ISL 2014: isr win of FC Goa while 1st lost of Delhi Dynamos.

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01.11.2014 : FC GOA( 2-1 ) DELHI DYNAMOS ( FT.)
FC Goa post-match press conference. :: Press conference was addressed by Coach Zico and player Shaikh Jewel Raja

What was going on through your mind during the last few minutes of the game?
I'm an optimistic guy. I believe till the end that the best will happen. As a player and a coach I lost and won many games at the last minute. In football anything can happen. I thank all the FC Goa supporters for the love, encouragement and support we received through the weeks. Even when we were not winning. We can now gift them this win. It's the first win of many.

Can you update us on the injuries of Andre Santos and Gregory?
Andre Santos was hit on his leg at the last game. It happened again this time so he couldn't continue with the game. Gregory was complaining about his knee before the game so I thought it best to keep him out. I think Andreí injury is not too serious, but maybe Gregory's may be because its his knee and its more complicated. We will have to wait 48 hours to access the seriousness of the situation.

Jewel, Romeo and Mandar played well. Will they have more chances in next games?
I always say to my players, I don't have 11, I have 27 players so everyone has to be ready to play. Everyone will get an opportunity to play so they have to be prepared always. When I came here, Jewel was the first 11, but in a friendly he was injured. Now he's better and I'm happy for him. He played well. All the players are ready and will get an opportunity to play.

Jewel you scored and got man of the match. You must be happy?
Yes I'm happy. I was injured and recovered slowly. Thanks to my coach, who trusted me and offered me a chance to play the match. I'm very happy

Whats the problems with Indian football?
From what I see, there should be better grassroots development especially at the under 15 and under 17 level. If we prepare then when they are young, we will be able to see better footballers and can nurture talent. Indian coaches can see such good players at the ISL and they can show their younger players the techniques.

The team has been missing chances. Would you be frustrated if they missed chances and didn't score?
Im very happy because they created opportunities even though they didnít score earlier. It shows the progress we have made over the weeks. Sometimes they choose the wrong option when they need to play a particular move. There are things the players need to learn. But it doesn't happen overnight.
We have to wait and be patient. Results will follow. At practice I try to teach players to make certain moves. There was pressure to win today, so the team may have been a bit reckless and we missed some opportunities. But I'm happy to see them fight and give their everything.

ISL 2014: isr win of FC Goa while 1st lost of Delhi Dynamos.

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01.11.2014 : FC GOA( 2-1 ) DELHI DYNAMOS ( FT.)

FCG : Jewel Raja 73', Tolgey 90'
DEL : Mads Junkar 7'
FCG : 1-Seda, 2-Debabrata, 15-Gregory, 5-Bengelloun, 3-Narayan, 19-Romeo, 23-Jewel, 16-Pinheiro, 17-Mandar, 27-Santos, 20-Slepicka.
DEL : 1-Hout, 8-Adil, 3-Houben, 5-Anwar, 26-Shouvik, 11-Francis, 15-Herrero, 6-Mulder, 28-Tulunga, 7-Skoubo, 9-Junker

