08/03/2020 : ATK FC 3-1 BENGALURU FC (FT)

08/03/2020 : ATK FC <b><font color=red>  3-1   </b> </font> BENGALURU FC  (FT.)

Hero of the Match : PRABIR DAS - ATK FC.
Club Award : ATK FC.
Limitless Player of the Match : David Williams - ATK FC
Winning Pass of the Match : PRABIR DAS - ATK FC
Emerging Player : Ashique Kuruniyan - BENGALURU FC

ATK : Arindam Bhattacharja, Sumit Rathi, John Johnson, Pritam Kotal, Prabir Das, Regin Michael, Javier Hernandez, David Williams, Michael Soosairaj, Edu Garcia, Roy Krishna.
BFC : Gurpreet Singh Sandhu, Rahul Bheke, Juanan, Harmanjot Khabra, Francisco Borges, Erik Paartalu, Dimas Delgado, Suresh Wangjam, Ashique Kuruniyan, Sunil Chhetri, Deshorn Brown.

REFEREE : Ali Hasan Ebrahim Abdulnabi Alsamaheeji (BAHARIN).

08/03/2020 : ATK FC <b><font color=red>  3-1   </b> </font> BENGALURU FC  (FT.)

90+1': YELLOW CARD to Arindam for arguing with Referee.
90': 3 minutes added time.
88': A corner from Dimas but punched away by Arindam.
87': Arindam saved a powerful shot of Udanta for a corner, ATK survived.
85': YELLOW CARD to Pena for rough play.
84': REPLACEMENT ATK: Nili out, Leon in
83': REPLACEMENT ATK: Gracia out, Mongil in
80': ATK FC leading in the second semifinal, the match is heading for a close finish.
78': GOAL........... ATK leading, David Willams's powerful header of a cross from prabir beat Gurpreet.
75': What a miss by Frater........shoots straight to Arindam from a close range. Easy chace wasted.
74': REPLACEMENT ATK: Javi out, Mandi in.
73': REPLACEMENT ATK: Jayesh in, Regin out.
71': It's really an evenly contested match in the second session.......both the teams are playing open game in search of a goal .
69': ATK on counter attack......Prabir's cross pass punched away by Gurpreet.
68': Erik's flick of a free kick from Sunil missed the target.
67': YELLOW CARD to Prabir , he pulled down Dimas, free kick for Bengaluru
66': Sunil's header of a pass from Udanta saved by Arindam.
64': Willams shot of a pass from Gracia missed the target by a whisker.
63': REPLACEMENT BENGALURU FC : Ashique out, Udanta in.
62': GOAL........... David Willams converts the penalty.
61': PENALTY FOR ATK: David Willams was pulled down inside the 18 yards by Suresh .
58': REPLACEMENT BENGALURU FC : Brown out, Frater in.
56': Krishna was far behind to recieve a pass from Pritam ball rooled over the goal line.
53': Suisairaj's header easily collected by Gurpreet of a cross from Prabir.
52': Sumit cleared the ball before Brown could reach a forward pass from Suresh.
49': A forward pass from Willam to Suisairaj but the ball rolled over the goal line.
47': Gracia was timely blocked by Suresh ball cleared out of the danger zone.
46': Second session starts.
45+2': A long ranger fro Nili but was far away from the target.
45': 3 minutes added time.
44': YELLOW CARD to Brown for rough tackel to Gracia.
43': YELLOW CARD to Ashique he pulled down Krishna .
41': YELLOW CARD to Pritam, he fouled Erik from behind.
40': A long lob by Patralu of a pass from Khabra but Arindam collects timely.
38': YELLOW CARD to Zavi for rough play.
36': Javi's long ranger went high over the cross bar, Atk trying hard to increase the goal margin .
34': A forward pass from Sunil to Brown but Johnson cleared the ball.
32': An aimless forward pass by Johnson, Suisairaj was far behind.
29': GOAL.......... ATK FC equalised. Roy Krishna scored of a pass from Prabir from the right.
26': A good move by Krishna and Prabir deep inside the Bengaluru half but Rahul cleared the ball out of the danger zone.
24': Ashique again, a powerful shot after a long run of a pass from Dimas but Arindam saved the situation.
22': A brilliant save by Gurpreet denied Willams of a pass from Krishna.
20': A forward pass by Gracia but Krishna was slow in reacting.
18': A powerful shot by Ashique of a pass from Sunil, but the ball missed the target.
17': A cross from Pritam from the right but cleared by Khabra.
15': Suisairaj shoots wide from a close range, he should have pass the ball Gracia who was in a clear position.
14': A block by Nili deep inside his own half denied Prabir.
13': A free kick from Dimas but cleared by Johnson out of the danger zone.
11': Willams shoots wide of a pass from Susairaj from the left.
9': A move by Dimas down the left, but blocked Prabir.
7': Bengaluru FC are now enjoying the away goal advantage.
5': GOAL......... Bengaluru scored the early goal, Ashique received a ball from Nili from the midfield beat Sumit in sheer pace and beat Arindam.
3': A good collection by Gurprit of a areil cross by Prabir.
2': A cross from the right by Prabir cleared by Borges.
1': A cross from the right by Ashik, cleared by Johnson.
0': Match started in an electrifying atmosphere at VYK, Kolkata.

01/03/2020 : BENGALURU FC 1-0 ATK (FT..)
BFC : Deshorn Brown 30'

Hero of the Match : Erik Paartalu - BENGALURU FC.
Club Award : Bengaluru FC.
Limitless Player of the Match : Dimas Delgado - BENGALURU FC
Winning Pass of the Match : Juanan - BENGALURU FC
Emerging Player : Suresh Wangjam - BENGALURU FC

01/03/2020 : BENGALURU FC <b><font color=rd>  1-0  </b> </font> ATK (FT.)

