NAGALAND - 5th FROLIC Cup 2017

29.04.2017:KYC B 0-1 Khanakhuru Students Union
KSU : Rhitso 45+1'
29.04.2017: Xav R..NAGALAND : Khanakhurü Students’ Union (KSU) were crowned champions of the 5th Frolic Cup after overcoming Kuki Youth Club ‘B’ by a solitary goal in the final on Saturday at the Local Ground, Medziphema. It was a battle of old foes as the two teams geared to clash once more in a tightened ring; the two teams had met thrice in earlier editions of the tournament.

Amid tackles and attempts from both sides, KSU gained more control with their experience and took the lead through Rhitso towards the dying minutes of the first half. The second half witnessed a spirited KYC ‘B’ dominate as their players skillfully drifted into the opposition 18-yard box on a number of occasions but KSU were relentless as they thwarted every move of their opponents and countered to add to their score.

Corners and free kicks were abundant as both sides exerted pressure on one another to get goals and KSU could count themselves unlucky for not finding the net despite the many shots from close range. However, KSU were able to hold on to their one goal advantage as they emerged victorious at the referee’s final whistle. KYC ‘B’ had to be content with the runners-up trophy.

The champions received the coveted Frolic Cup along with cash reward of Rs. 60,000 and certificates while the runners up received Rs. 30,000 with certificates. Dimapur Deputy Commissioner, Kesonyü Yhome who was the Chief Guest on the occasion gave away the prizes to winners.

Individual awards:
Best midfielder – Ninja of Khanakhurü Students’ Union
Best Defender – Temjenwati of Molvom Youth and Students’ Union
Golden Gloves – Alemse of Kuki Youth Club
Golden Boot – Shürhuosül of Medziphema Village Youth Organisation
Player of the Tournament – Nyithung of Kuki Youth Club.

28.04.2017: Khanakhurii students Union 4-0 Tseipama youth org
28.04.2017: KYC 'B' 6-1 Molvom youth and students Union

27.04.2017: KYC 'B' 2-0 Winfield club
27.04.2017: Kanakhurii students Union 4-0 Sporting club phaipijang
27.04.2017: Khanglai fc 0-1 Molvom youth and students Union

26.04.2017: Starlit maova 1-2 Sporting club phaipijang.
26.04.2017: United fc Medziphema 0-2 Khanglai fc.
26.04.2017: Khanakhurii students Union 1-0 liengai fc.
26.04.2017: Molvom youth and students Union 1-1, 6-5(Pen) Tribal fc.

25.04.2017: Tseipama youth organisation 5-3 TBCM.
25.04.2017: KYC 'A' 5-0 KYC 'B'.
25.04.2017: MVYO 7-1 Zoungam fc.
25.04.2017: Winfield 4-0 young generation old piphema.

24.04.2017: Khanakhurii students Union 1-0 young maniac Khanakhurii.
24.04.2017:.Molvom youth and students Union 0-0, 5-3 (Pen) Khaibung fc.
24.04.2017:.Khanglai Khaibung 5-2 Black hornets cumukedima.
24.04.2017: .KYC 'B' 3-0 Legend Jr fc Cumukedima town.

22.04.2017: MVYO 4-0 Blue boys.
22.04.2017: Tseipama youth org 5-0 Fc Simlai Sirhima.
22.04.2017: Milcom fc 7-0 Wingfield.
22.04.2017: Recreer fc 3-1 Young generation fc at

21.04.2017: Genesis FC, Medziphema Village 1-4 United FC, Medziphema.
21.04.2017: Young Challengers FC, Medziphema 0-2 Starlit FC, Moava.
21.04.2017: Scampers United FC 1-2 Tribal FC, Dimapur.
21.04.2017: Leinghai FC 1-0 Kickers FC, Chumukedima.

20.04.2017: Frolic Jr 0-4 Molvom youth and students Union
20.04.2017: KYC 'A' 1-0 Lhangkichoi fc Molvom
20.04.2017: Fc Zougham Assam 2-0 Sparkle United fc
20.04.2017: Alato fc pherima 0-2 Sporting club phaipijang.

19.04.2017: Sirhima youth and students Union. 0-0, 5-4(Pen) Khanglai fc Khaibung.
19.04.2017: Peduzha fc 3-1 TBCM BKK.
19.04.2017: Milcom fc 3-1 Hekheshe fc.
19.04.2017: Yiese fc 2-0 Khanakhurii students Union.

18.04.2017: Tseipama village youth org. 7-0 Excelsior.
18.04.2017: KYC 'B' 4-0 The Gunners.
18.04.2017: MVYO 4-1 United Falcon.