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16th NSF Martyrs' Memorial Trophy 2015

12.09.2015:   16th NSF Martyrs’ Memorial Trophy 2015  
The 16th Edition of NSF Martyrs' Memorial Trophy 2015 will be commencing from 16th September under the theme ‘Goal for Peace’ organize by Angami Students’ Union (ASU) in memory of Lt. Kekuojalie Sachü (Kohima Village) & Lt. Vikhozo Yhoshü (Kigwema Village) in the state capital at Kohima Local Ground with Shri.Y Vikheho Swu, Hon’ble Minister for Road & Bridges and former president NSF (1993-95) as the chief guest at 1:00pm.

Altogether 63 teams with 1134 players will be participating for the coveted championship this year, Kohima 49 teams, Phek 2 team, Dimapur 6 teams, Peren 3 teams, Tuensang 1 team and 2 teams from the state of Manipur.

The organizing committee also informs all the schools and colleges in the state capital to participate the grand opening ceremony and reach by 12:30pm at local ground Kohima.

Prizes are:-
1. Champion			- Rs.1, 60,000/-
2. Runners-up			- Rs.1, 00000/-
3. Losing Semi finalist		- Rs.20, 000/- each.
4. Losing Quarter finalist	- Rs.10, 000/- each.

Individual prizes :-
1. Best defender-
2. Best Midfielder-
3. Best Keeper-
4. Highest goal scorer-
5. Player of the Tournament-


 Barack FC win

FINAL : 15.10.2015: Khulioh King FC 0-3 Barak FC

Fastest goal was scored by Sorhosul Pucho of Tiema Khe, Kidima in 0.18 seconds

Total Goal scored – 209
Hat-trick- 13 from 10 players
Highest goals scored in a match -Tiemkhe Kidima beating Junior Anchor Club 9-0
Highest Goal Scorers:

14 Goals : Nunsang Ao of Khuloih Kng FC, Tuensang 10 goals : Meren(11) of Pro Streax United Dimapur

1. Champion : Rs.1,60,000/ Barak FC Peren
2. Runners-up: Rs.1,00000/ Khulioh Kimg FC Tuensang
Individual prize

1. Best Keeper : Peusidibe (1) GK –Barak FC
2. Best defender - Sangyem Salim(4) –Barak FC
3. Best Midfielder : Yami(11)-Senapati FC
4. Highest scorer : Meren(11) Pro Streak United Club and Nungsang(14) Khulioh King FC 5. Player of the Tournament : Nungsang (14) Khulioh King FC

Semi-Final 2: 13.10.2015 : Khulioh King FC 5-1 Pro Streax united Dimapur
Semi-Final 1: 12.10.2015 : Barak FC       2-0 Senapati FC  Manipur


10.10.2015 : 3rd QF: Pro-Streak United Dimapur   5-0 Naga Bazar Youth Org
10.10.2015 : 4th QF: Addax Fc                    1-2 Senapati FC Dimapur

09.10.2015 : 1 QF: Khulioh King ,Tuensang       1-0 Alianza FC
09.10.2015 : 2 QF: Barak FC 		        5-0  Laii YS Org, Manipur

08.10.2015 : 7 PQF: Headwinds FC 		3-3,(2-4)Naga Bazar Youth Org
08.10.2015 : 8 PQF: MT Youth Club 		0-1 Senapati FC Manipur 

07.10.2015 : 5 PQF: Tiema-Khe Kidima 		1-1,(2-4)Addax FC
07.10.2015 : 6 PQF: Meriema VYO 		1-2  Pro-Steax United Dimapur

06.10.2015 : 3 PQF: Laii YS Org, Manipur 	1-0  Kohima Village Students Union
06.10.2015 : 4 PQF: Alianza FC 			1-1,(4-2) New Market XI
05.10.2015 : 1 PQF: Khulioh King, Tuensang 	1-0  Tribal FC,Kohima
05.10.2015 : 2 PQF: Barak FC 		   	1-0  Country Boys FC
2nd round
03.10.2015 : Naga Bazar Youth Org 		 0-0, 4-2  Kimho Jr FC,Kohima 
03.10.2015 : The Quasars Club Kohima 		 0-1  	  Headwinds FC Kohima
02.10.2015 :  MT Youth Club 			 5-0  	   Ablaze FC
02.10.2015 : Kigwema Students Union 		 2-1  	   Senapati FC, Manipur