BFC : Gurpreet Singh, Nishu Kumar, Albert Serran, Juanan, Rahul Bheke, Harmanjot Khabra, Erik Paartalu, Suresh Wangjam, Dimas Delgado, Sunil Chhetri, Deshorn Brown
ATK : Arindam Bhattacharja, Pritam Kotal, John Johnson, Sumit Rathi, Prabir Das, Regin Michael, Javier Hernandez, Michael Soosairaj, David Williams, Edu Garcia, Roy Krishna
REFEREE : Muhammad Taqi Aljaafari Bin Jahari (Singapore)
FULL TIME Bengaluru FC beat ATK by the solitary goal of Brown in 31st minute in the first leg semifinal at Sree Kanteerava Stadium, Bengaluru.
90':4 minutes of added time.
88':Prabir's shot, went over the bar.
86':Edu's free kick, deflected by the human wall and cleared.
86':Substitution of Bengaluru FC: Udanta Singh in place of Suresh Wangjam.
85':Yellow Card to Khabra for advancing before free kick taken.
84':Substitution for ATK: Jayesh Rane in place of Regin Michael.
83':RED CARD to Nishu Kumar. Counter attack of ATK, through David and Roy. Nishu pulled the shirt of Roy just outside the box. Free kick to ATK. Bengaluru FC down to 10-man.
81':Yellow Card to Sumit Rathi for his foul against Suresh.
77':ATK defence cleared the ball from corner.
76':Frater's powerful long ranger, fine save by Arindam. Corner to Bengaluru FC.
75':Substitution of ATK: Armando Sosa Pena in place of Javier Hernandez.
74':Yellow Card to Frater.
71':ATK's corner, cleared in defence.
71':Suresh continue's to block every move through Soosairaj. Another cross, cleared and corner to ATK.
68':Dimas's corner kick, Juanan's header went wide.
67':Long forward pass to Sunil, Pritam cleared it. Corner to Bengaluru FC.
65':Soosairaj's cross, Suresh blocked it.
60':Substitution of Bengaluru FC: Francisco Borges in place of Deshorn Brown.
57':Edu Garcia's long ranger, went straight to Gurpreet.
54':Prabir's cross from right flank, Suresh chested it down to keeper Gurpreet.
52':Bengaluru FC's move, but Suresh is in OFFSIDE position.
47':Bengaluru FC's corner, cleared in defence.
47':Brown's cross, Sunil's header, cleared by Arindam. Corner to Bengaluru FC.
46':Second half resumed.
46':Substitution of Bengaluru FC: Kevaughn Frater in place of Albert Serran.
Welcome back to the coverage of the first leg of the second semifinal between Bengaluru FC and ATK. Teams are in the field. Second half is about to resume.
HALF TIME Bengaluru FC leading 1-0 over ATK at half time.
45'+1':Chance to Edu but Bengaluru defence cleared the ball.
45'+1':Soosairaj's cross, blocked and corner to ATK.
45':2 minutes added on.
44':Prabir's pass, Edu Garcia's shot, went wide.
40':Chance to Brown from a minus of Suresh, but his shot went wide.
38':Javi's left footed free kick, deflected by the human wall and went wide.
36':YELLOW Card to Juanan after his bad tackle to Edu Garcia. Free kick to ATK in a very good position.
32':Edu Garcia's free kick, went over the bar.
30':GOALLLLLLLLLLL Deshorn Brown scored for Bengaluru FC. Paartalu's shot, Arindam failed to save it properly, Brown took the opportunity and scored for the host. Second time of the match, Arindam failed to save the ball in first try, Bengaluru FC utilize this opportunity.
30':Back to back two corner, Serran tries for header, cleared.
29':John Johnson cleared another cross, corner to Bengaluru FC.
28':Suresh's cross from right flank, cleared by John Johnson.
26':Javier's tried a long ranger, after ball cleared from corner, but it went off target.
25':Roy Krishna's shot, blocked and results the first corner of ATK.
24':Sunil Chhetri's header from a quick free kick, Arindam fumbles initially but save it in second try.
22':Bengaluru FC's corner, Rahul Bheke's header, Roy Krishna cleared the ball.
21':Nishu's cross, Pritam blocked it. Corner to Bengaluru FC.
17':Paartalu's shot, went over the bar.
16':David Williams scored from a brilliant counter attack but ruled out due to handball.
12':Cross from left flank, nearly finds Roy Krishna.
8':Johnson's long ball to find Roy Krishna, went straight to Gurpreet. Good long ball nearly finds Krishna.
6':Dimas's corner, Rahul's header went over the bar.
6':Bengaluru FC's move, cleared and a corner .
3':Forward through to find Roy Krishna, went wide.
2':Edu Garcia's long range grounder, went wide.
0':Kick off.
0':Teams are in the field. Match is about to start.

22.02.2020 : BENGALURU FC 2-2 ATK (FT.)

22.02.2020 : BENGALURU FC <b><font color=red> 2-2 </b></font> ATK  (FT.)

Hero of the Match : Edu Garcia - ATK
Club Award : Bengaluru FC and ATK FC
Limitless Player of the Match : Michael Soosairaj - ATK
Winning Pass of the Match : Edu Garcia - ATK
Emerging Player : Leon Augustin - BENGALURU FC

BFC :Prabhsukhan Gill, Albert Serran, Sairuat Kima, Juanan, Harmanjot Khabra, Parag Srivas, Gursimrat Singh Gill, Dimas Delgado, Kevaughn Frater, Semboi Haokip, Leon Augustin.

ATK :Dheeraj Singh, Sumit Rathi, John Johnson, Victor Mongil, Pritam Kotal, Salam Singh, Pronay Halder, Regin Michael, David Williams, Jayesh Rane, Roy Krishna.

REFEREE :Muhammad Taqi Aljaafari Bin Jahari

KRB : OGBECHE 45', 72'(P)

15.02.2020 : KERALA BLASTERS <b><font color=red> 2-1 </b> </font> BENGALURU FC (FT)

Hero of the Match : Bartholomew Ogbeche - KERALA BLASTERS
Club Award :Kerala Blasters FC
Limitless Player of the Match : Messi Bouli - KERALA BLASTERS
Winning Pass of the Match : Suresh Wangjam - BENGALURU FC
Emerging Player : Suresh Wangjam - - BENGALURU FC

BFC : Gurpreet Sandhu, Rahul Bheke, Albert Serran, Harmanjot Khabra, Nishu Kumar, Francisco Borges, Erik Paartalu, Dimas Delgado, Udanta Singh, Suresh Wangjam, Deshorn Brown.

KBFC : Bilal Husain Khan, Raju Gaikwad, Jessel Carneiro, Vlatko Drobarov, Lalruatthara, Mouhamadou Gning, Sahal Abdul Samad, Halicharan Narzary, Sergio Cidoncha, Bartholomew Ogbeche, Messi Bouli.


09.02.2020 : CHENNAIYIN FC <b><font color=red> 0-0 </b></font> BENGALURU FC  (FT.)

Hero of the Match : Rafael Crivellaro - CHENNAIYIN FC
Club Award : Chennaiyin FC and Bengaluru
Limitless Player of the Match: Rahul Bheke - BENGALURU FC
Winning Pass of the Match : Juanan - BENGALURU FC
Emerging Player: Ashique Kuruniyan - BENGALURU FC

CFC : Vishal Kaith, Laldinliana Renthlei, Jerry Lalrinzuala, Eli Sabia, Masih Saighani, Lucian Goian, Lallianzuala Chhangte, Edwin Vanspaul, Thoi Singh, Rafael Crivellaro, Nerijus Valskis.
BFC : Gurpreet Singh Sandhu, Rahul Bheke, Albert Serran, Juanan, Nishu Kumar, Suresh Wangjam, Udanta Singh, Dimas Delgado, Erik Paartalu, Deshorn Brown, Ashique Kuruniyan.


