ISL 2014: FC GOA : pre and Post match press meet

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FC GOA PRESS RELEASE : FC Goa vs FC Pune City post-match press conference :- Press conference was addressed by Coach Zico and player Gregory Arnolin

Q. FC Goa is on fourth position. What will be your next target?
A. Zico- I have been always saying to the team we have to go one step at a time. We have to make progress match after match. We have more matches coming home and away and we have to win and go one step up.

Q. In every game played, FC Goa has been dominating in the first half, and second half the opposition dominates. But this time the tam managed to keep the lead. How crucial was the second goal to seal the victory?
A. Zico - Even if the second goal was not scored, we would have won anyway. Everyone has their own way of playing. We had the opportunity to play well in the both halves and due to which we could score and win the game. In Pune, we had created many opportunities to score but didn't score, but they created few opportunities, scored and won the game. Today they had opportunity to score and they didn't score and we scored and won the game.

Q. Defence has always been a strong point of the team, but today it looked weak. Do you think that Jan Seda made the defence look better?
A. Gregory Arnolin - We have always been humble in our way of playing. We have eleven players who are playing on the pitch and more outside the pitch. I think everyone has to do their own work. I think it was a fair victory since everyone worked very hard for it.

Q. You have always had a main role in the defence, how does that feel? Also, you always create chances to score, how does it feel when you don't score?
A. Gregory Arnolin - I play for the team and always work to help my team. My first role in the team is defence or else they wonít be able to score. It doesnít matter who scored, everyone is happy with the victory.

Q. We saw a new partnership between Gregory and Bruno. Your thoughts on Bruno's performance.
A. Zico- As the time goes we understand the players better. I know that Bruno's original position is defence, so I could use him today. I spoke to him about the change and he said that he was ready to play in that position and we all saw how well he played.


FC Goa pre-match press conference was addressed by Coach Zico and player Bruno Pinheiro

Q. What do you think of FC Goa's chances of qualifying for semifinals at this point of time?
A. Zico - We have five more games to go and we are focusing on the game for tomorrow.

Q. Any particular reason for the team to train at Vasco's Tilak Maidan?
A. Zico - We already have acclimatized ourselves with the ground at Fatorda stadium and at Vasco we get more time to practice and we don't have people watching our every practice moves. We are able to do our work very calmly and do a better job there. Also since we already know the ground, we donít need to practice here to get ourselves familiar with the conditions.

Q. Any injuries in the squad and can you tell us about it?
A. Zico- Yes we do have injuries but we canít tell you. You will come to know about it once the final 11 is announced tomorrow.

Q. Are you approaching this game any differently? Any change in the strategies?
A. Zico- Every game is different and has different way of playing and has different philosophies. If we want to win tomorrow, we will have to change the strategy.

Q. Coach you have new coaching personnel. What will be their roles and what were the reasons for getting them?
A. Zico - I always wanted to bring them from the beginning and I asked the president if I could get my own team from Brazil and he agreed. I have one physical trainer and two assistants. Willian Goncalves is the physical trainer, Fernando Vannucci is the assistant coach and Miguel Habib is the physiotherapists and assistant coach. If you must have seen, the coaches of other teams got their own coaching staff and I was the only one who didnít bring anyone so now I got my own team members from Brazil.

Q. Tomorrow's match is very crucial. What is the mood like in the team and is there any pressure on the players to deliver well tomorrow?
A. Bruno Pinheiro - I think is there is no extra pressure since each match is important and it values three points. The next three games are very important for us and fortunately we have these three games at home. The most important thing is that we have worked really very hard this week and I think we are ready and mentally we are strong because we have three battles to fight and we must do everything to win it.

Q. Do you think close scheduling of the matches is an obstacle for players?
A. Bruno Pinheiro- I am sure for international player the weather conditions in India was an obstacle since the beginning and that is not an excuse for anyone. It is normal for injuries to happen since the schedule of the match has been very tight. But we have many options to tackle that like if one player is injured, another can substitute him. It also gives other players a chance to play and it is a big opportunity for players to show their skills.

ISL 2014: FC GOA beat Pune City 2-0 at home.

