ISL 2014: FC Pune City beat Zico's FC goa 2-0

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26.10.2014 : PUNE CITY FC 2-0 FC GOA :: (FT) :: FIX / SCORES || TABLE
FCP : Katsouranis 42', David Trezeguet 81'
Swift moment of the match - Andre Santos.
Amul fittest player of the match - Israil Gurung.
ISL emerging player of the match - Laxmikant Kattimani.
Hero of the match - Konstantinos Katsouranis.

FCP : 25-E.Belardi, 12-Anupam Sarkar, 13-Ravanan, 4-Magliocchetti, 5-Cirillo, 24-Lenny, 14-Israil Gurung, 21-Katsourains, 11-Ashutosh Mehta, 17-David Trezeguet, 20-Ivan Bolado.
FCG : 21-Kattimani, 27-Andre Santos, 2-Debabrata Roy, 15-G.Amolin, 16-Bruno Pinheiro, 5- Bengelloun, 3- Narayan Das, 14-Gabriel Fernandez (16' Romeo), 6-Peter Carvalho, 9-Miguel Herlein, 25-Ranti Martins.
FT : Pune City FC win 2-0 to beat Zico's FC Goa.
90': 4 minutes added time.
90': FC PUNE CITY is leading 2-0.
87': PLAYER CHANGE - FC GOA: runo Pinheiro out and A. Gonzalez in.
81': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 2-0 to FC Pune city. David Trezeguet scored after he snatched a back pass of Gregory .
80': SCORE LINE is 1-0 for FC Pune city FC.
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PRESS RELEASE - ISL : FC Goa post-match press conference.: Press conference was addressed by Coach Zico
Q. What went wrong today?
A. Zico- Well, when we were playing well, we didn't score and they scored.

Q. Your team played very well in the second half. Was it a defensive lapse?
A. Zico- It wasn't a relapse. It was mistake that happens in football. At moments where we couldn't do anything they scored. It is normal thing to happen in football.

Q. Overall, the players are not performing as a team. Why do you think that is happening?
A. Zico- The team is missing someone who can score a goal. Football is all scoring goals and we don't have a guy who can score. Today we had four chances to score, but there was no one to score. So we need someone to score a goal.

Q. How much did you miss Robert Pires today?
A. Zico- We shouldn't be worried about who is there and who is not there on field. With him on the field we lost two matches and drew one, so I don't how to answer that question of yours.

Q. How would you describe FC Pune City's goalkeeper?
A. Zico- He was a normal goalkeeper. I know him very well because played for four years in a team that I used to play.

Q. Haroon Amiri made a big difference once he came on the field. Do you think that you could have sent him earlier?
A. Zico- This is the first time I saw him playing. He is a player that made me happy with his game. He played very well. He wants to win to game. So it might be possible that he might be played in future matches. I like players like him in my team.

Q. How much of a loss was it losing Gabriel Fernandes? What is the status now?
A. Zico- The doctor hasn't said anything yet. We donít know what the status is. I hope it is not very serious because he left the field in lot of pain. ''
77': PLAYER CHANGE - FCP : Ashutosh Mehta out and Mehrajuddin Wadoo in
76': PLAYER CHANGE - FC GOA : Miguel Herle out AND Haroon in.
70': 1-0 still the scoreline for FC PUNE CITY.
68': Chance to FC Goa to equalize as Santos shot hits the cross bar and out.
62': In their last game Pune city lost 0-5 to mumbai city FC.
61': Still Pune city FC is leading 1-0.
59': PLAYER CHANGE - FC GOA : Ranty Martins out and Miroslav Slepicka in.
56': YELLOW CARD TO BOLADO of Pune side.
47': Anroril cleared a cross of Ashutosh Mehata of Pune city.
46': 2nd half match starts.
TOP SCORERS : Andre Moritz of Mumbai City scored 3 in 3 matches, Elano of Chennaiyin FC scored 3 in 3 matches, G. Arnolin of FC Goa scored 2 in 4 matches, Koke of North East United scored 2 in 4 matches, Fikru of Atletico de Kolkata scored 2 in 4 games.
HT : 1-0 to Pune City.
42': GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAALLL : 1-0 to Pune City. Katsouranis scored from his right footer off a midfield pass of Magliocchetti .
38': Again missed of Goa - Santos's header went out from close from a left sided cross of Pinheiro.
35': In first match of the day - Atletico de Kolkata drew with Kerala Blasters - READ
30': Attack of Goa through Romeo from right wing but his crosss cleared by Magliochetti
25': Chance to Goa -- corner of Bengelloun but Ranti's his header went out.
20': NO score yet in the match, 0-0 is the scoreline.
16': PLAYER CHANGE - FC GOA : Gabriel Fernandez out anf Romeo fernandez in.
14': YELLOW CARD - Katsourains of Pune city.
0m': Match will start now.

FC Goa pre-match press conference - addressed by Coach Zico and player Gabriel Fernandes ( Press Release)

Q. We just heard about the ban that has been imposed on Robert Pires? Do you think it is harsh?
A. Zico-Suspension is always bad for players. But I'm sorry I can't say anything about it. When I entered the changing room, Pires said that the Atletico coach punched him in the face. He was very nervous.

Q. Do you think that getting Fikru banned for a couple of matches is sort of justice?
A. Zico-Fikru was punished during the game and everyone saw what he did.

Q. How is Pires's absence going affect the match tomorrow?
A. Zico- I hope that it will not affect much. We always have to prepare for every situation and play our best game. According to me we are not having too many.

Q. How has it been playing under a manager like Zico
A. Gabriel-It is a very good opportunity for us to play under the legendry Zico. He is a great player and a great coach.

Q. After three games, have you found a system with the team are you still experimenting?
A. Zico-Every game is different so we keep experimenting.

Q. Has the team practiced here yesterday or today was the first day?
A. Zico- Today is the first time we practiced here on this ground. Yesterday we practiced at the Police ground

Q. Have any players caught your eye from your team?
A. Zico- I see many good players in the team. They all are young and good players. They have a lot of scope to learn and grow. And I am trying to orientate them in the right way so they can play well.

Q. What are your thoughts on the officials of ISL?
A. Zico- I think the referees are good. Sometimes they get it right, sometimes they get it wrong. So many times it has happened that a fault was committed, instead of giving a punishment, they were just talking. I think the referees should act and punish the players when they commit a foul and not just try and explain them.

Q. What you think needs to be worked on for a win for FC Goa?
A. Gabriel- We are playing our best game and trying everything in our power. But I think itís also the luck factor that is lacking in our efforts.

Q. What is the most important thing that you learned from Zico that has helped you in ISL?
A. Gabriel- He has taught us to move the ball forward, which is very important in any game.

Additional comments by Coach Zico - I would just like to say that FC Goa has been playing very well. In football everyone wants results very fast. It takes time to get to know the players and understand their strengths and weaknesses. This team has been training very hard. My team has been playing very efficiently and hard. We have created many opportunities to score but we didnít score. I want to thank all the FC Goa fans for supporting us and loving us.