 30.01.2020 : BENGALURU FC <b><font color=red> 1-0 </b></font> HYDERABAD FC (FT.)

Hero of the Match : Nishu Kumar - Bengaluru FC.
Club Award : Bengaluru FC.
Limitless Player of the Match : Gurpreet Singh Sandhu - GK: Bengaluru FC.
Winning Pass of the Match : Dimas Delgado : Bengaluru FC.
Emerging Player : Mohammed Yasir : HYDERABAD FC

BFC : Gurpreet Singh Sandhu, Albert Serran, Juanan, Harmanjot Khabra, Nishu Kumar, Erik Paartalu, Dimas Delgado, Suresh Wangjam, Udanta Singh, Sunil Chhetri, Deshorn Brown.

HFC : Laxmikant Kattimani, Sahil Panwar, Matthew Kilgallon, Mohammed Yasir, Asish Rai, Adil Khan, Marko Stankovic, Nikhil Poojary, Giles Barnes, Marcelo Pereira, Bobo.

REFEREE : Tejas Nagvenkar


17/01/2020 : MUMBAI CITY FC <b><font color=red>2-0 </b></font> BENGALURU FC (FT.)

Hero of the Match -Rowllin Borges : BENGALURU FC Club Award - Mumbai City FC
Limitless Player of the Match - Modou Sougou : MUMBAI CITY
Winning Pass of the Match - Rowllin Borges : BENGALURU FC Emerging Player - Sourav Das : BENGALURU FC

' BFC : Gurpreet Sandhu, Rahul Bheke, Albert Serran, Juanan, Nishu Kumar Harmanjot Khabra, Erik Paartalu, Dimas Delgado, Manuel Onwu, Sunil Chhetri, Ashique Kuruniyan.

MCFC :Amrinder Singh, Pratik Chaudhari, Mato Grgic, Subhasish Bose, Sarthak Golui, Diego Carlos, Mohamed Larbi, Rowllin Borges, Sourav Das, Amine Chermiti, Modou Sougou.

REFEREE :C.R Srikrishna


 09.01.2020 :BENGALURU FC  <b><font color=red> 2-0 </b></font> JAMSHEDPUR FC (FT)

Hero of the Match - Ashique Kuruniyan : BENGALURU FC
Club Award - Bengaluru FC.
Limitless Player of the Match - Erik Paartalu : BENGALURU FC
Winning Pass of the Match - Erik Paartalu : BENGALURU FC
Emerging Player - Ashique Kuruniyan - BENGALURU FC

BFC :Gurpreet Singh Sandhu , Rahul Bheke, Albert Serran, Juanan, Harmanjot Khabra, Nishu Kumar, Erik Paartalu, Dimas Delgado, Manuel Onwu, Sunil Chhetri, Ashique Kuruniyan.

JFC :Subrata Paul, Tiri, Narender Gahlot, Jitendra Singh, Aitor Monroy, Amarjit Singh, Noe Acosta, Memo Moura, Farukh Choudhary, Gourav Mukhi, David Grande.


 09.01.2020 :BENGALURU FC  <b><font color=red> 2-0 </b></font> JAMSHEDPUR FC (FT)

ISL PRESS RELEASE : Erik Paartalu grabbed a goal and an assist as Bengaluru FC reduced the gap at the top of the Hero Indian Super League (ISL) table with a convincing 2-0 win against Jamshedpur FC at the Kanteerava Stadium here on Thursday. The hosts scored from a set-piece when Erik Paartalu (8') scored from Dimas Delgado's corner. Sunil Chhetri (63') doubled the lead after the break to put the result beyond doubt. The win takes Bengaluru to the second spot on the table with 22 points from 12 matches. Jamshedpur remain sixth with 13 points.

New signing David Grande started up top as Jamshedpur also had Gourav Mukhi returning to the ISL after 13 months. Bengaluru started the game on the front foot and looked the more likely team to break the deadlock. They did from a Dimas Delgado corner-kick eight minutes into the game. The Spaniard's dangerous delivery was met at the near post by Paartalu who beat Narender Gahlot in the air and sent a powerful header into the net that left Subrata Paul with no chance.

Ashique Kuruniyan was afforded space to run down the flanks and the young winger made the most of the opportunity. Minutes later going ahead, Ashique dribbled his way out of a crowded area, made room for a shot and struck a ferocious volley that Paul somehow kept out.Jamshedpur's new signing David Grande had a couple of good moments in the first half, but the team went into the break without registering a single shot on target. Grande fed Faruk Choudhary into the box before the break, but Ashique tracked back well to block the Indian forward's shot from inside the box.

Jamshedpur struggled to contain Ashique down the flanks and he came close again soon after the restart. He won the ball in his own half, dribbled all the way to the final third, played a one-two with Manuel Onwu and lashed the return wide of the goal from inside the box.The visitors lacked a goalscoring threat inside the box, but Aitor Monroy nearly made amends at the hour-mark. Noe Acosta dribbled away from a crowd of Bengaluru players and laid the ball off for Monroy whose brilliant strike flew just wide of Gurpreet's post.

Bengaluru's intensity to keep going forward paid off as they doubled their lead just after the hour mark. Erik Paartalu played a magnificent long ball to release Chhetri into the box. Narender failed to react to the pass and the forward headed the ball forward to take the onrushing keeper out of the equation and slotted home with ease.A hopeful long ball gave Grande the chance to run through on goal, but a brilliant one-handed reflex save by Gurpreet denied Jamshedpur a way back into the game.

03.01.2020 : BENGALURU FC 2-1 FC GOA (FT)
BFC : SUNIL CHETRI (59', 84')

Hero of the Match - Sunil Chhetri : BENGALURU FC
Club Award - Bengaluru FC.
Limitless Player of the Match - Hugo Boumous - FC GOA.
Winning Pass of the Match - Ashique Kuruniyan - BENGALURU FC.
Emerging Player - Nishu Kumar - BENGALURU FC

03.01.2020 : BENGALURU FC <b><font color=red> 2-1 </b></font> FC GOA (FT)

BFC : Gurpreet Singh, Rahul Bheke, Albert Serran, Juanan, Harmanjot Khabra, Nishu Kumar, Erik Paartalu, Dimas Delgado, Udanta Singh, Ashique Kuruniyan, Sunil Chhetri.

FCG: Mohammad Nawaz, Carlos Pena, Seriton Fernandes, Mourtada Fall, Mandar Rao Dessai, Lenny Rodrigues, Jackichand Singh, Brandon Fernandes, Ahmed Jahouh, Hugo Boumous, Ferran Corominas.


25.12.2019 : ATK FC <b><font color=red> 1-0 </b></font> BENGALURU FC (FT)

ISL PRESS RELEASE : Bengaluru FC continued their supremacy over FC Goa after a gritty 2-1 win in an engrossing Hero Indian Super League (ISL) encounter at the Sree Kanteerava Stadium here on Friday. After a goalless first-half that the visitors dominated, Bengaluru took the lead through captain Sunil Chhetri (59’). Goa equalised through Hugo Boumous (61’) only to see Chhetri grab the winner in the 83rd minute, which was Bengaluru’s fifth win in seven ISL games against Goa.