01.10.2015 : Pro Streax United Dmp 		 5-2   	   Khuzama Youth Organization
01.10.2015 : Meriema VYO 			 6-0  	   Capital College  
30.09.2015 : Tiema Khe,Kidima 			 3-1  	   Veracious FC Phek
30.09.2015 : Medziphema VSU 			 1-1,(2-4)  Addax FC

30.09.2015 : Tiema Khe,Kidima 			 3-1  	   Veracious FC Phek
30.09.2015 : Medziphema VSU 			 1-1,(2-4)  Addax FC

28.09.2015 : Laii Youth & Students Org Manipur 	 1-0  	    Get Them Go,Kohima
28.09.2015 : Modern College, Kohima		 0-5  	    Kohima Village Students Union
26.09.2015 : Barak FC  				 5-0  	    Sechii Zubza Youth Org 
26.09.2015 : Forerunner 4th NAP  		 1-1(2-4)    The Tribal FC,Kohima
26.09.2015 : Yhome FC  				 1-2         Country Boy FC 
26.09.2015 : Khulioh King,Tuensang  		 6-0         10th NAP(IR) XI
25.09.2015 : Naga Bazaar Youth Organization  	 2-0         Native Feathers Ntuma Peren
25.09.2015 : Poilwa Youth Oragnziation  	 1-2  	    Headwinds FC Kohima
24.09.2015 : Vanguard FC  			 1-2         Ablaze FC Kohima
24.09.2015 : Spartans FC Patkai CC, Dmp  	 0-0(3-4)    The Quasars Club Kohima
24.09.2015 : Kigwema Students Union  		 5-0         Model Christian College, Kohima
24.09.2015 : Perizie XI, Kohima  		 0-3         Senapati FC Manipur
23.09.2015 : MT Youth Club Kohima  		 2-0         Street Hawk Kohima
23.09.2015 : Pro-Streax United Dimapur  	 4-0         Young Zeal, Kohima
23.09.2015 : Khuzama Youth Org  		 0-0 (4-3)   St. Joseph’s College
23.09.2015 : Nagaland University  		 0-1         Capital College of Higher Education
22nd September – Addax FC           		-5-0- Taurus FC
22nd September – Meriema Village    		-2-0- Venns FC.
22nd September – Khulioh King FC    		-7-1- Katakhrie FC.
22nd September – Kohima Science     		-0-0(3-1) Kings FC.

21st September - Tiema-Khe,Kidima   		-9-0- Junior Anchor Club kohima 
21st September - Flamers FC Kohima  		-0-6- Veracious FC,Phek
21st September - Dihoma VSU         		-1-2- Medziphema VSU 
21st September - Zhavame SU, Phek    		-0-5- New Market XI

19th September – FC United Zhadima		-0-2- Allanza  FC Kohima   
19th September – Oriental College 		-4-1- Galacticos FC KOhima
19th September – Govt H.S.School, Seikhazou 	-0-2- Kohima Village Students Union  
19th September – DC XI, Kohima			-1-2- Modern College Kohima 

18th September – FC Lenlem, Kohima 		-2-3- Get Them Go  
18th September – Lao Youth Students Org, Mnp 	-3-2- Zodiac FC Kohima 
18th September – Forerunner 4th NAP Bn 	        -1-0- New Market B  
18th September – The Tribal FC Kohima 		-1-0- Kohima College 

17th September – Phezhu Boys Club, Jotsoma	-0-4- Yhome FC Kohima
17th September – 10th NAP(IR) XI		-0-0(5-4) ICFAI University, Dimapur
17th September – Sechii-Zubza Youth Org	        -5-1- Naga Boys Club(1st batch)
17th September – Billy Grahama FC Kohima 	-1-1(3-4) Country Boys FC 

