FINAL 22th October - Nagaland Police (Red) 2-1 Forerunner FC 4th NAP

1. Champion - Nagaland Police (Red) Rs. 1,60,000/-
2. Runners up - Forerunners FC Rs. 1,00,000/-
3. Third prize – Nagaland Police (Blue) Rs. 50,000/-
4. Fourth prize – Barak FC Rs. 30,000/-

Individual Prizes
1. Player of the tournament – Atun Konyak (8) of Nagaland Police (Red)
2. Best goalkeeper – Lhiwete Koza (1) of Forerunners
3. Best defender –T.Toshi LKR of (15) of Nagaland Police (Blue)
4. Best midfielder – Nampi Rentta (8) 0f Barak FC
5. Highest goal scorer –12 goals---Kekhrieletuo Tsira (11) of Nagaland Police (RED)
6. Best Discipline Team – Senapati FC-- Mr. Puthuto Natso (District Project Officer, Land Resources, Peren)
While the month long tournament is organized by Angami Students’ Union (ASU)

3RD/4TH 21ST October - Nagaland Police (Blue) 2-0Barak FC
SF-2 19th October - Nagaland Police (Red) 4-1 Nagaland Police(Blue)
SF-1 20th October - Forerunner FC 4th NAP 1-0 Barak FC

QF-3 18th October - Barak FC 4-1 Tiema Khe Kidima
QF-4 18th October - Forerunner FC 4th NAP 3-1 P.Vizheto FC

QF-1 17th October - Senapati FC 0-1 Nagaland Police(Blue)
QF-2 17th October - Nagaland Police (Red) 9-0 Asupfu Christian Institute

15th October - P.Vizheto FC 4-2 Chedema FC
15th October - Senapati FC 6-0 Tyrants FC Khuzama

14th October - Tiema Khe Kidima 3-0 Tragopan Club Viswema
14th October - Nagaland Police (Red) 3-0Kuki United FC

13th October - Nagaland Police (Blue) 3-0 Naga Hospital Colony YO
13th October - Forerunners FC, 4th NAP 3-0 Billy Graham FC

12th October 1st – Nagabazar Youth Organization 2-4 Asufu Christian Institute
12th October 2nd – Barak FC 2-0 Meriema V.Y.O

11th October - Nagaland University, Kohima Campus 1-4Tyrants FC Khuzama
11th October - Kuki United 3-0Tsiekedi Sporting Club.
11th October - Fore runners FC 4th NAP 6-2Country Boys Peren.

10th October - Naga hospital colony y.o 2-0 phileo fc
10th October -Tragopan club viswema 4-1 gariephema village.y.o
10th October -P.vizheto fc 2-0 addax club

8th October - Nagabazar Youth Organization11-1 (4-2 Pen) Headwinds FC
8th October - Meriema VYO VVO win walk over Faith SC Dimapur
Organising Committee decided that Faith Sporting Club Dimapur under the leadership of Mr.Y.Abemo Odyuo,. Team Coach and Mr. Elisow Patton, Team Manager is hereby debarred from participation in two (2) consecutive Editions of the NSF Martyrs Memorial Trophy due to unsporting behabve for walkover. As stated by (METEVIZO SOPHIE) (GEORGE VIZO) SECRETARY CHAIRMAN/TECHNICAL COMMITTEE

8th October - Nagaland Polcie(Red)6-0Kigwema Students Union

7th October - Billy Graham FC 3-1 Ziekezou SC
7th October - Tieme-Khe, Kidima 6-1 Forest Colony
7th October - Senapati FC 3-0 Phesama SU
7th October - Crony FC 2-3 Nagaland Police(Blue)
7th October - Billy Graham FC 3-1 Ziekezou SC
7th October - Tieme-Khe, Kidima 6-1 Forest Colony
7th October - Senapati FC 3-0 Phesama SU
7th October - Crony FC 2-3 Nagaland Police(Blue)

6th October - Tseikedi 1-2 ARKCA FC
6th October - AsÜfu Christian Institute 1-0 Veracious FC Zapami
6th October - Zodiac FC Tekhuba 0-5 Chedema FC
6th October - Barak FC 5-1 WASU

4th October - NU Kohima Campus 2-0 Dahou united
4th October - Ziekezou SC 1-1 (pen 4-2) Pfosomei FC
4th October - Vizheto FC 5-0Tsosinyu SU
4th October - Nagaland Police (Blue) 5-0 PK United FC Viswema

3rd October - Danger FC 0-2Kigwema SU
3rd October - Headwinds Chiechama2-0 Government Polytechnic Kohima
3rd October - Chiiziema FC 2-2 (pen 5-6) Mereima VYO
3rd October - W.A.S.U4-0 Pfiitsoromi Youth Club

1st October - Zodiac FC Tekhuba 1-0Furious XI
1st October - Falcon FC 1-2Naga Hospital Colony Y.O
1st October - Faith FC , Dimapur0-0 (pen 3-2) Patkai FC
1st October - Liangmai FC0-0 (pen 2-4) vs Phesama Students Union

30th September - Phusachodu 1-2Tragopan Club, Viswema
30th September - Renegades FC 0-3 Asufu Christain Institute
30th September - Barak FC 5-0Street Hawks, FC
30th September - Kezoma VSU 0-3 Phileo FC

29th September - Vanguard FC 1-2Billy Graham FC
29th September - Red Hawks FC 0-6 Kuki United FC
29th September - Senapati FC 4-1Upper Bayavü Youth Org
29th September - Lamkang S.U1-2Forerunners FC, 4th NAP

28th September - Haworthia FC 1-3Forest Colony
28th September - Nagabazar Youth Organization 9-0 XII Tribes United FC
28th September - Tyrants FC,Khuzama5-3Peraciezie Royals
28th September - Striking Tenth Zhadima 0-3Country Boys,Peren

27th September - Veracious FC Zapami 2-1Blaze Boys FC Jotsoma
27th September - Gariphema VYO 0-0 (pen 5-3) Froster’s FC
27th September - Nagaland Police(Red) 11-0 Wiggle FC
27th September - MT Youth Club 0-1Chedema FC

26th September - Boisterous FC0-6 ARKCA FC
26th September - New Market XI1-2 Crony FC
26th September - Tiema Khe, Kidima2-0 Galacticos FC
26th September - Addax FC 3-1 Baptist High

24th September - Meriema Village Youth Organization 2-0 Dejavu FC