The result sees Bengaluru rise to the second spot with 19 points from 11 games, just two shy of FC Goa who continue to top the table. It were the visitors who saw more of the ball and looked likely to create an opening. However, Bengaluru first tested Mohammad Nawaz in the 11th minute after Rahul Bheke cut inside from the left but his attempt was parried over.

Midway through the half, Boumous got into the thick of action as he dribbled past a few blue shirts to get into the box, but Albert Serran just about won the ball. However, Ferran Corominas picked up the pieces and went past the two Bengaluru centre-backs, only for a timely intervention from Bheke to clear the danger. In the 35th minute, from a short corner, Nishu Kumar’s long-range drive was palmed away by Nawaz with Mandar Rao Dessai picking up the pieces.

Lenny Rodrigues had the best chance in the first half as he was in a one-on-one situation with Gurpreet but the goalkeeper came off his line to clear to keep the scoreline at 0-0. Bengaluru started to claw their way back into the game after the restart as the tempo of the game picked up. The Blues’ attackers found a lot of space and troubled the Goan defence on a few occasions before they took the lead in the 59th minute.

Chhetri was left unmarked as Dimas Delgado picked him out from a corner. His powerful header was let in by Nawaz who could not get down in time to keep the ball out. However, Goa hit back within two minutes. Boumous took matters into his own hands with a driving run down the left before exchanging passes with Mandar and Ferran Corominas. A deft touch from Corominas sent Boumous bearing down on goal and he finished with aplomb to make it 1-1.

The see-saw nature of the game continued with both sides going for the winner. Erik Paartalu saw a header from a corner fly just high while Jackichand Singh found space to shoot inside the area, only to fire wide. However, it were Bengaluru who grabbed the winner in the 83rd minute after FC Goa failed to clear their lines during a Bengaluru counter. After both Seriton Fernandes and Mandar failed to clear a pass from deep, Chhetri pounced and raced away before tucking a neat finish past Nawaz to seal all three points for Bengaluru.

Hero of the Match : David Williams - ATK
Club Award : ATK FC
Limitless Player of the Match : Prabir Das - ATK
Winning Pass of the Match : Jayesh Rane - ATK
Emerging Player : Sumit Rathi - ATK

ATK :Arindam Bhattacharja, Sumit Rathi, Agustin Iniguez, Pritam Kotal, Prabir Das, Armando Sosa Pena, Javier Hernandez, David Williams, Jayesh Rane, Roy Krishna, Michael Soosairaj.

BFC : Gurpreet Singh, Rahul Bheke, Albert Serran, Juanan, Harmanjot Khabra, Nishu Kumar, Erik Paartalu, Raphael Augusto, Dimas Delgado, Udanta Singh, Sunil Chhetri.

REFEREE : R Venkatesh

25.12.2019 : ATK FC <b><font color=red> 1-0 </b></font> BENGALURU FC (FT)

ISL PRESS RELEASE : ATK delivered the perfect Christmas present for their supporters with a 1-0 win against defending champions Bengaluru FC in the Hero Indian Super League at the Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan Stadium here on Wednesday.

After a goalless yet intriguing first 45 minutes, David Williams (47') scored in crackling fashion. The visitors' half-cooked attempts to get back into the game failed and the hosts' defence then did an exceptional job of keeping the Bengaluru attack at bay. The three points at home has helped Antonio Habas' men to the top of the Hero ISL table. ATK have 18 points, the same tally as Goa, having played a game more. Bengaluru are third, with 16 points from 10 matches.

ATK threatened as early as the second minute. Williams chipped the ball into the path of Krishna who ran in behind the defence and struck the side-netting with just goalkeeper Gurpreet Singh Sandhu to beat. Two minutes later, a poor pass back to the keeper by Rahul Bheke allowed Krishna to chase the ball but Gurpreet rushed off his line to kick the ball away from danger. The visitors struggled to get into the game and were dependent on set-pieces to create openings in the first half. Dimas Delgado took a free-kick from just outside the box midway through the half but failed to test goalkeeper Arindam Bhattacharya.

While ATK threatened with fast counters, the Blues were made to work hard for chances. Delgado played a wonderful diagonal to release Udanta Singh in behind the defence but the India international pulled out of his chase at the last minute without getting a shot away as Arindam rushed to collect. A determined ATK broke the deadlock two minutes into the second half. Krishna charged at the defence and attempted a through-ball for Williams which Bheke failed to properly clear. Jayesh Rane poked the loose ball into the path of Williams who unleashed a terrific strike that flew past Gurpreet and bulged the net.

Bengaluru stepped up their efforts to get back into the game but struggled to work the ATK custodian. A deflected Harmanjot Khabra cross from the right close to the hour-mark fell perfectly for an unmarked Delgado whose first-time effort from inside the box flew wide. The Bengaluru attack failed to muster clear-cut chances against a solid ATK defence led by Agus Garcia. The home side was happy to sit back, hit the visitors on the counter and the organized approach triumphed on the night to secure three points.

Hero of the Match : Rowllin Borges - MUMBAI CITY
Club Award : Mumbai City
Limitless Player of the Match : Subhasish Bose -MUMBAI CITY
Winning Pass of the Match : Raynier Fernandes - MUMBAI CITY.
Emerging Player : Bipin Singh - MUMBAI CITY

BFC :Gurpreet Singh Sandhu, Albert Serran, Juanan, Harmanjot Khabra, Nishu Kumar, Raphael Augusto, Dimas Delgado, Udanta Singh, Erik Paartalu, Sunil Chhetri, Ashique Kuruniyan.

MCFC : Amrinder Singh, Pratik Chaudhari, Mato Grgic, Subhasish Bose, Sarthak Golui, Mohamed Larbi, Bipin Singh, Rowllin Borges, Paulo Machado, Amine Chermiti, Modou Sougou.

REFEREE : Turki Alkhudhayr

15.12.2019 : BENGALURU FC <b><font color=red> 2-3 </b></font> MUMBAI CITY FC (FT)

ISL PRESS RELEASE : : Mumbai City FC showed great character and a steely resolve as they ended Bengaluru FC's unbeaten start to the season with a spectacular 3-2 win in the Hero Indian Super League clash at the Sree Kanteerava Stadium here on Sunday. Subhasish Bose's (12') header had given Mumbai City an early lead, but an unfortunate Matic Grgic (58') own-goal gave the defending champions a lifeline. Diego Carlos (77') headed in what looked like the match-winner until Sunil Chhetri (89') converted from the spot to equalise. However, it was Rowllin Borges who scored the winner in the 94th minute as the Islanders continued their unbeaten run on the road and grabbed their first win since the opening game.

