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unity world cup goa - 2014

2.12.2014: John Paul II foundation for Sports (Goa) an ecclesiastical body of the Archdiocese of Goa has planned to host an International Football Championship namely the Expo 2014 Unity World Cup in India during the Exposition 2014. 8 Teams representing their countries are being invited to participate in this great event being held from 6th to 14th December 2014.

The event will leave a legacy for other countries to follow and host similar events in the future (Colombia has already planned to organize the second edition of the event in 2016)

In this Expo 2014 Unity World Cup, 8 Teams representing their countries are being invited to participate in this great event being held from 6th to 14th December 2014. The different matches will take place in Goa, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

A - Brazil, Portugal, Ghana, India
B - Egypt, Nigeria, Columbia, Uzbekistan

unity world cup goa - 2014

A - Brazil, Portugal, Ghana, India
B - Egypt, Nigeria, Columbia, Uzbekistan

Group A
Portugal 	3       2	1	0	4     	1	+3      7
India 		3       1	2	0	5     	2	+3      5
Brazil      	3       1	1	1	6     	6	0       3
Ghana 		3       0	0	3	2     	9	-7      0


 Group B 

Nigeria    	3       3	0	0	12     	0	+12     9
Columbia        3       2	0	1	3     	4	-1      6
Egypt      	3       1	0	2	3     	4	-1      3
Uzbekistan 	3       0	0	3	2     	12	-10     0 

Brazil - Roberto Mendes da Silva (BETO) :: I league & Brazil National Team
Brazil - Carlos Luciano da Silva :: World Cup 2006 and English & German League
Brazil - Fabio Luciano :: Fifa World cup 2000

Columbia - Ricardo Rozo Ocampo :: Previous English League & present Coach of the National Womens Soccer team
Portugal - Gabriel Fernando Atz :: European league defender in 2010.

unity world cup goa - 2014

 Unity World Cup live score 2014 Goa

5th Dec : BRAZIL  2-2  INDIA 	 
 IND  : Joshua Vaz, Jagannath Devasigamani
 BRZ  : Lucas Lis Alberto Lucena-2
 MAN OF THE MATCH  : Lucas Lis Alberto Lucena (Brazil)
 COL : Cristian Castanef 48', Tursunov Temur 3'
 UZB : Simon Monkal 70'
7th Dec	: UZBEKISTAN  1-3  EGYPT 
 EZP : Daniel  4', 20', 50' 
 UZB : Sabirov Rinat 35'	 
7th Dec : COLAMBIA  0-3  NIGERIA 	 
 NIG  : Akor Isah Umorv 32', Olatunbosun Sikirv Okanlawv 43', Adegboy Adekunle Joseph 50+2'
 MOM  : Chukwuka Onowa Emmanuel (NIG).

 Unity World Cup live score 2014 Goa

8th Dec : PORTUGAL  2-1  GHANA 
 POR  : Daniel Costa 17', Matheus Cruze 25
 GHA  : Felix Tagoe' 

8th Dec : INDIA  3-0  GHANA 
 IND : Albert Gongalves 45' Pen, John Rodricks 62', 90+2'
 MOM  : John Rodricks (IND)

 Unity World Cup live score 2014 Goa

8th Dec : NIGERIA  2-0  EGYPT 
 NIG : Akor Isah Umoru 7', Adekumoe Adeaboyega Joseph 25'

8th Dec : PORTUGAL  2-0  BRAZIL 
 POR : Juse Carino 16', Matheus Cruze 45' 


 Unity World Cup live score 2014 Goa

 NIG : Chibuzor Akuneto- 11',61', Kenedinum Nelsom Chuks- 19',40', Anekunle Adegboyega Joseph – 23', 27', Opara Austin Chukwuma-52'
9th Dec	:     BRAZIL  4-2  GHANA
 BRA : Marcelo-7', 58', Valmir- 23', Lucas – 62'
 GHA : Obed, Eric

9th Dec		INDIA  0-0  PORTUGAL 
9th Dec EGYPT 0-1 COLUMBIA =============================================================== 11th Dec : INDIA 0-1 NIGERIA NIG :Adekunle Joseph 12th Dec : COLOMBIA 1-0 PORTUGAL COL : Jaime Celis 34' MOM : Martin Lozano (COL) 14th Dec : COLOMBIA 0-7 NIGERIA NIG : Adegboyega Adekunle 10', 27', 29', Olatunbosun Sikiru 4' and 25'. Alashe Sherrif Ajibola, Kenedinum Nelson

unity world cup goa - 2014

8th Dec : INDIA 3-0 GHANA
IND : Albert Gongalves 45' Pen, John Rodricks 62', 90+2'
MOM : John Rodricks (IND)

India Defeated Ghana in the first match played at Lal Bahadur Stadium Basheerbagh Hyderabad. Highlight of the Match the Substitute Veneeth John Rodricks has changed the game by scoring 2 pectacular goals in a span of 12 Minutes.