16th September - Barak FC 			-6-0- Boyz United FC Chiechama

31 teams for 21st Classic Cup 2015

01.11.2015: 31 teams will take part in the 21st Classic Cup, 2015 starting on November 3 till 20 to played at local ground, Kohima. The prize money for the Champion will be Rs.1. 50 lakh and Runner-up Rs.80,000 with running trophy and individual prizes worth Rs.two lakhs. Last year champion Barak Football Club , winner of 1st edition 1995 and 4th edition 1998 New Market, one of the most consistent team that had taken part in the Classic Cup .New Market will be playing for the 20th time in the tournament history. It missed the 2012 edition. Barak FC won in 2014 and runner-up in 2012 edition .New Market had won the 1st edition in 1995 and 4th edition in 1998 and was runner-up on four occasion – 2004, 2006, 2010 and 2011 and had taken part in the championship for 17th consecutive times from 1995 -2011. Other prominent in the reckoning are last semi-finalists –IGAR(N) and Headhunters, besides several new teams are in the hunt for glory.
Teams are Group A : Barak FC, Headwings FC, Kohima Royal Kickers, Rooster Club, Vanguard FC, Bhalyos FC, Dejavu FC Group B : Fraternity FC, Fennec FC, Lhiesema YO, Galaxy FC, Hurricane Boys Fc, Veens United FC, Falcon FC, Naga FC Group C : Meriema United, Nagabazar YO, 4th NAP FC, Medzhiphema United, Chiiziema FC, Ablaze FC, Pfurasie FC, IGAR(N) Group D : New Market, Dzuvuru FC, Prege FC, Alfa Squab, School Education FC, MT Youth Club, Nokmei FC and HeadHunters
Fixtures and Results - 21st Classic Cup 2015

 Barack FC win 21st classic cup

 FINAL  : Barak FC retains title 

20.11.2015: Barak FC retained the title of the 21st Classic Cup 2015 organized by Classic Club Kohima  on Friday at the Kohima Local Ground.  Barak FC beat HQ IGAR (North) 3-2 via tie-break, after a 1-1 draw within the allotted full time play and 15 minutes of extra time.

Swift movement of the match     - Tingyek Konyak of Barak FC Rs. 3000
MaN of the Match” 		- K. Chizo of HQ IGAR (N)  Rs. 2500 

 K. Chizo opened the account for HQ IGAR (North) in the 17th minute . The equalizer for Barak FC came through Mayoshing Khongriwo in the second half in the 83rd minute. Barak FC pocketed a cash prize of Rs. 1,50,000 along with trophy and citation. HQ IGAR (N) donated its runner-up prize money of Rs. 80,000 to Classic Club as a sign of encouragement to the Club to continue its tournament and various social activities.


Player of the Tournament  - Yami Yongbah (Barak FC) Rs. 10,000.  
Highest Scorer 		  - Shamba Samson (Fraternity FC) 9 goals Rs.5000
Best goalkeeper   	  - Pesidibe Zeliang (Barak FC)  Rs. 5000
Best Defender      	  - Y. Sunder Singh (HQ IGAR (N)  Rs. 5000
Best Midfielder		  - Khuanjang (Head Hunter)  Rs. 5000

 Barack FC win 16th classic cup

 1st SEMI : 17.11.2015  : Barak FC  1-0  Naga FC
 BAR  : Nzauhut Nbung 16' 
 Man of the Match  Award : Mayosing Khongreiwa of Barak FC  
 Swift Movement of The Match  Aloumei Pamei of Naga FC 

16.11.2015 : Quarter-final  : HQ IGAR(N)  2-0  Naga bazaar Y.O
16.11.2015 : Alfa Squad, Chedema  0-3  Head Hunters 

14.11.2015 : 1st QF : Lhiesema Youth Organization  1-0  Naga FC 
14.11.2015 : 2nd QF : Dejavu FC  0-9  Barak FC 

13.11.2015 : 7th  Pre Quarter-finals : Dzuvuru XI  0-0, 2-3  Alfa Squab Chedema 
13.11.2015 : 8th  Pre Quarter-finals : MT Youth Clu  0-2 Head Hunters

12.11.2015 : 5th  Pre Quarter-finals : Nagabazar YO  1-0   Medziphema United 
12.11.2015 : 6th  Pre Quarter-finals : Chiiziema FC  1-5   HQ IGAR(N)

11.11.2015 : 3rd PQF : Vanguard FC  0-0, 2-3  Dejavu F C
11.11.2015 : 4th PQF : Barak FC     4-0  Headwinds FC

10.11.2015 : 1st PQF : Fraternity FC    1-1, 6-7  Lhiesema Youth Org 
10.11.2015 : 2nd PQF : Hurricane Boys   0-3  Naga FC 