Mumbai climbed to the sixth spot with 10 points from eight matches. Bengaluru's first defeat of the season has left them third, with 13 points. The visitors broke the deadlock in the 12th minute. Larbi delivered a terrific cross into the box from the left flank and an unmarked Bose ghosted past the Bengaluru defence to head in at the far post.

Bengaluru were unable to mount an immediate response as Mumbai pressed well. A magnificent defence-splitting pass by Erik Paartalu caught the visitors' defence unawares midway through the first half. The Australian found Udanta Singh’s run into the box perfectly, but the winger failed to make use of the chance and lobbed his effort over the crossbar.

Mumbai threatened to double their lead before the break. A Modou Sougou strike on target was kept out by Gurpreet Singh Sandhu before the Senegalese striker set up Mohamed Larbi inside the box who blasted his shot over the bar. The visitors were awarded a penalty at the stroke of half-time when Amine Chermiti and Juanan ran into each other inside the box but Larbi was denied from 12 yards by the strong gloves of Gurpreet.

The Blues started the second half as the stronger side with an intent to press higher up the field and win the second balls. Dimas Delgado nearly found an equaliser when the Mumbai defence failed to clear a long-throw-in into the box from the right flank. The Spaniard unleashed a curling strike from outside the box that Amrinder tipped away at full stretch. The pressure paid off as the hosts soon drew level thanks to an own-goal. Grgic accidentally sent the ball into his own net after an out-swinging corner-kick by Dimas ricocheted off the defender's shoulder.

The teams struggled to keep hold of the ball for long periods as the second-half wore on. Sougou had an opportunity to regain his team's lead in the 65th minute after he was released into the box by Larbi but the striker opted to square the ball for Chermiti and the pass was intercepted well by Gurpreet.

Mumbai looked more likely to score and the goal came via a Raynier Fernandes cross that beat the Bengaluru defence. The inch-perfect delivery from the left flank found an unmarked Carlos at the far post who headed in and silenced the home crowd. There was late drama as Sarthak Golui handled the ball inside the box and conceded a penalty in the 89th minute. Chhetri stepped up and smashed home from 12 yards to make it 2-2.

Just when it looked Bengaluru had held on for a point, and their unbeaten record in the league, a Paulo Machado corner-kick unlocked a late winner for Mumbai. The delivery was nodded towards goal by Bose and was helped into the net by Borges with a fine finish from close-range.

BFC : Gurpreet Singh Sandhu, Albert Serran, Juanan, Harmanjot Khabra, Nishu Kumar, Erik Paartalu, Raphael Augusto, Dimas Delgado, Udanta Singh, Ashique Kuruniyan, Sunil Chhetri.

OFC : Arshdeep Singh, Shubham Sarangi, Narayan Das, Carlos Delgado, Diawandou Diagne, Marcos Tebar, Xisco Hernandez, Vinit Rai, Jerry Mawihmingthanga, Nandhakumar Sekar, Aridane Santana.

ISL PESS RELEASE : Bengaluru FC extended their unbeaten start in the ongoing Hero Indian Super League to seven games with a narrow 1-0 win against Odisha FC at the Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex here on Wednesday. Centre-back Juanan (36') scored his first goal of the season to secure Bengaluru's third win of the season and take them to the top of the table. After seven matches, Carles Cuadrat's side has 13 points while Odisha are sixth with six points.

The teams were off the blocks in quick time and Gurpreet Singh Sandhu was called into action within minutes. Nandhakumar Sekar latched onto a pass from the deep, cut in from the left to shift the ball to his right foot and attempted a ferocious strike that looked destined for the bottom right corner but a vital fingertip save by the Bengaluru goalkeeper kept the shot out.

04.12.2019: ODISHA FC <b> <font color=red> 1-0 </b></font> BENGALURU FC (FT)

The teams missed chances to score as Jerry Mawihmingthanga shot wide from a corner and Sunil Chhetri failed to hit the target from an Udanta Singh cross. With the contest heating up, centre-back Juanan showcased his centre-forward skills to give Bengaluru the lead. Nishu Kumar's lob into the box was flicked into the defender's path by Erik Paartalu before the Spaniard outfoxed Carlos Delgado to send a scuffed shot that went in off the post.

The Blues had the chance to double their lead just before the break when Chhetri took advantage of a misplaced pass and charged at the Odisha defence. He spotted Udanta's run to his right and set him up for a shot, but the winger tried to return the favour and failed to find his teammate. Odisha stepped up their efforts and chased an equaliser after the break. In the 55th minute, Marcos Tebar's header forced a fantastic reflex save off Gurpreet. The ball fell at Diagne's feet, but the Bengaluru custodian pulled off another good save to deny the defender from close-range.

Minutes later, Udanta found Chhetri in the centre whose shot was blocked by Delgado. The rebound was hit well by Dimas but Arshdeep Singh got his body behind the shot to save. The goalkeepers had a busy night in between the sticks. Gurpreet was vigilant in goal and kept out strikes from Marcos Tebar and Xisco to keep his team in the lead as the clock ticked towards the final whistle. At the other end, Bengaluru threatened through set-pieces and crosses from wide areas. Arshdeep did well to push behind Erik Paartalu's powerful volley off Dimas' delivery from a corner-kick.

Bengaluru, who were denied a second goal by the post from a good Dimas free-kick, looked to be the fitter team in the final minutes as they stood firm and defended well to prevent a late show.

29.11.2019: HYDERABAD FC - 1-1 BENGALURU FC (FT)
Hero of the Match : Robin Singh - HYDERABAD
Club Award : Hyderabad FC and Bengaluru FC
Limitless Player of the Match : Raphael Augusto - BENGALURU
Winning Pass of the Match : Sunil Chhetri - BENGALURU
Emerging Player : Ashique Kuruniyan - BENGALURU

HFC: Kamaljit Singh, Sahil Panwar, Rafael Lopez Gomez, Matthew Kilgallon, Gurtej Singh, Mohammed Yasir, Marko Stankovic, Laldanmawia Ralte, Nikhil Poojary, Bobo, Marcelo Pereira.

BFC: Gurpreet Singh, Albert Serran, Juanan, Harmanjot Khabra, Nishu Kumar, Erik Paartalu, Raphael Augusto, Dimas Delgado, Udanta Singh, Ashique Kuruniyan, Sunil Chhetri.
ISL PRESS RELEASE : History was made on Thursday in Indian football when City Football Group (CFG) acquired a 65 per cent stake in Hero Indian Super League club Mumbai City FC. The Hero ISL club joins an elite list of clubs who are under the ownership of the Abu Dhabi based CFG which includes Premier League champions Manchester City and six other clubs around the world.

