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> BY XAVIER RUTSA, Kohima, Nagaland: overview

16 teams will take part in the 4th Chizami Cup, 2013 from April 6-13 at Chizami, organized by: Life Sports.The teams are Group in four Groups.

CHIZAMI CUP is an undertaking of Life Sports to transform the youth and develop football in Nagaland with special focus on rural areas. It was started in 2010. It is an annual open knockout club football tournament registered under the Nagaland Football Association. The imported Running Trophy (from Bangkok, Thailand) was donated by Mehuchumvu Foundation, Chizami.

It is made of pewter metal with gold linings and worth more than Rs 30,000/- The total prize money for this tournament is Rs 2.30 Lakhs, which is one of the highest in the State.

PRIZES(Total Prize Money: Rs 2.30 Lakhs)

Winners : Rs 1,00,000/- with Running Trophy and Certificate
Runners Up : Rs 60,000/- with Certificate
Losers of Semi Finals : Rs 10000 x 2 Teams = Rs 20000/-
Losers of Quarterfinals : Rs 2000 x 4 Teams = Rs 8000/-
Golden Glove : Rs 2500/- with Memento and Certificate
Golden Boot : Rs 2500/- with Memento and Certificate
Golden Ball : Rs 2500/- with Memento and Certificate
Most Promising Player (MPP) : Rs 2500/- with Memento and Certificate
Exhibition (Veterans & Girls) : Cash Incentives for the playing teams



GROUP A- 5th NAP, Phek,Artworks B, Chizami, Blazing Squad FC, Chizami, 5 Sector Assam Rifles, Meriema
GROUP B- MC Sporting, Chizami, Halcyon United, Pfutsero, Night Wings Club, Mesulumi, Wiggle United, Mesulumi
GROUP C - Wings FC, Highland FC, Pfutsero, Invincible FC, Phusachodu ; Twenty XI, Viswema
GROUP D - Artworks A, New Youngsters Club, Pfutsero, Fecundate FC, Thetsumi, Chizami Boys, Chizami

F I X T U R E and R E S U L T S

April 6 : 5th NAP, Phek vs Artworks B, Chizami
April 6 : Wings FC, Chizami vs Highland FC, Pfutsero

April 8 : Night Wings Club, Mesulumi vs Wiggle United, Mesulumi
April 8 : MC Sporting, Chizami vs Halcyon United, Pfutsero
April 8 : Artworks A, Chizami vs New Youngsters Club, Pfutsero

April 9 : Fecundate FC, Thetsumi vs Chizami Boys, Chizami
April 9 : Invincible FC, Phusachodu vs Twenty XI, Viswema
April 9 : Blazing Squad FC, Chizami vs 5 Sector Assam Rifles, Meriema

QUARTER FINALS April 10 : Winner of M-2 vs Winner of M-7
April 10 : Winner of M-1 vs Winner of M-8
April 11 : Winner of M-4 vs Winner of M-3
April 11 : Winner of M-5 vs Winner of M-6

April 12 : M-13: Winner of M-10 vs Winner of M-11
April 12 : Winner of M-9 vs Winner of M-12
April 13 : FINAL

BY XAVIER RUTSA, Kohima, Nagaland



Day 1: April 6
Match-1: 5th NAP, Phek   1-0   Artworks B, Chizami
Match-2 : Wings FC, Chizami   6-2   Highland FC, Pfutsero

April 7 : Rest day

Day 2: April 8

M-3: Night Wings Club, Mesulumi   2-1   Wiggle United, Mesulumi
M-4: MC Sporting, Chizami   1-4   Halcyon United, Pfutsero
M-5: Artworks A, Chizami   5-1   New Youngsters Club, Pfutsero

Day 3: April 9

M-6: Fecundate FC, Thetsumi   1-6  Chizami Boys, Chizami
M-7: Invincible FC, Phüsachodu   2-1   Twenty XI, Viswema
M-8: Blazing Squad FC, Chizami   0-1   5th Sector Assam Rifles, Meriema


Day 4: April 10

M-9: Wings FC, Chizami   4-0   Invincible FC, Phusachodu
M-10: 5th NAP Phek   0-1   5th Sector Assam Rifles, Meriema

Day 5: April 11

M-11: Halcyon United Pfutsero   12-0   Night Wings Club Mesulumi
M-12: Chizami Boys   1-6  Artworks Chizami


Day 6: April 12, Fri

M-13: 5th Sector Assam Rifles, Meriema   1-3   Halcyon United Pfutsero
M 14: Wings FC, Chizami   1-2   Artworks Chizami

Day 7: April 13, Sat

FINAL :: Halcyon United Pfutsero   0-1   Artworks Chizami

Other individual prizes went to:

Golden Gloves 				 Mezhulhoukho Krose of Artworks A, Chizami

Golden Boot 				 Rhitso Mero of Halcyon United Pfutsero (10 goals)

Golden Ball 				 Salu Kulimbe of Halcyon United, Pfutsero.

Most Promising Player of the Tourney 	 Tshepteso Thopi of Chizami Boys

Youngest Team 				 Chizami Boys with most of the players aged between 15-17 years.

The champion's walked away with cash award of Rs. One Lakh with trophy and citation while runners-up received Rs. 60,000 with trophy and citations. The losing semi-finalist and quarter-finalist teams also received Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 2,000 each respectively.

The individual category carried cash award of Rs. 2,500 with citations while the Youngest Team received Rs. 5,000 cash with citation.

16 teams took part in the 4th Chizami Cup, 2013 from April 6 – 13 at Chizami, organized by: Life Sports.


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