will enter in the Final?
74': Yellow card to Jofre of Kolkata.
73': Penalty appeal of Kolkata as Baljit Sahni was tackle by Bruno Pinheiro in box. No penalty said referee.
71': Bikramjit fouled Sanju .
64': Yellow card to Goa's Mandar.
60': CHANGE - kOLKAA : Jofre in and Garcia out.
56': Arnab fouled Santos, penalty appeal of Goa, referee denied.
55': 55% ball possession to GOA.
52': Foul of Gregory to Podany of Kolkata.
48': Romeo's left-footed shot went towards the left post for a corner to Goa.
45': 1 minute added time.
45': CHANGE - GOA: Peter Carvalho out and Jewel Raja in.
43': Amiri fouled Lester of Kolkata.
40': Corner to Goa, Santosh kick no impact.
38': Borja fouled Dos Santos of Goa.
35': 54% Ball Possession to FC Goa now.
31': Well pass of Sanju to Podany but he was in offside.
29': Peter Carvalho to Romeo but too fast for Romeo to collect.
29': Attack of GOa, Bikramjit's shot went for Kolkata Goal kick.
28': In last three matches Kolkata won 1 and drew 2 times out of three.
14/12 	Atletico de Kolkata	0-0 	Goa			 
10/12 	Atletico de Kolkata	1-1 	Goa	 		 
23/10 	Goa			1-2 	Atletico de Kolkata 	 
26': Who will face KERALA BLASTERS in the Final? Stay with us.
21': Dos Santos fouled Baljit of Kolkata.
21': Bruno Pinheiro shot saved by Edle for a corner.
20': Still scoreline is goalless.
19': FOUL - Sanju fouled Bikramjit of Goa. Free kick to Goa, Bikramjit's shot went out.
12': Foul of Podany to Romeo of Goa.
11': Rafi attacked, gave the ball to Sanju but he missed.
8': FOUL of Slepicka of Goa to Baljit.
7': the first leg of the match ended goalless at Kolkata.
6': 53% ball possession to Goa now.
2': Pody was fouled by Goa's. Free kick to Kolkata, Josemi's shot went over the cross bar. 1': Match kicked off.

FC GOA last 9 Match unbeaten

14/12 	Atletico de Kolkata	0-0 	Goa			D
10/12 	Atletico de Kolkata	1-1 	Goa	 		D
05/12 	Chennaiyin		1-3 	Goa 			W
01/12 	Goa			3-0 	North East United 	W
26/11 	Goa			3-0 	Kerala Blasters 	W
22/11 	Goa			2-0 	Pune City 		W
17/11 	Mumbai City		0-0 	Goa 			D
13/11 	Delhi Dynamos		1-4 	Goa 			W
09/11 	Goa			0-0 	Mumbai City 		D
06/11 	Kerala Blasters		1-0 	Goa 			L
01/11 	Goa			2-1 	Delhi Dynamos 		W
26/10 	Pune City		2-0 	Goa 			L
23/10 	Goa			1-2 	Atletico de Kolkata 	L
19/10 	North East United	1-1 	Goa 			D
15/10 	Goa			1-2 	Chennaiyin 		L
FCG PRESS RELEASE : PRE MATCH PRESS MEET - Coach Zico and player Gregory Arnolin

Q. Your opinion on lost chances during the match against Atletico de Kolkata in the first semifinal.
A. ZICO : It is a part of the game. We created many opportunities but were unable to score. I hope in the game tomorrow, we create more opportunities and score. It is difficult to control the ball on artificial turf, as opposed to natural grass where it is much easier.

Q. Apart from Mumbai City FC, ATK is the only team which you have defeated. Are they a difficult opponent?
A. ZICO : I think we will be able to defeat them when the moment is right, tomorrow.

Q. In the last game, there was injury quite early in the game. Did that injury put the team back in performance?
A. ZICO : It was bad that we lost Narayan at the very beginning of match. He was a strong player on the left side. But Amiri replaced him well and if I play him tomorrow, he will do good.

Q. ISL is about trying to find whether Indian players can raise their level in such a short time. As a coach did you enjoy coaching the Indian players?
A. ZICO : Yes, I really enjoyed training the players and it was a pleasure. I hope that I have helped them to develop their football and their behavior and performance really impressed me. It was really a good experience.

Q. As a player, did you enjoy playing with the Indian players?
A. GREGORY : It was a very good experience for all the players. It was not just them learning from us, but even we learned a lot from them and from such leagues, everyone is benefited.

Q. Were you surprised by the defensive nature of the Atletico de Kolkata team and did that affect your teamís performance as well?
A. ZICO : It was expected for them to play a very close game. Atletico de Kolkata lost one of their main players Fikru. They were expecting us to make some mistakes and thankfully we didnít commit any mistakes. But unfortunately we didnít score as well. Also as you saw in the last game, he is a very experienced player who is always disturbing our defenders. Now he has proved that he is a very good artist too, since he faked the injury and managed to get a penalty and also got Bruno expelled from the game.

Q. Tomorrow you will be playing on your home ground. Is it an advantage or is there a lot of pressure?
A. ZICO : There is pressure in every game, be it away or home. But at home matches we have the support from our fans and I always prefer playing on the home ground with the support from our fans

Q. Tomorrow you will be playing on your home ground. Is it an advantage or a disadvantage?
A. GREGORY : With all due respect, when we play at home, we own the game and we have to rule it.

Q. We did not have the same brand of attacking from FC Goa in the first semifinal. Will we get to see that same attacking mode from FC Goa?
A. ZICO : Our team always looks to attack. In the last match you can see the statistics that the most of the opportunities were created by FC Goa. We are going to play the same way as we have played before. But one thing that needs to be noted is that the opposing team also wants to win and neutralize our ways of playing.

Q. The coach of Atletico de Kolkata said at the press conference that Fikru will not be playing tomorrow. It is an advantage for your team?
A. ZICO : As I have said earlier, it will be an advantage for us if they come to play with only 10 players against us. If they are playing with 11 men, it is not an advantage.