All of CFG's clubs have achieved remarkable branding and have seen booming business off the field. Meanwhile, Manchester City have revolutionized football in the Premier League and have improved leaps and bounds to be recognized as one of the best teams in the world under manager Pep Guardiola. Mumbai City will hope to achieve a step up in terms of quality, with a global reach for the club already guaranteed.

The tag of being associated with Manchester City, gives a massive shot in the arm to Indian youngsters playing for Mumbai City FC as the club could emerge as an inspirational destination given what the CFG network could provide to not only players, but to coaches as well. The potential is huge with the CFG alliance set to improve the club in terms of best practices in the sport on and off the field.

“I feel this is a momentous deal. This is indeed a great moment for football in India and all the young players who are emerging to play the sport. We have seen in the last four or five years how rapid the progress has been in Indian football after the emergence of the ISL. I believe City Football Group coming to India can only take football forward in our country," said Mumbai City goalkeeper and India international Amrinder Singh.

There could be a possibility of Mumbai City players also being part of an exchange programme which would allow them to train at some of the CFG-owned clubs across the world and thus, improve their skills further.Coach Jorge Costa, who won the UEFA Champions League with FC Porto as a player, believes that with CFG coming on board at Mumbai City, good times are around the corner for football fans in Mumbai.

“I am very proud to be part of this. I am very happy and excited. This will be wonderful for Mumbai City and also for ISL. I think they can bring us a lot of expertise to help the club first and then the ISL. "I think we still have a lot of work to do to improve the quality of ISL. Comparing to last year we are improving. It is a gradual process,” said the Portuguese coach.

CFG, which is known for their vision and far-farsightedness, are sure to bring success to the club in the near future. But more importantly, CFG's decision to enter the Indian market is a validation of the growing popularity of the sport and ISL.

ISL: 2019-20 MATCH : 21, BENGALURU

Hero of the Match : SUNIL Chhetri - Bengaluru FC
Limitless Player of the Match : TP Rehenesh - KERALA
Winning Pass of the Match : Dimas Delgado - BENGALURU FC
Emerging Player : Mohamad Rakip - KERALA

23.11.19: BENGALURU FC - <b><font color=red> 1-0 </b></font> KERALA BLASTERS FC  (FT)

BFC: Gurpreet Singh Sandhu, Harmanjot Khabra, Albert Serran, Juanan, Nishu Kumar; Erik Paartalu, Dimas Delgado; Udanta Singh, Ashique Kuruniyan, Raphael Augusto; Sunil Chhetri
KBFC: T.P. Rehenesh, Mohamad Rakip, Raju Gaikwad, Bartholomew Ogbeche (C), Prasanth Karuthadathkuni, Jessel Carneiro, Rahul Praveen, Sergio Cidoncha, Abdul Nediyodath, Raphael Bouli, Jeakson Thaunaojam.

23.11.19: BENGALURU FC - <b><font color=red> 1-0 </b></font> KERALA BLASTERS FC  (FT)

ISL MEDIA: Bengaluru FC emerged triumphant after an action-packed South Indian derby against Kerala Blasters FC 1-0 at the Sree Kanteerava stadium here on Saturday. Though Kerala Blasters battled valiantly, Bengaluru captain Sunil Chhetri scored the winner with a brilliant header in the 55th minute to preserve his side’s unbeaten record in the Hero Indian Super League. The win sees the Blues climb up to second on the table with nine points from five games while Kerala Blasters, winless after the opening match, are seventh.

The away side showed plenty of intent right from the start, pressing Bengaluru hard and forcing mistakes from the reigning champions. The first chance did fall for Kerala Blasters when Sergio Cidoncha picked out Rahul KP at the far post with a lovely cross. However, the youngster mistimed his header and the chance went abegging.

An energetic Kerala Blasters continued to dictate terms and should have taken the lead six minutes later. Bartholomew Ogbeche fed Raphael Messi Bouli into the box. He tried to return the favour, but a sliding Ogbeche just could not get there. Bengaluru, after a slow start, started to get more on the ball and create chances. They thought they had the lead in the 28th minute when Harmanjot Khabra played Udanta Singh free down the right wing. The winger’s cross from the byline was headed in by Raphael Augusto, but the linesman deemed the ball to have gone over the line before Udanta got the cross in.

An unfazed Kerala continued to ask questions of the Bengaluru defence. But there were nervous moments for the away side in defence too. Albert Serran headed over from point-blank range after Augusto pulled back a ball from the byline in the 36th minute. Six minutes later, Messi Bouli wriggled clear of Albert Serran to latch on to a long goal kick from Rehenesh TP, finding himself one-on-one with Bengaluru custodian Gurpreet Singh Sandhu. But the Cameroonian blazed over, much to the disappointment of the away fans.

Bengaluru finished an action-packed half with Chhetri hitting the side-netting from close range seconds before the whistle. The Indian captain, however, was not to be denied 10 minutes after the re-start. Nobody picked up Chhetri from a Dimas Delgado corner as he placed a diving header expertly into the bottom corner to send the home crowd into raptures.

That goal broke Kerala Blasters’ rhythm as Bengaluru started creating chances galore. They should have scored a second within three minutes of Chhetri’s goal when Rehenesh gave away the ball cheaply inside his own box. Dimas received the ball and took a shot at goal, but Raju Gaikwad blocked it heroically. Eelco Schattorie sent in Sahal Abdul Samad to change things around and Kerala did have a great chance to equalise. Messi dispossessed Serran and picked out Rahul who sidestepped Nishu Kumar’s challenge, but dragged a left-footed effort just wide.
But the home side continued to find space behind the Kerala defence. Udanta surged past Jessel Carneiro in the 73rd minute and picked out Augusto with a cut-back but the latter’s first-time shot was brilliantly saved by Rehenesh to keep Kerala in the game. Bengaluru, however, saw off the rest of the game with ease to claim bragging rights in what is turning into an intense rivalry.


10.11.19: BENGALURU FC <b><font color=red> 3-0 </b></font> CHENNAIYIN FC (FT)

Hero of the Match : - Erik Paartalu - BENGALURU FC
Club Award :- Bengaluru
Limitless Player of the Match : - Sunil Chhetri - BENGALURU FC
Winning Pass of the Match :- Raphael Augusto - BENGALURU FC
Emerging Player :- Ashique Kuruniyan - BENGALURU FC

BFC: Gurpreet Singh Sandhu, Rahul Bheke, Juanan, Harmanjot Khabra, Nishu Kumar, Udanta Singh, Dimas Delgado, Raphael Augusto, Erik Paartalu, Ashique Kuruniyan, Sunil Chhetri.
CFC: Vishal Kaith, Tondonba Singh, Lucian Goian, Eli Sabia, Edwin Vanspaul, Anirudh Thapa, Dhanpal Ganesh, Rafael Crivellaro, Andre Schembri, Rahim Ali, Nerijus Valskis.

