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26/01/21 (ISL: M-72) : NORTHEAST UNITED FC - 2-1 - ATK MOHUN BAGAN ( FT.. )

NEUFC : Luis Machado 60', Fedrico Gallego 80'
ATKMB: Roy Krishna 72'
Hero of the Match: Fedrico Gallego (NorthEast United FC)

NEUFC : Subhasish Roy, Mashoor Shereef, Dylan Fox(Lambort 67'), Gurjinder Kumar, Nim Dorjee, Lalengmawia, Khassa Camara, Federico Gallego, V P Suhair(Chhara 75'), Luis Machado(Provat Lakhra 90'+4'), Deshorn Brown(Sylla 75')

ATKMB : Arindam Bhattacharja, Sumit Rathi, Sandesh Jhingan, Tiri, Prabir Das(Komal Thatal 65'), Pritam Kotal, Carl McHugh, Pronay Halder(Jayesh Rane 83'), Javier Hernandez, David Williams(Manvir Singh 46'), Roy Krishna

REFEREE : Crystal John
FULL TIME NorthEast United beat ATK Mohun Bagan in 2-1.
90'+4':Substitution for NorthEast United: Provat Lakhra in place of Luis Machado.
90'+3':Chance to Chhara, but his header went wide.
90'+2':Sumit Rathi's cross, went straight to Subhasish.
90'+1':Yellow Card to Jayesh Rane.
90':7 minutes of added time.
88':Krishna's shot blocked, rebound shot of Manvir, went wide.
86':ATK Mohun Bagan's corner, Javi's ball went to no man's land. Wasted set piece.
84':Forward through to find Roy Krishna, Subhasish blocked him. Big appeal for penalty, but referee denies it.
83':Luis Machado tried another shot, but it's off target.
83':Substitution for ATK Mohun Bagan: Jayesh Rane in place of Pronay Halder.
80':GOOOOOOOOOAAALLL Gallego with fine long ranger, but beat Arindam deflected the far post and finds the net.
80':NorthEast United FC 1-1 ATK Mohun Bagan.
78':Fine chance to ATK Mohun Bagan, Subhasish blocked the first one and Mashoor cleared the 2nd one just outside goal line.
75':Double Substitution for NorthEast United Sylla in place of Brown, Chhara in place of Suhair.
74':Manvir's fine pass, Krishna couldn't touch the ball. Fine move of ATK Mohun Bagan.
73':Yellow Cardto Pronay for his foul to Gallego.
72':GOOOOOOOOOAAALLLL: ATK Mohun Bagan Levels the score through Roy Krishna. Javi's corner, Gurjinder cleared. Throw-in of ATK Mohun Bagan, McHugh's fine through pass to unmarked Krishna, he made no mistake this time.
69':OFF THE POST! Luis Machado's cross from corner, Mashoor's header deflected from the post and went wide.
68':Khasa Camara's fine shot and a beautiful save by Arindam. Corner to NorthEast United.
67':Substitution for NorthEast United: Lambort in place of Fox.
65':Substitution for ATK Mohun Bagan: Komal Thatal in place of Prabir Das.
65':Prabir's cross, cleared.
62':Chance to Krishna, but his shot went off target.
60':GOOOOAAAALLLLLTiri's pass, deflected and finds Luis Machado, who made a good run and scored. NorthEast United leading now.
58':Javi's corner, McHugh's header went over the bar.
57':Pritam's cross from right, Nim Dorjee cleared. Corner to ATK Mohun Bagan.
56':Gallego's free kick, Arindam cleared.
54':Low Corner, cleared. Prabir tried a long ranger, but it's wayward.
53':Krishna's shot, blocked by Fox. Corner to ATK Mohun Bagan.
51':Sumit Rathi's cross from left flank, Roy Krishna's shot went wayward.
50':Luis Machado's cross from right flank, Pritam's header cleared the move.
49':Manvir's cross, Subhasish save the ball.
48':Yellow Card to Gurjinder for his foul against Prabir.
47':Ball cleared from free kick, Prabir's cross, Jhingan's header went wide.
46':Foul against Manvir by Nim Dorjee, free kick to ATK Mohun Bagan.
46':Second half resumed.
46':Substitution for ATK Mohun Bagan: Manvir Singh in place of David Williams.
HALF TIME Score remains goalless between NorthEast United FC and ATK Mohun Bagan at half time.
45'+2':Williams's through, Prabir couldn't touch the ball in an unmarked position.
45':2 minutes o added time.
43':Javi's wasted free kick, went off target.
42':Foul against Roy Krishna by Nim Dorjee. Free kick to ATK Mohun Bagan.
41':Mashoor's long throw-in, Javi cleared the ball.
41':NorthEast United FC 0-0 ATK Mohun Bagan.
40':Williams's through and Javi's shot missed the target.
39':ATK Mohun Bagan's corner, cleared in defence.
38':Suhair's pass, fine chest trap by Brown and his shot, just over the bar.
36':David Williams's corner, cleared in defence.
35':Sumit Rathi's cross from left flank, Nim Dorjee blocked. Another corner to ATK Mohun Bagan.
33':Suhair tried a long ranger, but it's wayward.
32':Chance to Federico Gallego, but Arindam's good save cleared the move.
28':Back to back two move from corner, Krishna's pass, cleared, another from Williams also blocked in defence. Tiri then tried for long ranger, but Brown again blocked that shot.
27':Javi's cross blocked. Corner to ATK Mohun Bagan from left, this time from opposite end.
25':NorthEast United FC 0-0 ATK Mohun Bagan.
22':Good clearance by NorthEast United defence from corner kick.
21':Prabir Das with another cross from right flank, Krishna's effort blocked once again by Fox. Corner to ATK Mohun Bagan.
21':Good one two between Prabir and Pritam, and Pritam's cross from right flank, cleared by Fox.
20':Chance to Mashoor from corner, but he couldn't get the right contact of the ball inside the box and his final shot went wide.
19':Federico's shot, Jhingan blocked. Corner to NorthEast United. First corner of the game.
17':Federico's cross from left flank, Sumit Rathi's header cleared the ball.
16':Little bit heavy pass for Brown, Arindam saves the ball well.
14':David Williams's shot, easy for Subhasish to collect.
11':Prabir Das's cross from right flank, went wayward.
9':Counter attack of NorthEast United, Deshorn Brown try to beat defenders, Tiri comes up for the rescue. Good block in defence.
8':Krishna's pass, Javi's touch went wide.Fine move from ATK Mohun Bagan.
4':Fine clearance from Sumit Rathi in box to deny NorthEast United.
2':Chance to ATK Mohun Bagan, but Roy Krishna is in OFFSIDE position.
0':Kick off.
0': In first Leg of Group League Match ATK Mohun Bagan won 2-0 over NorthEast United, scored by Roy Krishna and an own goal by Benjamin Lambort.
0': ATK Mohun Bagan lost just 2 and drawn 3 games so far. NorthEast United has won 3, lost 3 and drawn 6 games so far.
0': North East United FC to face ATK Mohun Bagan at the Fatorda Stadium on Tuesday. Both the teams won their last games. ATK Mohun Bagan won 1-0 over Chennaiyin FC and North East won 2-1 over Jamshedpur FC.
0': ATK Mohun Bagan unit who have conceded only five goals this season in 12 games .