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22.11.2014 : FC GOA 2-0 FC PUNE CITY (FT)
FCG : Romeo Fernandez 5', Spelicka 90+2'
FCG : 1 Seda, 2 Debabrata, 15 Gregory, 16 Bruno, 3 Narayan, 12 Bikramjit, 18 Amiri, 19 Romeo, 27 Santos, 17 Mandar, 26 Tolgey
FCP : 27 Arindam, 12 Anupam, 5 Cirillo, 13 Ravanan, 3 Park, 24 Lenny, 26 Mehraj, 31 Vadocz, 21 Kostas, 32 Pennant, 23 Dudu..........Referee: Dhillan Perira

90+3':A center from Jewel from the right was placed by Miranda and Speckle places
90+3':GOOOOALLLLL.......Speckle scored for FC goa
90+2':Jewel came in place of Romeo
90+1':YELLOW CARD to Mehraj from tackeling Clifford from behind
90': 5 min added time
86': FC Goa leading by 1-0
85': Trezeguet came in place of Penannat of FC Pune City
84': Kostas tackled by Debabrata in time inside the box
83': Chance missed by Clifford, unable o beat Arindam
82': Abranches center collected safely by Seda
81': Clifford came in place of Mandar
79' YELLOW CARD to Amiri Of FC Goa, he tackled Kostas from behind
78': OH... Hard luck for FC Pune, Kostos back volley hit the bar and the return shot from Cirillo hit the post
75': A long ranger of Pennant floats over the bar
73': A long lob from Lenny colected by Seda before Dudu can each
71': FC Pune are in search of the equalizer, attacking like waves
69': Vadocz shot from a Kostas pass deflected of FC Goa defense,in return Lenny's shot straight to Seda
68': A miss by Santos failed to connect a pass from Mandar
67': YELLOW CARD to Santos of FC Goa for arguing with the referee
66': Park floater from the right cleared by FC Goa defense
65': Spelicka came in place of Tolgey of Fc Goa
61'; FC Pune city are trying hard to equalize
59': Abranches shot went wide from inside the box
57': Dudu tackled by Bruno in time, he received a pass from Abranches
55': FC Goa leading by a solitary goal
53': YELLOW CARD to Lenny of Pune City Fc
51': Dudu blocked by Gregory in side the box
50': A free kick from Santos cleared by Cirillo
49': Jaokim Abranches came in place of Anupam of FC Pune city
49': YELLOW CARD to Ravanan of FC Pune City for rough tackel to Bikramjit
48': A long ranger from Debarata straight to Arindam
47': Tolgey tackled by Cirillo in time
46': Second Half started
45': 1 min added time
43': A powerful shot from Bikramjit from Narayan's center went wide
41': Mehraj's center from the right straight to Seda
40': FC Goa leading by 1-0
38': Park's shot from a Kostas center from the right saved by Seda
37': Dudu failed to reach a pass from Mehraj
36': Lenny's shot from top of the box saved by Seda
31': A well combined move by Dudu and Kostos , but Gregory in rescue of FC Goa
30': YELLOW CARD to Mandar Rao Desai of FC Goa for rough tackling
28': Arindam saved again, fisted a free kick from Santos
27': A solo run by Dudu, down the middle but tackled by Gregory
24': A good move by Romeo from the right, but his center cleared by Cirillo
21': What a miss by Tolgey, failed to push a ball from Narayan's center with Arindam at his mercy
20': FC Goa leading by 1-0
16': Costas's free kick from outside the 18 yards went wide
14': Costas's center cleared by FC Goa defense
10': Pune City are creating pressure playing a number of passes in the FC Goa defense
9': Dudu's head saved by Seda
5': Romeo scored from Bruno's free kick from the left, Romeo's head beat Arindam
5': GOOOOOAAAALLLLL.......... FC GOA scored
2': Arindam saved once again, a push of Gregogy of Bruno's free kick
1': Narayan's center from the left saved by Arindam
1': Match Started
0': In the first round match at Pune, Pune City FC won by a margin of 2-0,the scores are Kostas Katsouranis (42) and David Trezeguet (81)
0': FC Goa and Pune City Fc are playing in 4-2-3-1 formation