10.11.19: BENGALURU FC <b><font color=red> 3-0 </b></font> CHENNAIYIN FC (FT)

ISL MEDIA RELEASE: Defending champions Bengaluru FC earned their first win this season after a terrific 3-0 result over arch-rivals Chennaiyin FC at the Sree Kanteerava Stadium here on Sunday.

Australian midfielder Erik Paartalu got the ball rolling for Bengaluru with the opening goal (14’) before captain Sunil Chhetri made it 2-0 with a sensational strike (25’). Thongkhosiem Haokip rounded off a fine victory with a late goal (84’). The win lifts Bengaluru to the fifth position in the Hero Indian Super League while Chennaiyin, who are yet to score a goal after four games, are rock bottom.

Bengaluru FC asserted their dominance right from the start, creating several chances in the opening 10 minutes. Chennaiyin custodian Vishal Kaith was called into action early in the fifth minute when former Chennaiyin man Raphael Augusto did brilliantly to get to the byline and find Juanan with a cutback. The Spaniard’s first-time shot was blocked by Kaith with his legs. Augusto continued to torment his former team and should have scored five minutes later when Udanta Singh’s cross found his way to him, but he could not sort his feet out in time.

Kaith then had to pull off another save to prevent Udanta from scoring after being sent through on goal by Chhetri. Bengaluru’s domination paid off in the 14th minute when Erik Paartalu, returning from injury, rose highest inside the box to head home a corner from Dimas Delgado. Even after taking the lead, Bengaluru continued to maintain control of the game as Chennaiyin struggled to cope with their rivals.

Not surprisingly, the second goal came in the 25th minute. It was once again Augusto who proved to be a thorn in Chennaiyin’s side. His excellent lofted ball from inside his half found Chhetri in space down the right. The star forward beat his marker and unleashed a rasping drive from the edge of the box to beat Kaith all ends up and send the home crowd into raptures. The defending champions continued to assert their supremacy, displaying swagger and confidence as Chennaiyin looked out of sorts.

After the break, Chennaiyin displayed a bit of urgency and John Gregory sent in Lallianzuala Chhangte for Rahim Ali. However, apart from a header from Dhanpal Ganesh which went wide, Chennaiyin could not trouble their rivals much. Bengaluru continued to cruise through the game, giving their opponents no chance to stage a comeback. In the 83rd minute, Chennaiyin almost pulled a goal back when Dhanpal Ganesh tried to flick in a corner from Dragos Firtulescu, but his effort bounced back off the post.

Bengaluru, however, punished Chennaiyin almost immediately. A long ball from Paartalu found Haokip who held off Eli Sabia and scored past Kaith to complete a resounding win.


Hero of the Match - Subrata Paul: JAMSHEDPUR FC
Club Award - Jamshedpur FC & Bengaluru FC
Limitless Player of the Match - Gurpreet Singh Sandhu : BENGALURU FC
DHL Winning pass of the match - Udanta Singh : BENGALURU FC
ISL Emerging player - Mobashir Rahman

03.11.2019: JAMSHEDPUR FC <b><font color=red> 0-0 </b></font> BENGALURU FC (FT)

JFC : Subrata, Tiri, Robin, Monroy, Piti, Mobasba, Bikash, Memo, Aniket, Farukh, Castel.
BFC :Gurpreet, Rahul, Serran, Juanan, Khabra, Nishu, Delgado, Augusto, Udant, Chhetri, Onwu.

ISL MEDIA RELEASE: Jamshedpur FC dropped points for the first time in the sixth season of the Hero Indian Super League after a goalless yet action-packed stalemate against Bengaluru FC at the JRD Tata Sports Complex here on Sunday. There were chances created at both ends with Bengaluru dominating the proceedings, but both goalkeepers' excellence came to the fore and the attackers were denied goals.

Despite dropped points, Jamshedpur are top of the standings with seven points from three matches. Bengaluru remain winless this season and are seventh, having registered three consecutive draws. The defences were tested within minutes from kick-off. Sunil Chhetri's piledriver, which swerved in the air as it travelled towards the goal, was punched away by goalkeeper Subrata Paul. Seconds later, a counter-attack resulted in Sergio Castel having space and time on the ball at the edge of the box, but the striker's low strike ricocheted off the woodwork.

03.11.2019: JAMSHEDPUR FC <b><font color=red> 0-0 </b></font> BENGALURU FC(FT)

Bengaluru attempted to put the hosts under pressure with efforts from Juanan and Raphael Augusto helping them test the Jamshedpur defence. In the 20th minute, a Dimas Delgado corner was flicked across goal by Juanan. The ball fell perfectly for Harmanjot Khabra who was denied by Paul with a spectacular reflex save from close range.

Jamshedpur fashioned a chance to score from a corner-kick before the break. Piti received the short corner from the right at the edge of the box, danced past a crowd of Bengaluru defenders before chipping the ball towards the other side of the post, but the cross was aptly cleared away by an alert Bengaluru defence. The end-to-end affair continued after the break. Ashique Kuruniyan set Manuel Onwu free but goalkeeper Paul won the one-on-one contest and kept the scoreline intact.

After the moment of brilliance in goal by Paul in the first half, his opposite number Gurpreet Singh Sandhu's reflexes were tested when Farukh Choudhary attempted an audacious bicycle-kick inside the box from a corner but the India No. 1 produced a one-handed save from point-blank range.Paul was called into action again when Ashique burst forward down the left flank in a quick counter-attack. The Kerala-born winger dribbled into the box and tried to beat the goalkeeper at his near post only for the latter to repel the effort. In the end, neither team was able to fashion a goal as the match ended in an action-packed stalemate.

28.10.19: FC GOA 1-1 BENGALURU FC (FT)

Club Award : FC Goa and Bengaluru FC
Limitless Player of the Match : Ferran Corominas - FC GOA
Winning pass of the match : Manuel Onwu - BENGALURU
Emerging player : Ashique Kuruniyan - BENGALURU
Hero of the Match : Udanta Singh - BENGALURU FC

FCG : Nawaz, Pena, Seriton , Mourtada, Brandon, Doungel, Jahouh, Lenny, Mandar, Corominas, Manvir.
BFC : Gurpreet, Rahul, Juanan, Khabra, Nishu, Udanta, Delgado, Augusto, Sunil, Manuel, Ashique.
REFEREE : Crystal John
28.10.19: FC GOA <b><font color=red> 1-1 </b></font> BENGALURU FC (FT)
ISL MEDIA RELEASE: The first meeting of the season between the two Hero Indian Super League heavyweights finished all square after FC Goa and Bengaluru FC shared the spoils in a 1-1 draw at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium here on Monday. In what was a fiercely contested game in midfield, the teams struggled to carve out clear-cut chances but the visitors, who produced the better output in the final third, found the breakthrough through Udanta Singh in the 62nd minute. However, in dramatic fashion, Goa’s Ferran Corominas won a penalty in injury time and converted it himself to salvage a point for his team.