Both the teams played attacking game. In the 15th Minute of the Match Joseph Daniel took a long ranger, which missed the target by inches. The first half went goaless. Again in the 37th Minute India got a Golden opportunity when Royston D’ Souza dribble passed the wing defender and crossed the ball to Joshua Vas who had directly hit the shot to the goal keeper.

In the 45th Minute of the match Albert Gonsalves was tripped from behind in the penalty area by Daniel Taket, the referee did not hesitate in awarding a penalty. Albert Gongalves scored the first goal through Penalty. To make it 1-0. The Substitute John Rodricks scored the second Goal in the 62 Minute of the Match played one-two with Royston D’souza and placed the ball in the left Corner of the Goal Post to make it 2-0 .

Again the Substitute Veneeth John Rodricks scored in the extra time I.E added time through a solo effort to make it 3-0 in favour of India.


POR : Juse Carino 16', Matheus Cruze 45'

Portugal defeated Brazil 2-0 in the group A match at the Lal Bahadur Shastri stadium in Hyderabad. A cross in the 8th minute from Antonio Carlos was well collected by the Portugues keeper Hugo Costa, which could have resulted in a goal as the Brazilians started from the word ‘Go’ as they had drawn their first encounter with India 2-2 in the inaugural match played in Goa. There was an excellent move from Matheus Cruze in the 11th Minute of play for Portugal with a stinging drive from the 35 yards which just missed the Brazilian goal with a whisker.

Just later Geovany Campos of Portugal also made the next move, however it was Lucas Lis of Brazil who deflected the sting of the shoot for a corner. After that the Brazilians looked dangerous all the time as they tried breaking the strong defence of Gabriel and Anexianron who stood like pillars in the Portugues defene. Result of one of the moves made by Antonio Carlos could have brought the first goal for the team but it was an excellent save from the goal keeper Hugo Costa who snatched the ball from the feet of Antonio to deny Brazil the first goal.

At lemon time the match was goalless and the Portuguese team entered the field more purposeful and right from the beginning of the second half they tried to make in roads in the Brazilian territory. But the strong defence of Renato Saldana along with Carlos Luciano the 2006 world cup player for Brazil never really allowed the Europeans to surge ahead. The match as expected had all what world class football is all about with

both the giants in the fray had moved to move as they were playing the second match of group A. Jefferson Franco of Brazil received a yellow card for pulling down Geovany Campos who was really using the left wing to his fullest potential and was troubling the Brazilians all the way through. Paulo Paz of Brazil was very effevtive as he did not allow Matheus Cruze on several occasions to use his talent to the fullest.

Juse Carino scored the goal for Portugal in the 16th minute of play when he surpassed two defenders and then placed the ball to the left of Leandero Novaes, the Brazilian keeper. A good save by Hugo by dying minutes saved the Brazilians surging ahead to an attempt from Marcelo. Matheus who was always dangerous scored the second goal and completed the tally for Portugal in the second last minute of play.


8th Dec : PORTUGAL 2-1 GHANA
POR : Daniel Costa 17', Matheus Cruze 25 GHA : Felix Tagoe'

The match between Portugal and Ghana, the first at the Lal Bahadur stadium in Hyderabad saw the European nation Portugal showing their supremacy against the African giant killers Ghana with a score of 2-1 in favour of Portugal. Both the teams without any rest had to play their matches as soon as they arrived in the city of Hyderabad with the Portugal team travelling all the way from Lisbom to Hyderabad via Chennai and proving themselves in the Expo 2014 Unity World cup as a footballing power which is well known over the world by scoring 2 goals in the first half of play.

The first goal came from a beautiful strike from Daniel Costa in the 17th minute of play and then later Matheus Cruze scored the second goal in the 25th minute of play beating Joseph Arthur from Ghana hands down with a deft placement on the left corner of the Ghana also showed that the African nation can be a threat to the other two teams in group A which include Brazil and India that they cannot be taken for granted and it would be difficult as they proved it by scoring a goal through a beautiful cross from the right wing by Konado Onusu which the Ghanian skipper Felix Tagoe headed into restore party.