09.11.2015 : School Education FC  0-5  MT Youth Club
09.11.2015 : Nokmei FC            0-5  Head Hunter

7th November - Pfuratsie FC 0-2 IGAR(N)
7th November - New Market B 1-3 Dzuvuru XI 
7th November - Prege FC     1-2 Alpha Squab
6th November - Meriema United 1(3)-1(4) Nagabazar YO
6th November -4th NAP FC      0-1 Medziphema United,
6th November -Chiiziema FC    5-0  Ablaze FC
5th November -Lhiesema YO	 2-2, 5-4  Galaxy FC
5th November -Hurricane Boys FC  1-0  Veens United  FC
5th November -Falcon FC 	 0-7  Naga FC
3th November - Headwings FC 	 3-2   Kohima Royal Kickers 
4th November - Rooster Club	 0-6 Vanguard FC
4th November - Bhalyos FC 	 0-3  Dejavu FC
4th November - Fraternity FC 	 9-0   Fennec FC


2nd PENALTY SHOOT OUT TOURNAMENT - KOHIMA 2016 WTF wins 2nd penalty shoot-out tournament 2016
21.03.2016: Kohma : Where is The Food(WTF) emerged as the of the 2nd penalty shoot-out tournament organized by the Prodigies. In the final match on Saturday, WTF beat Forerunner FC by 5-4 in the summit clash. In the 3rd and 4th place match, Upper L.Khel ,NPF Unit down Themeizie Fellowship, KBK by 5-4. Altogether 32 teams participated in the one-day tournament. Earlier the tournament was officially declared opened by Khriehu Liezietsu, parliamentary secretary Youth Resources and Sports.

1st prize – Where is The Food (WTF) Rs.30,000.
2nd Prize- Forerunner FC-Rs.20,000
3rd Prize- Upper L.Khel ,NPF Unit-Rs.10,000
4th Prize- Themeizie Fellowship, KBK- Rs.5,000
Best Goal Keeper – Banhie( Upper L.Khel,NPF Unit) Rs.5,000

2nd PENALTY SHOOT OUT TOURNAMENT - KOHIMA 2016 KOHIMA 19.03.2016 : 32 teams to take part in the 2nd Penalty Shootout tournament scheduled on March 19 at local ground, Kohima.

Khed Youth “A” / KODH “A” / KBHSS “B” / Hallux A / Khedi Junior CE “A” / Chedema BKK / Q Lounge B /Themezie Fellowship KBK / New Market “A” / Rejuvenile / Christ King Junior / Forerunner FC / NAAME / Score Heroes / Kezekevi Club / Kohima Raiders “A” / KODH “A” / Q Lounge “A” / Christ King Senior / Hallux “B” / Upper L. Khel NPF Unit / Kohima Raiders “B” / KBHSS "A" / Peli 14, L.Khel RIOT / Khedi Church Junior CE “B” / Street Hawks / Khedi Youth “B” / Zhavi’s Club / New Market “B” / Where is The Food(WTF)/ esema BKK

2nd PENALTY SHOOT OUT TOURNAMENT - KOHIMA 2016 02.03.2016 :XAV.R - NAGALAND : The SIX-A-SIDE - 2nd Penalty Shootout tournament will be played on March 19TH 2016 at local ground, Kohima, organized by Prodigies, with the theme “Transcending a Stronger Fellowship”. The entry fee is fixed at Rs.2000 and the last date of form submission is March 14.

A total of Rs.70, 000 cash on offer for 2nd Penalty Shootout tournament Seventy thousand cash money is at stag at the six-A-Side -2nd Penalty Shootout tournament scheduled on March 19 at local ground, Kohima. Speaking to media here today at WTF ,The Naga Diner, the organizer Prodigies, said that over fifty teams is expected for the one-day tournament which is will be fun-fare mega event..

Prizes 1st prize -Rs.30,000 / Running trophy and certificates
2nd Prize- Rs.20,000/ certificates
3rd Prize- Rs.10,000/certificates
4th Prize- Rs.5,000/ certificates
Best Goal Keeper - Rs.5,000/ certificates. STAY WITH US DETILS ARE COMING SOON

Football –The game with context to Nagaland

xavier Rutsa. 14.03.2016 : Football is a game easy to play but difficult to master. One can just get a ball and start kicking around. That was how it all began decades ago, generated interest, drew the fancy of the fans and created frenzy. Class and craft, skill and ball control, level of competency and other niceties followed eventually leading to a game with awesome dimensions. Football is the most popular hobby world over, including our own state Nagaland. Today, more people play it and many more pursue it.