The result sees FC Goa join Mumbai City FC and NorthEast United FC at the top of the table with four points from two games while Bengaluru have now played out a second consecutive draw. The goalkeepers were called into action within the first ten minutes of an intriguing game. Corominas played a good ball forward to Manvir Singh who released Seiminlen Doungel in behind the Bengaluru defence with a clever through-ball. But goalkeeper Gurpreet Singh Sandhu rushed off his line just in time to collect the ball. At the other end, Udanta Singh's looping cross from the right was punched away by Goa custodian Mohammed Nawaz.

The teams resorted to a cautious approach when going forward after the early hustle. Bengaluru had more of the ball than the home side but chances were few and far between. Seriton Fernandes took matters into his own hands when he picked up the ball in midfield, danced his way past a couple of defenders and played the ball to Ahmed Jahouh with the game nearing half-time. The Moroccan midfielder tried to chip a cross into the box for Manvir but Ashique Kuruniyan, playing at left-back, made a timely interception. At the other end, a Dimas Delgado corner-kick almost bulged the net directly but Doungel's header from the line kept the match goalless at the break.
28.10.19: FC GOA <b><font color=red> 1-1 </b></font> BENGALURU FC (FT)
The hosts enjoyed a period of dominance after the break, with the likes of Ahmed Jahouh and Ferran Corominas getting slightly more time on the ball. The Spanish striker was fouled as he tried to dribble into the box close to the hour-mark but Brandon Fernandes sent the resulting free-kick high and wide. Goa couldn't score during the period they were on top and Bengaluru handed out the punishment in the 62nd minute. Udanta collected a simple flick from Manuel Onwu at the edge of the box, outfoxed Mourtada Fall with a sublime touch and slotted the ball past Nawaz to score with the game's first shot on target.

Udanta's agility got the better of the Goa defence again on the right flank a few minutes later but the winger's cross to Chhetri inside the box was cut out by a vigilant Seriton. FC Goa came alive in the final minutes of the game, with Jackichand Singh wreaking havoc on the right flank and creating two big chances in as many minutes. His drilled crosses on both occasions failed to find a teammate inside the box, much to the relief of the visitors.

But there was drama right at the end. With Bengaluru on the verge of victory, a clumsy challenge by Ashique Kuriniyan on Corominas after the youngster lost the ball resulted in the referee pointing to the spot. Corominas converted coolly from 12 yards to send the home supporters into delirium and earn a point for his team.

BFC : Gurprit, Nishu, Juanan, Rahul, Khabra, Kuruniyan, Dimas, Raphael, Manuel, Sunil, Udanta.
NEU : Subhasish, Heerings, Luedo, Komorski, Milan, Nikhil, Khawlhring, Pradhan, Tlang, Gyan, Chaves.
21.10.2019: BENGALURU FC <b><font color=red> 0-0 </b></font> NORTH EAST UNITED (FT)
Hero of the Match : - Raphael Augusto ( BENGALURU)
Club Award : - Bengaluru FC and North East United FC
Limitless Player of the Match : - Asamoah Gyan (North East United)
ISL Emerging player : - Nishu Kumar ( BENGALURU)

ISL MEDIA : Defending champions Bengaluru FC were held to a goalless draw by a spirited NorthEast United FC in their first game of the 2019-20 Hero Indian Super League at the Sree Kanteerava Stadium here on Monday. There were debuts handed out to several new signings, including Asamoah Gyan, Raphael Augusto and Ashique Kuruniyan, but the teams couldn't be separated at the end of 90 minutes in what was a riveting contest.
21.10.2019: BENGALURU FC <b><font color=red> 0-0 </b></font> NORTH EAST UNITED (FT)
Bengaluru got off the blocks quickly and pressed NorthEast high up the field.Ashique announced his arrival with a trademark solo run from the left-back position in the 15th minute. The former FC Pune City player beat three players on his way into the box but shot wide of the mark.NorthEast United were pinned to their own half in the early stages but were the first to have a shot on target. Collecting a layoff from Asamoah Gyan, Uruguayan Martin Chaves dribbled past Juanan and forced a diving save from Gurpreet Singh Sandhu in the 21st minute.

A few minutes later, Raphael Augusto split the Highlanders' defence with an exquisite pass that released Udanta into the box but the Indian winger failed to test the goalkeeper with a wayward shot from a promising position.The intensity dropped as the first half wore on. The Bengaluru defence failed to clear a loose ball inside the box after the half-hour mark and Rahul Bheke's header back to Gurpreet ended up with Chaves who slashed wide in front of an open goal.

The game opened up after the break and both teams started finding openings. Martin Chaves' rampaging run through the centre in the 52nd minute caught the Bengaluru defence off-guard. The forward found Gyan in space inside the box and the Ghanaian striker's splendid effort bounced back off the bar.Bengaluru, however, responded by fashioning two huge chances. Sunil Chhetri won a header at the back post and found Michael Onwu at point-blank range but he could not sort his feet out in time and the danger was cleared.

A headed clearance by Mislav Komorski after the hour-mark fell to Nishu Kumar who unleashed a powerful strike at the goal which Subhasish Roy Chowdhury in the Highlanders’ goal brilliantly kept out with one hand while diving to his right.Carles Cuadrat brought Eugeneson Lyngdoh on with less than ten minutes to go as Bengaluru tried to find a late winner but the NorthEast defence, led by Komorski and Kai Heerings, and screened by an ever-present Jose Leudo in midfield, did well to close the gaps, frustrate the hosts and pick up a point.

90': 4 minutes added time.
85': The defending champions are in search of a goal, creating pressure in North East half in the heavy ground.
77': Chance wasted by Bengaluru......Delgado after got past a host of defender failed to pass to Sunil who was in a clear position. Ball ultimately cleared by North East defense.
73': Scores are 0-0. Bengaluru FC are enjoying the territorial advantage.
69': YELLOW CARD to Subhasish from time wasting.
65': A brilliant save by Subhasish ..... saved a long ranger of Nishu of a low free kick from Delgado .
60': It's raining heavily at Bengaluru.
53': Sunil missed a easy chance of a counter attack, his shot hit a defender inside the danger zone and went out.
51': Chance missed by North East.......Gyan's shot hit the bar of a pass from Chaves.
46': Second session starts.
45': 1 minute added time.
42': Sunil's powerful shot of a cross pass from Nishu hit the hand of Heerings. Bengaluru's appeal for penalty denied by Referee.
33': Chaves shoots wide from a close range after Rahul failed to clear the ball from the danger zone.
26': Chance for Udanta.....but he shoots wide of a pass from Raphel.
25': Both the teams are now creating chances trying to utilise both the flanks. Though score are 0-0.
15': A long run by Ashique down the left got past three defenders but places wide of the target.
10': Score are 0-0. Midfield battle so far. Neither of the teams could create any positive opening so far.
0': Match started at Bengaluru.