FT : MATCH END. 1st loss of Delhi Dynamo. Home win of FC Goa courtesy Jewel Raja and Tolgey by 2-1.
90': 8 minute added time. GOA is leading 2-1.
90': Tolgay scored his second goal for FC Goa in ISL. Miroslav Slepicka pass went to ball to Tolgay Ozbey who chested down the ball and lobbed over the keeper.
90': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Tolgey scored and GOA is now leading 2-1.
90': YELLOW CARD to Amiri who fouled Delhi's Del Piero.
87': PLAYER CHANGE FOR GOA SIDE: Clifford Miranda in Mandar out.
85': : Out of last 4 matches Delhi Dynamos win one and drew three matches.
83': PLAYER CHANGE -DELHI : Dos Santos in and injured Mulder out.
81': Romeo of GOA and Hans Mulder of Delhi clashed their heads while chasing an aerial ball. Both the players are being attended by their medical staff.
78': FOUL - Herrero fouled the scorer of Goa- Jewel.
73': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 1-1 now. Sk Jewel Raja scored for FC Goa from a throw in of Narayan Das. ball went to Mandar who gave pass to Romeo and Romeo's header went to unmarked Jewel Raha who scored. Jewel is the 9th Indian to score in ISL.
72': Del Peiro tested Seda of Goa.
70': Delhi's Alid Khan injured , he is under treatment and play is halted.
68': FOUL - Amiri of GOA fouled Del Peiro.
64': GOA attacked, Debabrata's shot went for Delhi goal kick.
63': PLAYER CHANGE - DELHI Del Piero in and Junker out.
61': YELLOW CARD- ADIL KHAN of DELHI. Free kick to GOA. Pinheiro to take.
59': PLAYER CHANGE - FC GOA : Tolgey Ozbey in and Gregory out.
57': Throw in for Delhi, Souvik's throw in but Junkar was offside.
56': FOUL - Dinis Delhi was fouled by Pinheiro.
54': FOUL - Bengelloun fouled by Adil Khan of Delhi.
53': Another attack of GOA, from Amiri's pass, Romeo fernandez's shot well saved by hout.
46': PLAYER CHANGE - DELHI : Portuguese midfielder Henrique Dinis coming on for Morten Skoubo.
46': Starts of 2nd half match.
HALF TIME Delhi Dynamos leading 1-0 against FC Goa after the end of first half
45'+2':Ball cleared from free kick.
45'+1':Houben's bad tackle to Amiri. Free kick to Goa.
45':2 minutes added time
44': In the ISL-2014 Indian Footballers scored 8 goals so far. Cavin Lobo scored two and Balwant Singh ,Subhash Singh , Baljit Sahni, Jeje Lalpekhlua, Syed Rahim Nabi , C.S.Sabeeth scored one each.
43':Bengelloun's free kick, just over the post
42':Bad tackle against Amiri, free kick to Goa in a very good position
40':Skoubo's shot just went over the bar.
38':One to situation of Junker, by a fine defending save the ball
Delhi Dynamos Wim Raymaekers scored the fastest goal in 53 seconds in the tournament so far against Chennaiyin FC (25 October 2014)
36':What a chance to Goa!! Back to back two save by Hout to deny Goa. Jewel Raja missed a brilliant opportunity
34':Goa's corner, cleared in defence
31':Ball cleared from corner
31':Amiri nearly find a header to reduce the margin. Close enough. Corner to Goa.
30':Good long run of Francis, but a poor cross of Mulder cleared
28':Good forward pass, Mulder blocked it well.
27':Players Change in FC Goa: Amiri in place of Santos
26':Brilliant strike by Slepicka from Santos's pass, but long keeper Hout save the ball
24':Good move of Delhi through right, Seda is alert this time, saved the square pass of Mads Junker. No chance to Tulunga
23':Santos is back in field.
21':Santos is stretched out of the ground. Play resumes. Referee shown yellow card to Houben for his challange
19':Brilliant chance to Slepicka, but his shot went wide. Tackle to Santos after he made a good pass to Slepicka. Santos looks injured. Bad tackle by Houben.
17':Delhi Dynamos's move, blocked and Anwar Ali's long pass went wide
16':Handball of Andre Santos, free kick to Delhi
15':Another counter attack of Goa, Romeo's left footed shot, went over the bar
14:Tackle against Skoubo, free kick to Delhi. Ball cleared.
12':Good attack of Goa, back to back two chance, first time wing made a mistake o made a cross and in second defence is alert to clear the attack
11':Delhi looks more aggressive in this moment
10': Another attack of Delhi, but it is offside
9':Bruno's free kick, cleared in defence
9':Score remains still same. Delhi leading 1-0 against Goa
7':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Mads Junker scored from a lovely square pass of Hans Mulder.
5':Ex-Arsenal player Brazilian Santos's shot, just went wide
4':Another chance to Goa, Hout again cleared the ball. First corner of the match
2':Counter attack of Delhi, Hans Mulder's shot blocked
1':Early chance to Romeo, keeper is alert. Long keeper Hout save it
0': kick off

FC Goa pre-match press conference :: Press conference was addressed by Coach Zico and player Ranti Martins.

31.10.2014 (ISL GOA PRESS RELEASE) : Goa has played four matches with just one point and at the bottom of the table. Has this kind of performance come as a surprise to you?

Zico: Football never surpises me. So, we lost some games but we can also win and move on. We created some good opportunities and had chances but didnít manage to concert them, even though we played well. This is the magic about football. Sometimes a team plays very well but doesn't manage to score, while another team comes and scores. But then, thatís how football is. Itís all about football.

Many foreign players have come to India for the ISL. Your thoughts on that?
Zico: I think the difference with Japan was that they didn't bring in too many foreign players. In my opinion at the ISL itís not too good to have too many foreigners playing. The minimum of 5 Indian players is too less in my opinion. Since it's the ISL, we have to encourage more Indian football.

FC Goa will miss a lot of players at the next match. Some injured, some not fit, suspended. How difficult will it be to play well tomorrow?
Zico: We never think it's only 11 players, we have a group of 27 players. All 27 players are ready to play. Some are injured but the others are fit and ready to play. Players have been picked for the team because they are good and they are prepared to play. So I'm not too worried about that. I told them that they have to be prepared to play at any time, in any situation. We will play 11 against 11.

Ranti, you have played at the I-league and ISL. Have scored high at I-league, but not at the ISL. Is the standard of football higher in the ISL?
Ranti: There are only 2 strikers, Dudu and me, who have played for the I-league and ISL. There are also a lot of foreign players making the top 11. Also, we have been playing only for a couple of weeks but that doesn't mean we shouldnít score. Itís about patience.

Coach, AIFF has announced that the ban for Habbas has been reduced from 4 to 2 games. Your comments?
Zico: Congratulations to their lawyers.