ISL 2014: FC Pune City win 1-0 against North East United

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03.11.2014 : FC PUNE CITY ------- 1-0 ----- NORTH EAST UNITED ( FT..)
FCP : John Goossens-88'

Moment of the Match - John Goossens (PUNE) The Fittest Player of the Match - Robin (NORTH EAST) Emerging Player of the Match - Israil Gurung (PENE) Hero of the Match - Rehenesh (NORTH EAST)

FCPC : 27-Arindam Bhattacharyya, 19-Pritam Kotal, 5-Cirillo, 4-Magliocchetti, 12-Anupam Sarkar, 14-Israil Gurung, 24-Lenny Rodrigues, 21-Katsouranis, 9-Davide, 17-Trezeguet, 20-Bolado.
NEU : 13-Rehenesh, 2-Aibor Khongjee, 15-García, 11-Capdevila, 16-Robin Gurung, 4-Mtonga, 7-Do, 19-Felipe, 17-Adinga, 25-Durga boro, 10-Koke

FULL TIME. FC Pune City beat North East United from a late winner of Goossens
90'+3':FC Pune City coach Franco Colomba is sent to the stands
90'+2':Brilliant chance to Kondwani after cross goes to him, his shot blocks
90':5 minutes added time
89': Dudu's tries another, just over the bar
88':GOALLLLLLLLLLLL Dudu's left footed brilliant volley hit the bar and Goossens scores from a fantastic header
85':Chance to Dudu, but Rehenesh again is in the position in rescue to save the ball in his near post.
83':Colomba looks furious against referee decision regarding Robin's tackle against Israil
81':Israil's cross and Goossens's shot, Aibor blocks it
79':Counter attack of Pune, Dudu's pass to find Bolado clears by Capdevilla
76':Katsouranis tries another shot. His volley goes over the bar
73':John Goossens tries another long ranger outside the box, his shot this time goes over the bar.
71':Substitution of FC Pune City: Ravanan in place of injured Anupam Sarkar
70':Substitution of North East United: Felipe De Castro replace by Padilla
67':Chance to substitute John Goossens, he chested the ball and a brilliant shot. But another fine save by 21 year old goal keeper Rehenesh to deny Pune from scoring.
65':Substitution in FC Pune City: David Trezeguet is replaced by East Bengal striker Dudu Omagbemi.
63':Lenny's cross, Davide's shot and a goalline clerance by Capdevilla.
62': Double Substitution of North East United Durga Boro is replaced by Milan Singh, and Do Dong Hyun is replaced by James Keene
60':Tackle against Anupam Sarkar, he looks injured
58':Players Change in FC Pune City: John Goossens in place of Bolado
55':Capdevilla'spass to find Robin Gurung, goes over
53':Long run of Israil Gurung from right flank, and a cross, Rehnesh save it brilliantly
50':Good chance to North East United, Durga take too many tomes and finally ball clears
49':Ball cleared from corner
48':Lenny's cross, blocked and another corner to FC Pune City
47':Long forward pass to find Robin Gurung, but he is in offside position
46':Yellow Card to Pritam Kotal for his bad tackle to Robin Gurung
46':Second half resumes
HALF TIME. Score remains goalless after the end of first half between FC Pune City and North East United
45':1 minute added time
44':Koke's forward pass to find Aibor in right flank, ball goes wide
43':Score remains still goalless
42':Koke's free kick, goes wide. Wasted free kick
41':Bad tackle to Mtonga, free kick to North East United
40':Lenny tries another long ranger, his left footed shot goes wide
39':Long ranger of waywad from Bolado's pass, goes wide
38':Another move of North East United, but Durga Boro is in offside posiyion.
37':Forward pass to find Koke, but Anupam clears the ball
36':Little misunderstanding in North East United defence, finally keeper Rehenesh save it.
35':Aibor's long cross, defence clear the ball.
34':Good move through Adinga, but 3 defenders to block him, finally his pass clears in defence
33':Long run of Robin through left flank, but fails to collect the ball finally.
32':Katsouranis's weak shot, directly in Rehenesh's hand
31':Koke's long forward pass to find Adinga, good pass but too quick for him
30':North East United's move, Durga committed a foul this time
28':Capdevilla's shot, deflected and goes high. Easy take for Arindam.
27':Nearly a chance to Durga Boro after Koke's pass, but defence is in alert to save the ball again.
26':Short corner, Lenny tries for long ranger, ball directly goes to Rehenesh's hand
25':Good defending by Robin Gurung, another corner to FC Pune City.
23:Another attack of North East, Ball went wide wide
22':Clever pass by Koke to Durga Boro but what a fine tackle by keeper Arindam outside the box to deny a fine attack.
20':Brilliant defending by North East United, Katsouranis's pass to find Trezeguet, but defence clears it before.
19':Home side FC Pune City looks more aggressive in the early minutes, but scored remained same
18':Brilliant corner ut Arindam fists it wide and finally defenders clears the ball
17':Attack in opposite end, Felipe's shot blocked and corner to North East United
16':Ball cleared from corner
15':Another brilliant chance to FC Pune City through Katsouranis, Rehenesh is in alert and save it by coming upwards. Another corner to Pune
14':Ball cleared from corner
13':Brilliant long ranger and a fine save by Rehenesh to fisted it wide. Corner to Pune FC
10': SCORE LINE - Pune 0-0 North East
9': North East's Koko took the free kick. No danger to Pune.
8': FOUL - Do was fouled by Katsouranis of Pune. Free kick for NE.
6': FOUL of Durga Boro of North East.
5': Corner to North East from Pune's Anupam's clearence. Adinga's kick cleared.
5': SCORE LINE - Pune 0-0 North East
4': Attack of Pune from left but ball went out from Trezeguet's shot.
3': Well block of Aibor of North East ball went for Pune Throw in.
1': Kick off - by FC pune city.
0m: Pune City FC to face home match against North East United.