Football’s fantasy has now fanned out to far away place of humans habitations in all the six continents. The Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) today more than affiliates of 220 countries. In Nagaland, football till now presents a grim face. Though it boosted of having the first Indian football captain to Olympics way back in 1948, in the form of legendary Dr. T. Ao. Almost 70 year’s down the year the state failed in producing more Dr. T. Ao’s. At some instance some players made forays, but only short lived.

Lack of support from government more so the football association also failing on its part. Today’s we hard hardly have any good infrastructure or a exclusively football stadium One would at the same time like to know the efforts made by the Nagaland Football Association(NFA) in promoting the game during the past few years. The game is now dominated by money and players, in the world of football fantasy, (however this is just the opposite in Nagaland) increasingly becoming cash conscious. Not having finances of its own, the federation is delicate situation.

Given the way the game is treated on the small screen, there is no reason why anyone would pour in any money. It will of course have to be under the aegis of the parent body. The profits too should go to the conducting coaching and training camps etc and even organizing tournament and at the same can sit back and enjoy the success of the tournament. Direct involvement of business houses will certainly go a long way in ensuring the proper conduct of tournaments with the players also profiting. They will be looked after well and at same time collect a decent packet.

Corporate sector must be involved in sport :The Tatas have been in touch with the various countries after having received a favourable response from both the Asian Football Confederation and the All-India Football Federation (AIFF). This ndustrial giant has already contributed considerably by way of encouraging football among the juniors with the establishment of the Tata Football Academy from whose stable have emerged some of the leading players now doing duty for the various clubs in the ongoing Indian Football League.

Quite a number of players from the TFA have also worn national colours. The Tata Football Academy at Jamshedpur is the latest offering though one recalls the pioneering effort of this industrial giant in introducing the super soccer series some years ago.


2nd PENALTY SHOOT OUT TOURNAMENT - KOHIMA 2016 Seketou –Rising custodian from Nagaland

XAVIER RUTSA : 09.03.2016: Drawing inspiration from Manuel Neuer German custodian and Subratra Paul, Kevikielie Pienyu, a young lad is all rearing to go and take the game of football seriously. Aged 18, fondly known by friends as Seketou had already represented Nagaland at the under 14, Subroto Cup in New Delhi ,2011 and even taken part in the 4th and 5th Inter district “Catch them young” tournament organized by Nagaland government.

Seketou says he is exposed to and trained in all position of competitive play, skilled in defense techniques including delaying, heading, slide tackling, knowledgeable in rule of the game, team and individual strategy. “I take charge mentally with loud game voice in match” asserts the tall lanky goal keeper, who stands at 5 feet’s and 11 inches.

Already who won the laurel by bagging the Best Goalkeeper award in the 1st edition of penalty shoot-out tournament organized by Prodigies in 2015, Seketou says his favourate teams are Manchester United and Lajong Football Club and strongly aimed to play at higher level outside the state of Nagaland.

Starting playing football at the age of 10 years, Seketou had played for the following teams so far Kohima Komets Under 19 team in 2013, Oriental College in 2014 and New Market B” and Nagabazar Youth Organization in 2015. Recently he appeared for trail in Tata Football Academy in Shillong in February,2016 , however it was a learning experience for him. A highly potential custodian Seketou is expected to soar high and even deliver goods with his foot-balling talents.

Name -Kevikielie Pienyu
Nick Name – Seketou 
D.O.B- 26th May 1998
Height – 5 feet 11 inches
Weight- 60 kgs
Position – Goal Keeper
Favourate Goal Keeper- Manuel Neuer
Favourate Team- Manchester United
Favorate Indian Goal Keeper- Subrata Paul
Favourate Indian Team – Lajong FC, Shillong

Career highlights 
2011- u-14 (Nagaland team) at Subroto under 14, New Delhi
2011- 4th and 5th  Inter District “catch them young”
2015- 1st penalty shoot-out for New Market “B” and awarded the Best Goal-Keeper 
2013- Kohima Komets Under 19 
2014- Oriental College -16th NST MM trophy 
2015- Nagabazar Youth Organization -17th NST MM trophy