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21.11.2014 : KERALA BLASTERS --- 2-1 --- ATLETICO DE KOLKATA ( FT)
KER : Hume 4', Gussemo 42'
ADK : Fikru 54'
KER : James, Sandesh, Gurwinder, Hengbart, Saumik, Romey, Godwin, Pearson, Milagres, Gusmao, Hume
ADK : Subhasish, Josemi, Arnab, Mohanraj, Borja, Nato, Arnal, Jofre, Lester, Baljit, Fikru
Referee: Robson

FULL TIME Kerala Blasters FC beat Atletico de Kolkata in 2-1
90'+3':Yellow Card to Arnab
90'+2':Referee denied a clear goal. Fikru's header and Garcia's shot hit the inner part of the bar and drops inside the goal line, but ultimately cleared by Soumik from inside the goal line. Garcia can not believe it. What's going on???
90':5 minutes added time
88':Yellow Card to Saumik Dey
87':Fikru's pass, Sandesh cleared the ball
86':Good run of sanju, but his pass blocked
85':Godwin's low cross, cleared in defence
84':Players Change in Kolkata: Sanju Pradhan in place of Baljit Sahni
83':Godwin's shot, deflected from post and cleared
82':Counter attack of Kolkata, chance to Garcia, ball cleared
81':Move through Milagres, good block by Josemi
80':Yellow Card to Chopra for his tackle to Josemi
79':Baljit's low cross, James saved the ball
78':Ball cleared from corner
78':Attack through Milagres from a misspass, good block by Josemi. Corner to Kerala
77':Chance to Chopra, good block in defence
75':Josemi's free kick, ball cleared by Gurwinder
74':Players Change in Kerala: Michael Chopra in place of injured Pedro Gusmao
72':Attack of Kolkata, another good save of James
70':Ball cleared from free kick, Penn tried in rebound and blocked, Gurwinder's pass to Sandesh and ball went wide
69':Bad tackle of Kingshuk to Gusmao, free kick to Kerala
68':Long forward pass to find Baljit, good block by Falvey, James saved the ball
66':Gusmao injured and stretched out of the field
65':Kerala's move through Gusmao, good tackle by Arnab
63':Score remains still same
60':Players Change in Kerala Falvey in place of Hengbert
59':Forward pass to find Garcia, went wide
58':Baljit committed a foul against Pearson
56':Sandesh's header from corner, went wide
55':Yellow Card to Josemi and Kerala's corner
54':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLL Hengbert's clearance touched Fikru and finds the net
54':Ball cleared from free kick, easy to Subhasish
53':Arnab's bad tackle to Hume, free kick to Kerala
52':Excellent free kick, but defence finally cleared the ball
52':Yellow Card to Nato for his tackle to Penn
51':Nato's header went over the bar
50':Jofre's cross blocked and a corner to Kolkata
49':Forward pass to Fikru, but he is in OFFSIDE position
48':Arnab cleared the ball, another corner
47':Kerala's attack, cross to find Hume, Kingshuk cleared the ball, corner to Kerala
46':Chance to Garcia, good clearance in defence
46':Second half resumes
46':Players Change in Kolkata: Kingshuk in place of Lester and Garcia in place of Arnal
HALF TIME Kerala Blasters leading 2-0 against Atletico de Kolkata after the end of first half
45'+3':Ball to find Fikru, Saumik cleared the ball
45'+2':Baljit's cross, James saved the ball
45'+2':Sandesh's cross from right flank to find Penn, Lester cleared the ball
45'+1':Arnal's header, Gurwinder cleared the ball
45':4 minutes added time
44':Chance to Fikru, but a good clearance by Hengbert
43':Long throw-in of Mohanraj, cleared in defence
42':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Gusmao scored from Sandesh's cross from right flank. Noone marked Gusmao and he made no mistake.
41':Players Change in Kerala: Penn in place of Romey
38':Hengbert's header went wide. Hengbert and Josemi looked injured.
37':Ball cleared from corner
36':What a chance to Kerala!! back to back two save of Subhasish and finally Arnab cleared the ball. Corner to Kerala
35':Attack through Romey, Baljit cleared the ball
34':Chance to Kolkata, James saved the ball
33':Lester's forward pass but Hengbert cleared the ball
32':Ball cleared and a counter attack of Kerala through Hume, but defence cleared the ball
31':Bad tackle by Sandesh to Jofre, free kick to Kolkata
30':Arnal's cross, Sandesh cleared the ball
28':Yellow Card to Milagres
27':Hume looked injured after a areal challenge with Josemi
27':Godwin's cross from right flank, Nato's header cleared the ball
26':Hume's long ranger, went wide
25':Brilliant shot of Fikru from Lester's cross between two defender Gurwinder and Sandesh, but it sailed over the bar
24':Ball cleared from free kick and a counter attack of Kerala through Milagres, Josemi cleared the ball.
23':Tackle against Nato, free kick to Kolkata
22':Nato's header from Jofre's corner went wide
21':Jofre's forward pass, Gurwinder cleared. Another corner
19':Forward pass to find Fikru, Hengbart's header cleared the ball
18':Ball cleared and another corner, Borja's shot from Jofre's corner went over the bar
17':Another corner to Kolkata after Romey cleared the ball
16':Brilliant chance to Jofre, he beat Sandesh but Gurwinder blocked brilliantly
13':Pearson's free kick, Subhasish took the ball brilliantly, Sandesh committed a foul against him
12':Mohanraj committed a bad tackle to Godwin, free kick to Kerala
11':Kolkata's corner, Baljit's cross went wide
10':Gusmao tried a long ranger, went wide
10':Kerala's move, Josemi cleared the ball
9':James saved Jofre's corner
8':Romey's header from Lester's cross nearly finds the net.Corner to Kolkata
7':Godwin's cross from right flank, cleared in defence
5':Another move of Kerala, away pass and ball cleared
4':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLGusmao's cross from left flank, Pearson tried the header but ball went to Hume, who scored for Kerala Blasters, brilliant move
3':Chance to Fikru, his shot and a fine save by James
2':Forward pass to Fikru, Gurwinder cleared the ball
1':Jofre's pass to find Fikru, went wide
0':Kick off