Inspite of the fatigue, the teams put up a good show for the spectators and made ot known that the beautiful game of football attracts attention in the city of V.V.S Laxman and Mohammad Azrudin.


BRAZIL vs INDIA in opening Game on 5th Dec

 UNITY WORLD CUP-2014 GOA GFA PRESS : 2.12.2014 : Brazil will take on hosts India in the opening match of the Unity World Cup to be held at Raia Panchayat Ground on the 5th of December 2014 at 7.15 p.m. following a grand opening ceremony at 6.00 p.m. where 50 of the top artists from Goa which includes big names like Hema Sardessai, Braz Gonsalves, Sonia Sirsat and others who have worked alongside with Fr. Noel Noronha will be performing.

The highlight of the opening match will be Brazilian legend Carlos Luciano Da Silva fondly known as Mineiro. The Event is being organized by the Exposition 2014 committee in association with John Paul II Foundation for Sports Goa with partners including The Times of India, Karl Group, State Bank of India, The Manipal Hospital, Big FM 92.7, Book my show, Coca Cola and Nivia.

The event is being held under the aegis of the Goa Football Association and the All India Football Federation with support from the various Central and State Government Bodies.

The event has also picked up extremely well in Bangalore because of the partnership of the organizers with the Karnataka Sports Network headed by Francis Selvaraj along with his dedicated team of young sports people and the churches supporting the event. Mr. A.r Khaleel, President Karnataka state football association and his team of office bearers which include former internationals have extended total support to the event being held at the Bengaluru football stadium where Columbia, Nigeria, Egypt and Uzbekistan would dish out to the hungry ISL fans from Bangalore.

In Hyderabad, the event is being partnered with the Archdiocesan Youth Commission headed by Fr. Vinay and the Catholic association of Hyderabad with utmost support from the churches which include all denominations to make the event where Brazil, Ghana, Portugal and India would play their remaining group matches of group A at the Lal Bahadur Shashtri Stadium at Hyderabad. There have been brisk sale of tickets at the Exhibition Centre at Old Goa, at the Box Office at Raia Panchayat grounds where in more than 3000 tickets have been sold out.

The denominations are Rs 500 and Rs.300 at the West stand, Rs 200 at the South & East stand and Rs 150 at the North Stand.Tickets have also been sold through the Volunteers of different churches throughout South Goa. Tickets are available from 10am to 6pm at the Venue Raia Panchayat grounds, Cafe Coffee Day Margao near Hotel Nanutel and at the Exhibition centre of the Exposition at Old Goa. Uzbekistan have already arrived from Tashkent to Delhi on the 3rd December evening, other teams arrive into Goa via Mumbai on the 4th December.

The Raia Panchayat with its team of dedicated Football Enthusiastic members have been working tirelessly to make the playing surface meet the International standards.300 Volunteers also underwent training at the Raia grounds for different functional areas from over 50 different parishes across Goa and are working towards making the event which is the part of the Exposition of the Sacred Relics of St.Francis Xavier become a memorable event. Most teams have reported to have stamped their Visas on their Passports because of the help extended by the various High Commissions through the Embassy's and consulates of the participating nations.

The Government of India through various Ministries including External Affairs, Home Affairs and Youth Affairs and Sports have extended total Co-operation in Issuing the No Objection certificate to the Organisers of the AIFF recognised Football event. Several Government departments including Fire Services, Sports, Electricity & others have been extending a helping hand in every possible manner to make the event successful.

unity world cup goa - 2014

Goal keepers:
1) Jerson Pereira , Goa
2) Melroy Fernandes , Goa

3) Naveen Sudhakaran, Karnataka
4) Anurf Younge, TN
5) Chinta Chandrashekar, Karnataka
6) Ponnif Vaz, Goa
7) Micheal Dias, Goa
8) Fr Nobert D'Silva, Goa

9) Alber Gonsalves, Goa
10) Royston D'Souza, Maharasthra
11) Joseph Daniel, Karnataka
12) Chaitan Mukhi, Jharkand
13) Samuel Dinakaran, TN
14) Azaria , Maharastra

15) Joshua Vaz, Goa
16) Jagannath Devasigamani, Karanataka
17) John Rodricks, Hyderabad
18) Alex Samuel, Kerala
19) Anish Kumar, TN
20) Anand David, TN